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2023-08-19 20:32:58

Rubik's Cube Shortcut Algs (Will Decrease Your Times)

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If you have learned Dan Brown's method of solving the Rubik's cube .

Here are two algorithm shortcuts to help decrease your times .

So when you have the backwards L instead of doing the normal front , right up , right , inverted up , inverted front , inverted two times to get the cross .

Instead , you only need one algorithm .

This is front huh .

Right .

I've been right inverted , front inverted , you will then get the cross automatically .

OK .

So this is the last step to solving a Rubik's cube .

This step is kind of easy if you already know it .

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So this will be right inverted down inverted right down , right , inverted down inverted right down .

Notice I only had to do that two times .

However , in this case , when the color on the top is facing you , you will have to do right , inverted down inverted right down four times .

But if you do this algorithm , which I'm about to show you , you only have to do it two times .

So this algorithm is down inverted , right , inverted Joel right down inverted , right , inverted down , right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And that should solve your keep also if you really want to get faster , I suggest you learn a different method such as the Tetris or FREDRIC method .


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