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2023-08-19 21:23:02

How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny Guys (Bulking Diet Tips)

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Hey , it's here .

And in this video , you're gonna learn how to gain weight fast if you're a skinny guy .

So you might be a skinny guy your whole life and you might have been uh having issues with gaining weight for a very long time .

Maybe you started doing some weight training in the gym .

Maybe you started doing some body weight training at home , some push ups , pull ups , steps , chins , this standard stuff and it does seems like no matter how much food you eat , the weight doesn't go up .

So what is the situation here ?

How can we fix this ?

How can you start gaining weight in this video ?

I wanna address the psychology of it as well as give you my top three tips when it comes to gaining weight fast .

So what about the psychology ?

Why am I talking about this ?

Well , as a skinny guy , you don't really have a lot of empathy or pressure from the society to gain weight .

A lot of people will say you should be glad that you're skinny because you don't have a weight problem because let me look around you .

Most people are , are having huge issues with losing weight .

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A lot of people are struggling with obesity , obesity related diseases , and all these other chronic issues caused by having a large percentage of body fat .

And people will just simply not put that as an important factor .

So gaining weight .

So you might not also feel like it's something that you wanna focus that much on .

So it might be in your case right now that you feel like it would be nice for me to gain weight or it would be nice for me to put on some size .

It would be uh OK if I can do that , but I'm also fine the way I am right now .

So if you're in this situation , if you're not really motivated , if you're in , not in touch with that pain point , you're not gonna be motivated , you're not gonna do what it takes to eat that amount of food that you need to eat to gain weight .

Because if you're a skinny guy , if you're that true , skinny , skinny heart gainer , you will need to change your eating habits in a way that you will have to eat a lot more food than you're used to .

That is just , just pure fact .

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And if you're not in touch with your pain point , you will not have that motivation to actually go through that change , to actually make that necessary adjustment to your behavior .

That's why I'm talking about the psychology so much because if you're a skinny guy , if you just think it would be nice to gain weight if you just seem like I'm still fine .

You know , I'm not in , in a big rush to make this happen .

It's never gonna happen .

That's a simple fact , I've seen this happen so many times that it just really have to point it out first .

So without further ado , let's go into the three practical that I have for you .

So the number one thing is to adjust your macro nutrient content of your diet .

So your macro nutrient ratios uh to be more in favor of a higher fat diet .

And this is for a sole reason that when you consume a higher fat diet , you can actually get in those calories a lot easier because the calories density of higher or fatty foods is a lot higher than if someone that's just eating a lot of carbohydrate or a lot of protein .

Right ?

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So if we're talking about fats , 1 g of fat has nine calories , 1 g of carb has four , same as protein , 1 g of protein has four calories even less if you can deter effect to food .

It's a skinny guy .

Your body is actually very , very adaptive .

So when you keep feeding in those calories , you might actually notice that your body is even becoming more and more active through fidgeting through just your organs , burn more energy .

It's called non excess activity .

Toes .

The term effect to food , about 10% of those calories that you eat will actually get burnt off immediately for processing that food .

So it will result in you having to add a lot more calories .

So the way you can add those calories a lot easier is to by increasing your fat intake .

So when I look at a skinny guy and when the guy is really struggling to gain weight , and we're talking about intakes above 3000 calories per day .

We looking at about 40 plus percent of those calories coming from fat .

So let's say an example of 3000 calories .

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If you're a guy who is , let's say about £140.05 11 you might need to only consume about 1 41 50 g of protein because you're also in a gaining phase .

There's really no need for you to consume a lot of protein and it's also very filling , which is something you wanna avoid if you're trying to gain weight and then it would carbohydrate if you're doing , let's say 3 to 5 sessions a week of training , you might only need about 2 g per pound in carbohydrate .

That's not a lot of carbohydrate .

And because you're not doing that much of training and then everything else goes to fat .

So we're talking about 100 and 30 140 150 g of simply fat and that fat shouldn't just come from random sources .

We're not talking about , you're going to mcdonald's or just eating chicken mcnuggets and stuff like that .

You , you're talking about healthy fat .

So we wanna get in the healthy fats and , and that is something that I wanna , uh , point out here is that the food choices of a healthy , quote unquote gaining diet and , uh , food choices of just any gaining diet are completely different .

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So , getting in the healthy fats is actually a bit challenging because there's not a lot of foods that you can act , you find in a , just a 7-Eleven or something like that , that will have a lot of healthy fat in it .

So we're talking about olive oil , coconut oil , avocado .

We're talking about the peanut butter , which actually is a lot easier to find than just random stuff in the store .

Um Things like uh high fat meats that are uh grass fed like beef like pork .

Let's say we're talking about um , or organ meat .

We're talking about liver meat if you like that .

Uh fatty fish , ideally wild fatty fish , things like that .

I mean , these foods will add a lot more calories to fat as well as help you get the protein .

And then we're talking about , let's say whole milk .

We're talking about um high fat cheeses .

We're talking about ferment and stuff like yogurt Cork .

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I mean , all these things are great because they have a higher fat content as well as they have some protein and , and some of them have even carbohydrate .

And if you're talking about the dairy part of it .

So these are your staples of the diet .

So this is probably the most of the food that you're gonna consume throughout the day , as well as things like dark chocolate , which is my favorite .

This is actually my go to source when I'm gaining weight .

If I'm looking to gain weight , I'm , we're gonna add probably about 1 to 3 whole dark chocolates per day .

So we're talking about uh chocolate that is 80% plus of uh cocoa , right ?

So it is something like um 85 or 90% .

I found that the 85 has a really good uh trade off between the high per percent of cocoa purity as well as um taste .

So that's kind of my go to .

So it's not very uncommon that if I had three or four meals per day that with the first two meals of the day , I'm gonna have a whole chocolate right after the meal .

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And then we're going into things like nuts , things that naturally have a higher calorie density in them as well as like higher calorie fruits , like dried fruits and things like that .

All these foods are great sources of calories .

And you wanna look at as again , as I said , a very , very high fat that diet because it's a lot easier to consume these foods , a lot easier to cook with a more coconut oil it's a lot easier to add solid dressing in a , in a way of like , you add vinegar , you add a little bit of olive oil , you add more salt and things like that .

You will make the food taste better as well as you're gonna get in those necessary calories .

Right .

Without stressing your system too much .

Instead of trying to down a kilo of rice every day , it's a lot easier to actually get those calories from avocado and olive oil and coconut oil , right ?

So , um , the second tip is actually making those calories , uh , planned and easier to get .

I see this happen all the time .

Like guys try to gain the weight and they try to add more calories , but it just hits the first obstacle .

The first resistance is that you have to actually change your meal patterns .

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You actually have to change the pattern the way you eat like your behavior .

So number one , you're not used to eating a lot of food .

So it feels like you get full a lot faster .

Well , things that , that really interfere with that is that I see a lot of skinnier people is that they drink a lot of liquids around their meals .

So that's the number one thing you don't wanna do is like , you don't wanna drink water right before you eat meals because that will allow you to eat a lot more food , right ?

So if you think about it , what is consuming water , do , it just fills up your stomach .

So less space available for food and it makes you feel a lot um fuller faster , right ?

So you wanna make sure to avoid the drinking liquids right before a meal .

So then second thing that I see a lot of people trying to do is gain weight , doing intimate fasting .

If you're being like a skinny guy , your whole life , intimate fasting is probably not the best approach to your diet .

At least not the most sustainable approach .

If we're talking about you having to consume 3000 calories every single day .

And if you are limiting the eating window to only a couple of hours , I mean , and just making your life a lot harder .

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I mean , why would you do that ?

The third point is you wanna rely more on snacks .

So a lot of people that are skinny , they feel like they're snacking a lot , but they're not really snacking to an extent where they're constantly thinking about consuming food because with snacks such as dry , roasted nuts , things like uh in general that you could eat like dried fruits , you can get those between the meals when you're not really hungry , but you're not full as well .

So you can just get in those extra calories without having to think about a lot .

Especially if you just put it next to your laptop , you just put your brain on , on like the work mode of focus on the work and just getting those calories without even thinking about it .

So designing your environment to make sure that you can get those calories , like adding chocolate right next to your laptop .

So you can just eat that chocolate .

It will add , add a lot more calories or drinking a glass of milk instead of drinking water .

I mean , th these are all very convenient ways to make sure that your environment is designed for you to make that calorie gaining process easier .

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Another thing is that the final thing I'm gonna make with the point number two here is making your environment easier and designing your lifestyle is that a lot of skinny people .

Uh they , they tend not to put so much emphasis on food , which actually makes it uh for them is just , oh , I just grab a bite here or there .

So they're not really thinking or pre planning or making sure that they have the available food .

So what uh it's kind of like opposite when it comes to people , people who gain weight easier , they're actually making sure that they always have some food available and you wanna get that habit in your life as well .

If you're a skinny guy , always make sure to have some food available around you .

So make sure to do those um planned grocery trips .

And if you schedule it in exactly at a point every single week , twice or three times or however many times you wanna do that depending on how big your fridge is .

You wanna make sure to really stick to that schedule and those foods will be available in your house because if it , let's say uh 10 pm , 11 pm and if you don't really have that food available in your house , what are you gonna do ?

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I mean , you're probably gonna have to miss a meal that day and it's not gonna result in you getting those appropriate calories that you need to grow .

So the point is design the environment , but also investing , planning and sticking to a schedule and really point exactly when and where you're gonna do that shopping .

So if you there's shop nearby your house really make it as a scheduled routine to go there at a precise time every single week and buy all the foods that's necessary .

If you're looking to gain weight , I mean , if I'm going shopping and I know that I'm gonna consume one or two chocolates per day , I'm gonna go to the shop and I'm gonna buy 40 of those chocolates because I know they're gonna get eaten within the next month .

Right ?

If I'm gonna go there , I'm gonna buy a lot of cheese , for example , that cheese has a long expiration date , things like that , you know , thinking , think ahead , buy a lot of nuts , buy a lot of things that can stay in the house like peanut butter , you know , buy a kilo of it , you know , because , you know , it's gonna get eaten eventually you wanna have it available there .

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And the final point that I wanna make here , something that I have to emphasize as well when it comes to gaining weight , it's very , very similar to losing weight .

And that is tracking your calorie intake .

Actually writing down how much you eat .

Uh , a lot of skinny guys , a lot of guys who struggle with gaining weight , they have no idea how little food they're eating .

People think they're eating a lot of food by based on their feeling and based on your feeling , you will actually not be able to be successful , at least not in this journey because we human beings , we're horrible at estimating the amount of calories you're eating .

We're , we're super bad at it .

We don't even like come close to the numbers that we think we are eating .

So if you're a skinny guy , you wanna make sure to actually use apps like my fitness spell and use them consistently for a couple of weeks , at least to see how much food you really need to eat to gain weight .

And you might be shocked with how much of that food really has to come in to your body to result in that weight gain at first , especially before you get used to it .

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So invest time , download the damn app , make a free account , just start using it .

Uh It might feel like I'm a advertising my fitness ball here .

I'm not even affiliated , but I find that these apps , you don't have to use my fitness ball .

If you wanna use some other app , go for it .

If you wanna write down the thing in your note , pa if you wanna use every note or whatever you wanna use , but make sure to write the food down exactly what you're eating , how many calories you're eating because that is gonna give you an idea of how much energy is coming in .

And if it's not working , then you know how much you need to add .

Because that is the whole point .

The whole idea why you're skinny , why you're not gaining weight is because there's not enough energy coming in , your body is adaptive .

But after a certain point , it will not be able to offset that amount of calories coming in and it will have to gain weight .

And if you exercise , of course , if you're not exercising , I mean , you should even stop watching this video .

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You wanna gain weight if you're not doing strength training or any kind of training , just wasting your time because you're just a turn from being skinny to skinny fat , which is just complete waste of time for uh , whatever you're trying to do .

So , uh the point , the final point is really sit down and track and trust the numbers instead of your emotions , your emotions will not lead you to the right path emotions don't help when it comes to this numbers do help .

Numbers will give you the exact uh what you need to do , how much you need to adjust where you can make those adjustments , which is a really key point , how much fat you can add , which meals throughout the day you can add that fat .

How is that gonna work ?

Super super key get on tracking .

Don't trust your own emotions .

I said that will not lead to where you wanna get .

Use the numbers .

You don't have to do this for the rest of your life , but you have to do it for at least a little bit of time to establish that amount of quantity of food that you need to eat and they can get in a routine and start doing it .

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And what tracking really helps as well is that on the weekends , you know , a lot of skinny guys will really stick to their diet for five days a week and then the weekend hits , you know , they wake up Saturday or Sunday .

They're like , oh , it's the weekend I can chill out a little bit .

They , they forget to eat their breakfast .

They just don't feel hungry .

Uh They don't feel motivated to eat and they just skip and you can offset a lot of that surplus that you need to gain weight .

You will just simply delete that surplus .

If on the weekends , you consume 1000 calories .

If you skip all your meals , if you eat only one or two , how are you gonna gain weight ?

Right .

So tracking will give you an idea where you're actually making those mistakes and you can then uh correct the mistakes and start gaining weight .

So those would be my three tips , the psychology of it as well .

So let me know in the comments below .

What are your things that you're currently implementing if you're a skinny guy um to gain weight and uh back to that psychology , are you really motivated to gain weight if you are all you need to do is implement these three tips .

That is the final thing you need to do nothing more and really connect to that pain point .

That is the most important part of this video .

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It's not the practical tips , it's not which types of foods , high fat , you know that you need to eat more .

The point is to get yourself to eat more .

That is the whole idea that is where the change is made .

It's not made with some perfect diet .

It is actually made with your motivation to get the solution for the problem .

And that is what it really is gonna come down to at the end of the day is forcing yourself to do something that you don't feel like you need to do .

And that is what being successful is about .

And that is what being a , a man in your own prime is really about and that is what being an adult is really about .

So , uh let me know in the comments below .

As I said , your comments have resonated with this .

What are some of the things that you've done in the past as well as make sure that that subscribe button below sport channel and I'll see you guys in the next one .


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