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2023-08-21 20:33:26

10 Mistakes People Make COOKING PASTA at Home

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Today , we are talking about how to cook the pasta perfectly .

And we're talking about the 10 mistakes that beginners make when they cook pasta .

In Italy , I grew up eating Italian food and pasta is always been my favorite thing to eat on the planet .

So as an Italian , I've been eating pasta the right way all my life .

So I want you to experience what my belly has been experiencing all my life .

So are you ready to cook pasta ?

The right way ?

Woke up .

I hi and welcome to plate the place where you learn to cook Italian residents with fun .

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Today we learn together how to cook the right pasta step by step .

I want you to become a fantastic pasta cook because you can do it .

You do , you can do it better than the restaurant .

So let's start .

Trip number one is the pasta .

You need to buy top quality pasta .

Now there are different types of pasta you can buy and how do you know which one is best ?

It's not just for the branding .

What I recommend you .

The easiest thing for you to remember when you buy pasta is look at the cooking time .

So if you have two spaghetti options , look at the one that takes longer to cook .

The one that takes longer to cook is a better one .

Another advice is put the two spaghetti next to each other .

One has a lighter color .

The other one is a dark yellow , close to orange .

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This one close to orange is not a good one .

This one light yellow , it is a good one .

OK ?

I hope this advice will help you when you go and buy pasta from the shop .

Tip number two , this is a pot but it is not a pot for pasta .

When you cook pasta , you need to use a large pot .

The reason why is because pasta needs space to cook .

It's like when you go to an club , when you go and dance , you want space .

When you dance , pasta needs to dance in a lot of water , it needs to have fun .

The pasta needs to move and dance around .

So when you cook your pasta , get a large pot , put lots of water in there and bring it to boil .

OK ?

Bring the pasta to boil .

You don't pay a lot of money for water .

Don't need water from the sink .

And it is very , very important .

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Tip number three , prepare your sauce before you cook the pasta .

So at the moment , we have the water that we need to bring to boil .

Not boiling yet and we need to wait , you need to prepare the sauce because the sauce needs to be ready when the pasta is ready .

So you make any sauce that you want today , we're making a normal , easy , delicious basil tomato sauce .

I already made the sauce .

This is from the bottles that we sell .

Bottle only available in Sydney at the moment and I just bring it .

I just want to warm it up when you cook your sauce .

Use a saucepan according to how much pasta you're cooking .

If I'm making pasta for two , I'm using a small saucepan .

If I make pasta for the family , I'm using a bigger saucepan .

If I'm making a , a bolognese sauce , then it's easier to use a large pot .

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Tip .

Number four , the sauce is almost ready .

The pasta water , it's boiling .

So we need to add the salt .

When you add the salt , you wanna be generous .

You wanna add one spoon of rock salt or sea salt .

That's what we recommend .

And you want the flavor , the pasta to get the flavor in the pot .

So pasta doesn't have any salt .

OK ?

So one spoon , one tablespoon , I guess it's enough .

Manon will put two tablespoons of salt and you give extra flavor to your pasta .

Tip number five , read the cooking instruction on your pasta packet behind the packet or the front .

It tells you nine minutes , 10 minutes , seven minutes .

OK ?

So from the moment that you put the pasta into the boiling water , you count the minutes .

OK ?

So put the pasta in , give it a little stir and from there you count .

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OK ?

If you follow the instruction on the packet , you don't go wrong .

Every pasta is different , there is no need for you to put pasta on the wall or to do anything else you wanna do .

You can actually try a little bit of pasta to see if it's ready .

The reason why we cook the pasta right now is because the sauce is ready .

And as soon as the pasta is ready , so let's say the packet says nine minutes after , at the ninth minute , I take the pasta out and I put it straight in the sauce .

That's why this is very important that you do it right at the end .

Because if you cook pasta before in advance in United States , you are gonna lose all the benefits , all the flavors and all the deliciousness of the pasta .

OK ?

And uh the pasta is boiling and I can say after about 5 to 6 minutes that is boiling .

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What do you do ?

Get a cup ?

Put it in , get a little bit of water , that water right now .

After five or six minutes is full of starch , the starch , you need it to combine the pasta and the sauce .

I put it on the side for now .

So how you take the pasta out of the water ?

You can use tongues .

So you just use tongues and get the pasta out a little bit at the time and put it straight into the sauce .

You can use a small strainer and strainer and get tongues to help you and you can again , get the pasta out and put it in the sauce .

Another thing you can do , which is what my grandmother has been doing all her life .

You put a strainer in the sink or a colander , how you call it a colander .

Throw away the pasta in there together with the water and get rid of the water and you put the pasta straight into the pan .

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If you use Tortellini ravioli , I don't recommend you to strain the pasta in the sink , but just get the pasta a little bit of time with a spoon with .

So it's easier for you more delicate to manage the ravioli or any type of filled pasta is when you combine the , the flavors together .

So the pasta needs to get the flavor from the sauce .

Extremely important .

You want to mix the starches with the sauce .

So you create an emotion and , and that's what gives you an explosion of happiness into your mouth .

OK ?

That cup of starch , you know the the mug , the tea cup of starch water , you put it inside your pasta .

Now don't put all of it , just put accordingly to what you need mix and you will see the the your sauce will get thicker .

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Um and you get more out of it .

You know what I mean ?

If you use your pen and you want the sauce to go inside .

I use spaghetti .

I want every single spaghetti to be wet from the pasta .

That's what I want .

It is extremely , extremely important .

I've seen people get in the pasta , let it rest there , which is not good and then put it in the plate just with olive oil and then you put a schnitzel on top or you put just the sauce on top , you're missing out .

I'm sorry to be so direct .

But what's gonna happen to your pasta ?

The pasta doesn't get flavors .

Even if you mix it in the plate , you're not gonna be able to mix it the same way because by the time you do that , the pasta dried up , the sauce doesn't have what gives you the flavor .

You know what I mean ?

It's hard to explain .

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I know , especially for you have been doing this all their life but try what I'm saying to you now , try this way and you will take your pasta to the next level .

It's like five star Italian restaurants .

You know , like you don't , you need to go and pay $25 for a of pasta .

You can do it in your own kitchen following these basic steps and yeah , they are basic .

Try what I'm saying to you now and then you will be able to tell me being chance .

You were right .

And thank you .

And that's what I want you to say .

Thank you and subscribe , tip number eight , add parmigiano or on top of your pasta .

Always , unless it's seafood , then it's up to you not getting involved into this conversation but any pasta you make , you need to add par pecorino right at the end when it's in the plate , put it in there and enjoy it .

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It's a must , you must do this tip number nine .

It's , it can sound stupid .

The tape but it is very important and not many people do .

You need to serve your pasta hot when you put it on the plate on the table , it needs to be done straight away .

If you wanna take photos , what I recommend you to do to make an extra plate just for photos just for Instagram .

You can take the photos after when you finish your meal , but the pasta needs to be served straight away .

If you make pasta , you let it sit on the table for a long time .

You're not going to enjoy the way you should last but not least eat your pasta with love .

Yes .

When I say that I really want you to have the pasta the way I'm telling you to do it .

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Put lots of love into it and enjoy it .

Yes .

It takes effort to do what I tell you to do .

It takes a little bit more time .

You have steps to follow but you are going to love it and you need to eat it with love and all your guests are going to eat it with love .

They are 100% and maybe your your guests can , you know , make sure they bring , make sure they help you to clean , make sure they help , they help you to to to enjoy the evening .

They will make your evening more special .

Trust me and everyone will be , everyone will give you compliments like you never receive compliments .

Imagine them making this pasta or the pasta that you were doing until yesterday .

So just a simple pasta with not dressing and the chicken on top .

Trust me , this pastor will get you compliments .

So thank you so much for watching this episode .

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I hope it helped you and if it didn't , ok .

Um I tried , if it did just write a comment below , I appreciate cook with love , put passion into your food and family will come together .

Thank you so much and being gentles play .


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