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What's up guys , this is Tampa Tech and I'm gonna show you how to connect these wireless speakers to your TV .

Now , the reason why I chose these speakers is because it has stereo technology built in which creates a left and right channel .

So we're gonna test it out on my TV .

Now , there's two ways to connect it um to your TV .

If you have an Amazon fire TV stick like I do , I watch Hulu TV , which is my TV service , um which has like local channels and live TV , channels like uh Nickelodeon Disney Channel .

Um But if you don't have that , you have a regular cable box , then you're gonna need to purchase an audio transmitter .

Uh Make sure it has a PTX low latency technology built into the transmitter and make sure it has really good reviews before you buy a transmitter .

I'll leave a link in the video description below where to get the transmitter .

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Uh These are wireless or you can have it powered on always uh has uh auto off features .

So it saves , you know , battery life if you have , you know , it disconnected from a power source .

Um The battery lasts about 6 to 8 hours depending on your volume and it has a battery indicator .

Um , right here , these led s let you know the battery life and it has FM mode and it's water resistant so you can take it in the shower , but we're gonna connect it using the stereo feature .

Um , so let's spin around this way and these are the stereo buttons right here and we're gonna connect it right now .

So I'm gonna turn on Bluetooth mode , power on OX in mode .

There's the battery life right there .

So it looks like it's full battery life .

And if you press it again , you get the FM mode and press it again , it's aux mode and then you can plug it in .

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There's your aux input right there and you can see that 3.5 input and , or you can use the micro SD card with your music on that to play your music off the SD card , micro SD card .

And there's the power port or the charging port actually .

And the speakers , I'm gonna turn this one on power actually .

Make sure they're both in Bluetooth mode and make sure they're nearby each other and to the Bluetooth transmitter .

And now I'm gonna go ahead and go into settings and then you wanna go to Bluetooth devices .

So select that , go to Bluetooth devices , add Bluetooth .

All right .

Now it's searching and let's see if it connects .

All right , looks like it found it .

Let's go ahead and select to connect .

It's pairing right now , device paired .

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If your router has five gigahertz , choose the five gigahertz signal when uh connecting your fire TV , stick to the router .

Otherwise you may have some signal issues .

Make sure they're both in Bluetooth mode .

Bluetooth mode .

All right , there we go .

It wasn't in Bluetooth mode .

So now that it's connected , um the blue light on the stereo bud is the left channel and orange light is the right channel .

So keep that in mind .

So if you're facing the TV , this is going to be on the left side of you and this is gonna be on the right side of you .

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Do you want to display your Zoom meetings on a big screen TV ?

Instead of a smaller laptop or desktop computer , I'm gonna show you how in this video .

So you can see here this is a Zoom meeting with my family and it's really great to be able to display everybody on a big TV , instead of just looking at a little laptop .

And also if you are looking , if you're in an office and you're going back to work after COVID and some people are in the office , but some people are still going to be connected via Zoom .

Having a big V on the wall of your meeting room is a great option .

So there may be other ways to do this if you've got a smart TV .

But what I'm doing is something that will work out just about any TV .

The most simple method and everything that I'm going to be talking about in this video , you'll find links down below , using those links will support my youtube channel and making more videos like this .

And I'm just going to go through the different pieces that you can use to connect up this set up So in the set up , I've actually got two things going on .

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So I don't have to , um , have it plugged into my TV USB port unless I want it always powered on .

Otherwise you go , if you want to always power it on , you just plug this into your USB port on your TV or , uh if you have a USB adapter .

So we're gonna go ahead and turn that on , press and hold that button in the center .

Ok .

That'll start to blink .

It's in transmit mode .

It's blinking really fast .

Let's go ahead and turn this on power on Bluetooth mode .

Ok ?

And let's see if it connects device paired .

We're gonna plug it into the audio out on my TV .

And once again , if you don't have audio out on your TV , and you can use the headphone jack on your TV , that works the same and white goes the white .

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Of course , that's the left channel and red goes the red , right , then it's blinking slowly .

So it is still connected .

We're gonna keep this away from other wireless devices by the way .

So if you have a wireless router nearby , make sure it's about at least 2 ft away from this device and then press the true wireless stereo button device disconnected .

Let's try it again .

So you want this in Bluetooth mode and it should connect automatically according to the manual .

Oh , there it is .

So this is the left channel , this is the right channel .

So if you guys are interested in these speakers , this is the M 400 model .

They have the built in stereo uh technology which is really cool .

If you're interested in these speakers , check out the link in the video description below that helps support the channel .

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One is the HDM I cable from the computer to the TV , for the audio and the video .

And the thing is I do have a separate webcam up here so that you can look at the TV , looking kind of in the eye line of the people that you're watching , you're not looking off to the side .

So if you are watching this after the COVID crisis is over and webcams are back in stock .

This is my favorite webcam .

This is the Logitech C 920 .

Very similar to the C 922 .

You get those over .

There'll be a link down below for those two , but it's nice to just be able to have this in the middle of your screen instead of having to look off screen a laptop computer or whatnot that has a webcam built in .

Now , if you don't already have a webcam , it's really hard to get one during COVID-19 , they're just not out there available anymore .

So really , we're going to talk mostly about getting the video and the audio over to the TV .

How you make this connection is really going to depend on your laptop computer .

I've got a Macbook Pro here and it has USBC connections , there's some other types of connections .


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