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2023-08-19 20:46:15

How to Draw AMONG US Pikachu Game Skin _ Pokemon

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Hi , kitty waiting here today .

We're gonna be drawing a Pikachu among us .

So let's get started to draw Pikachu here as an among us skin .

Let's first start by drawing the visor helmet area .

So I'm gonna come right here and just draw a curve .

So this is just the beginning of your basic among us .

So I'm just gonna bring down a curve round this off sharper curve on this side and then go ahead and connect all the way back then from there .

I'm gonna come to the sides right here .

Just draw a curve down , imagine being overlapped coming down .

And then I'm gonna come to the side right here by the center area .

Come out about right here .

Go ahead , bring down the curve and then the top .

So I'm just gonna bring this up and we're just gonna be drawing a curve all the way back to here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So save all right there .

And then we're gonna start to bring it down and connect and then for the body , let's bring this down more and about right here in this area .

I'm gonna come down and about right here , draw a curve across and then we can start the legs .

So come down right here and we're gonna basically connect a soft curve at the bottom .

And then on this side , the same thing just bring us down , come in right here .

And this side is gonna be slightly shorter because we're drawing at an angle .

So once again , connect there , you're basic among us , right ?

And then let's come to the um draw the pack right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So say about the center area though right here , it's gonna pop out a curve , bring it out , follow the body and about right here , I'll bring it in and that is it right for if you wanted to just draw your basic among us um imposter or then from there to make it a pikachu , we have to add some ears right .

So I'm gonna come right here and just pop out this ear .

So I'm not making it too long , making kind of a little short and wider just to make it a little bit cuter .

So I got one ear in , we're gonna come right here , just gonna draw a curve right here , shade this in .

So you can see it a little bit better and then the other ear is about right here .

We're just gonna flop it down .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So once again , just here , bring this down just like the other side , say about that much and bring it in and once again , and we got right here curve and I'm gonna shade this in as well .

Then of course , we're gonna have to draw the cheeks right .

So we're gonna have to add it up right here .

So I'm gonna add a circle right here for the cheeks because Pikachu has to have the cheeks right ?

And let's see here .

And the tail , you have to have a tail , her pikachu or else it's not Pikachu .

So I'm gonna pop it in about right here in this area .

I'm gonna come up right here with an angle , angle coming out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And so then about right here , I'll pop it out all that much and then bring it in to angle it down , come in and we're just gonna start to build these steps and then just tuck it in right here for Pikachu Tale .

And I think there's like a little , you can different color right here and add it right there .

And then I think Pic also has some stripes .

So just to break up this big section , I'm just gonna add some stripes right here and last , but not least I thought maybe the pack we could make it look like a um pokey ball , right ?

Just like the pattern .

So hopefully this will work .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I come up right here in the center and just add two stripes for the colors and then in the center , I just draw a circle .

Hopefully it'll make sense once we cover it all in .

So they're all done .

I really hope you love this Pikachu inspired among skin that I came up with and that inspires you to draw it too .

Thanks so much for watching .

And if you do love it , please make sure to subscribe and turn on your notification bell so you won't miss any new drawing , cute videos .

See you later .


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