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2023-08-19 20:36:29


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Hey guys , welcome back to Origami Twist .

My name is Jen .

And in today's video , we're folding toilet paper .

Yes , that's right .

You know how you go to fancy hotels and they've got a little triangle tucked under .

Well , today we're going to make a little sailboat and it will just sit just on the paper .

Ok .

So we're going to hold the toilet rolled down on the table so that the flat side that's coming off of it is flat on the table and the roll can roll up on top of it .

We're going to pull out just a single square and you're gonna fold the top two corners in so that they meet in the middle and make identical or mirror image triangles just like that and give it a good crease .

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Now , we're going to roll it over onto the paper onto the roll and you ideally you want to do this with a brand new roll and then we're going to pull up the edges using this point as the pivot point , pull up the edges on the side so that a little triangle is formed , you're not going into the middle , you're just tucking it up on the side and this does take a little bit of practice .

This is not normal paper , obviously .

So it doesn't hold its shape very well .

So you may have to practice , but that's all right .

So we'll fold in the other side as well .

Again , noticing there's a gap in the middle and we've pivoted at the point , we're going to take that entire fold up and bring it up close to where the , we finished folding up here .

And you'll notice that this is starting to unfold already .

That's ok .

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Just bring it back over , hold it in place and you'll notice you've got this top part that looks a little bit like the sail of your sailboat and then there's a little extra part at the bottom , bring the extra part up and bring it up so that it looks like it's starting to be the bottom of the sailboat .

Now , how you lock it in place is and how you make the shape of the boat is by tucking just a little portion of the corner under just like that .

And you're going to do the same thing on the other side and press down really well .

And what that will do is actually lock the paper in place .

So I hope you're getting a good picture of that .

The lighting is a little bit bad in here , but there you go .

One sailboat folded into your toilet paper .

Perfect for those holiday parties .

I hope you enjoyed that guys and give it a try .

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Um You know , it's fun to do stuff like this once in a while and uh we'll see you guys again here tomorrow for another daily December video .

Please subscribe if you like videos like this .

I've got a whole bunch already on my channel and there's a lot more coming in the New Year .

We'll talk to you soon guys .

Have a good one .

Bye bye .


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