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2023-08-22 22:19:59

Rasmalai Recipe _ How to make Rasamalai

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Rasa is a very popular Bengali Sweet that's usually made for special occasions or festivals .

It is mostly called a royal sweet .

So let's get started and check out the recipe and see how we're gonna make this delicious Rasa Malai for the Rasa .

First , I'm gonna make the for this .

I've taken one litter of full fat milk .

The milk is beginning to boil .

I'm gonna add the juice of two lemons .

Give it a quick mix .

You can see the milk is gradually coding .

You can see it's completely cuddled and you can see the way water .

So this is a good indication to turn off the stove .

Next , I'm gonna strain the chana .

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I've strained the chainer , pour a little water just to remove the sour taste from the lemon juice .

So now I'm gonna tie the cloth and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes till all the excess where water is strained .

So now we have this beautiful china and I'm gonna need it .

So just crumble it .

First to this , I'm gonna add one teaspoon of corn flour .

I've needed the chana for about 10 minutes .

As you can see , it's become a very nice soft mixture .

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Now , I'm going to start making the balls for the rose , take a little bit of the tuna , roll it between your palms .

So as you roll it gradually flatten it , so make sure you don't make these uh chana balls too big because when you drop them into the sugar syrup and cook them , they're gonna expand , they're gonna plump up .

So all the chana patties are done for the next .

I'm gonna make the sugar syrup for this .

I've taken four cups of water to this .

I'm gonna add one cup of sugar , dissolve the sugar completely .

The sugar syrup is beginning to boil .

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Now , I'm gonna gently add the chain of patties into the sugar syrup .

Let them cook on medium flame for about 15 to 20 minutes till they double in size .

After cooking the chana patties and the sugar syrup for about five minutes .

Make sure you turn them over to the other side .

Repeat the same process at intervals so that they're cooked completely through .

You can see they've doubled in size .

They're nice and plump .

I gently remove these from the sugar syrup and place them into a bowl of chilled water and let it sit for about 15 minutes for the rugby .

I've taken half a liter of milk once the milk is hot , add a pinch of saffron boil the milk on low flame for about 15 minutes till it becomes a little thick .

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Now I'm gonna add , put a cup of sugar , half teaspoon of carbon powder .

Next , I'm gonna add sliced pistachios and some sliced almonds that is bad .

Just gently mix it until the sugar dissolves .

Once the milk comes to a boil , run off the stove and keep it aside .

Take the chain and feder from the water , gently press it .

So all the excess water is squeezed out and drop them into the warm dry .

Make sure the rugby is not too hot .

The Rasa is done .

You need to refrigerate this for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours .

Rasam tastes best when it's chilled .

So make sure you chill it before you served .

So there you go .

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Here .

This is delicious .

Rasmalai .

Make sure you try this at home and you can surprise your family and friends .

It is absolutely gorgeous , Rasa Malai .

You can get a copy of our first edition of the home cooking book on 21 20 .


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