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2023-08-22 22:08:14

How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism - 5 Easy Steps To Follow

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In this video , I'm gonna be talking about how to gain weight with a fast metabolism .

This is part of the weight gain network dot com .

Expert video series .

If you're a skinny guy who struggles to put on muscle weight because you seem to burn off all your calories you eat , then this video is for you .

So pay close attention .

The first thing you need to realize if you want to gain weight is in order to build muscle , you have to be in a positive calorie balance .

This means that you have to consume more calories than you burn off during the day .

These extra calories will give your body the fuel , it needs to build new muscle tissue and help you bulk up .

Now , since you've got a fast metabolism , this means you're burning off calories so quickly that it makes it difficult to keep up with your food intake .

If you don't have a plan , let's talk about some ways we can outsmart your body so you can start gaining weight .

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The first thing you can do and where most guys go wrong in the gym is to keep your total workout volume on the low end as a skinny guy , you already have a slightly lower than average recovery ability .

So you don't want extra long workouts to aggravate this problem even further .

Remember that each additional set you perform in the gym will eat up extra calories and cut into your recovery stores .

Your workouts need to be short but intense .

Get in and get out .

That's your motto .

This means reducing the number of isolation exercises you're doing and focusing mostly on compound movements instead .

Speaking of compound movements , when performing these exercises , think low reps , heavy weights , lifting , heavy weights is what's going to fill out your skinny frame .

Aim to do sets of 3 to 6 reps and no more than eight reps for skinny guys who want to gain weight , your diet will be 90% of the equation .

You absolutely must find ways to take in more high calorie foods .

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You wanna focus on high calorie , dense foods that will take up the least room in your stomach , but have a high calorie payoff .

Some of the best high density foods you should be consuming include fruits , nuts and nut butters , flax seed , salmon , avocados , raw oats , red meat , whole eggs , whole wheat , pasta , whole wheat grain .

These types of foods will offer you the most calories for the amount of food you're eating .

Another great way to help you get more calories in .

So you can start seeing a greater rate of mass gain is to use high calorie weight gain shakes .

Now , you can purchase these premade if you really want to , but it's often a better idea to just make them yourself to do this .

You'll just need to combine a few ingredients such as way protein powder , dry oats , skim milk , Greek yogurt , or cottage cheese , fresh or frozen fruit flax seeds , coconut oil , peanut butter or any other ingredients that you think would work .

Well .

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This will give you a nice balance of all three macro nutrients and can easily help you add 3 to 400 calories between your snacks and meals .

Finally , the last thing that every skinny guy needs to do in order to gain weight with a fast metabolism is to focus on resting as much as possible at all other times in the day .

Apart from your workout .

One reason why some skinny guys really have a hard time gaining muscle is because they are very fidgety and thus have a high calorie burning effect taking place .

If you're constantly shaking your leg , tapping your finger or getting up to walk around , this could easily cause you to burn hundreds of more calories each day .

That's hundreds of calories that could have gone towards muscle building .

Thus taking away from your results , you really want to focus on relaxing as much as possible throughout the day .

This also means cutting back on other additional exercise related hobbies .

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You may have such as team sports or additional cardio training your body simply just doesn't need those things right now as you're trying to conserve energy for the process of muscle building .

With enough planning , the right diet plan and the right weight gain program such as Jeff Masterson's weight gain blueprint program , you really can't add pounds of muscle mass to your skinny frame starting right now and now former skinny guy , Jeff Masterson reveals the seven biggest mistakes you're probably making right now that are actually keeping you skinny and preventing explosive muscle growth .

See it all like www dot weight gain method dot com .

You'll not only see how to avoid these seven deadly mistakes , you'll also get access to a complete step by step plan for gaining weight and building muscle fast .


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