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2023-08-19 20:51:34

How to Connect PS4_PS5 Controller to Samsung Smart TV via USB Cable

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Gonna show you how to connect your PS four or PS five controller directly to your Samsung Smart TV using a cable .

Ok ?

And even though these are Bluetooth , you may not have um game pad , Bluetooth available on your Samsung Smart TV , or you're not using a Dongle .

Ok .

So really quickly , for instance on this TV , Samsung TV , here , if I go to settings , I can go on my remote here , I can click on settings .

And from here if I go down to general and now I move over to the right and I go down to external device manager , click on that different Samsung models , it's gonna be a little bit different navigation .

Ok ?

So anyway , from here , if I go down to input device manager , yours just may say device manager .

Ok ?

If I click on .

Ok , there I only get uh this is for Bluetooth , I only have a keyboard and mouse .

I don't have um game pad on here .

So my other option is to go directly with a uh cable here .

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So to connect the uh the cable .

So first thing I'm just going to go to the uh home , click on the home button on the remote .

And then from here , what you wanna do is you just want to move over to the left , left , left , left .

And then once you're here on your source , go directly , move up and we're gonna go to connection guide .

OK .

Click on .

OK .

Right there .

And then from here we're gonna go down to input device , click on .

OK , there .

And now we're gonna go to USB game pad .

Ok .

Now take note the PS four and it's gonna be USB and a micro USB .

That's for the uh the PS four .

Ok .

The uh PS five takes a um A USB A to a USB C .

Ok .

So anyway , so we're right here right now .

So I'm gonna click on , ok , on USB game pad , click on .

Ok .

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Now we simply need to go ahead and plug it into our TV .

So both of the cables are connected to my uh one PS five and one PS four .

You can do two at the same time too or you can just do one , but I'm just gonna do two here .

So I'm gonna show you something .

So I'm gonna go ahead and connect both of these into the USB ports on the back of my TV here .

So I'm gonna pop that in just like that .

Now , my cable is kind of short , but you can get longer ones too .

But anyway , you can see .

Oops .

So now with the P four I mean to select is X to go back is oh , ok .

But it's a little bit different on the , um , the uh , the P SPS five controller and I'll show you one second .

So here you can go ahead and navigate if you want to select something X back is , oh , ok .

Now , the thing is if I'm using my PS five , they have a kind of backwards here .

You probably have the need for , need to wait for an update , but here it's kind of the opposite here .

Ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So to select its um square and to move back its X OK .

Anyway , pretty simple .

Any questions or issues just uh , comment below .

All right , good luck guys .


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