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2023-08-21 20:48:42

High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss - Thyroid _ PCOS Diet Recipes To Lose Weight _ Skinny Recipes

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Hey guys , I'm Nisha Homi and welcome back to my channel today .

I'm sharing a protein rich high fiber instant breakfast recipe for weight loss .

This gluten free , quick and easy weight loss meal is a perfect breakfast for those with health issues like thyroid P CS and diabetes .

The high fiber and protein will help to keep you feel fuller for a longer time and thus helps in weight loss .

So let's get started with the recipe .

I have already roughly chopped one tomato , um a small handful of uh small shallots .

Now , if you're using big shallots , you can use about five shallots or you can use 1/4 of an onion , half of a medium sized carrot , which I have roughly chopped .

I'm adding all the roughly chopped vegetables into my chutney grinder and I'm going to grind this coarsely .

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Now , if you don't have access to a chutney grinder , you can of course grate all the ingredients and add into the chila batter .

So I'm gonna course grind this .

So I pulse this a couple of times and it is coarsely ground .

Now , if you want , you can add green chilies into this , but I prefer to add finely chopped green chilies into the basin batter into a large bowl .

I'm adding in half cup of basin flour into this .

I'm adding in 1/4 teaspoon Kashmiri chili powder .

Kashmiri chili powder has less heat compared to ordinary chili powder .

So add just Kashmiri chili powder to sort your taste half teaspoon turmeric powder .

One third teaspoon A .

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Now when you're adding a just lightly crush and add the a so that the flavors are released half teaspoon , freshly ground black pepper powder , adding black pepper helps to absorb turmeric faster into your body .

Half teaspoon , jidda also known as cumin seeds , 1/4 teaspoon .

He also known as in Malayalam for those who have digestive issues when consuming basin , try not to omit a jira and these three spices will help to balance your digestive issues .

So try not to omit it .

Now add integrated or Coly ground vegetables .

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I've finally chopped one green chili and I'm also finally chopping a handful of coriander leaves , add the finely chopped coriander leaves and the green chili adding pink Himalayan salt as needed .

I'm measuring half cup of water and I'm adding half of the water first and mixing me back up .

So this is a very quick and easy breakfast which I make often especially when I don't have any dosha or Italy batter .

So I've added 1/4 cup of water and I'm adding in another tablespoon of water .

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So adding in another tablespoon water So altogether 1/4 cup plus two tablespoon water .

Water quantity will also depend on the type of basin you're using .

So add water accordingly .

So this is the consistency .

The batter is neither too thick nor too thin .

It's a portable consistency .

I'm gonna rest the batter for about a minute or two and then I'll start making heat a casa and pan and grease it with gingerly oil for 1 to 2 small ladder full of the basin chila batches and spread it out as thinly as possible .

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Drizzle in one teaspoon but pressed groundnut oil co and let it cook on low flame .

After about a minute , open the lid and carefully flip the Chila over .

Now , make sure your cast iron Taba is well seasoned .

Otherwise the basin Chila may stick to the to make sure that you have seasoned it really well .

Before making this also note that cooking in a cast iron pan helps in better iron absorption .

So if you have iron deficiency anemia , try to cook at least one of your meal in a cast iron cookware after about a minute , flip it over .

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And so to a plate , repeat the same thing with the rest of the back up and then spread it out this in one teaspoon wood , pressed groundnut oil cover and let it cook on low flame and my quick and easy high protein healthy and instant basin Chila is ready to serve .

So guys do try this instant Basin Chila and let me know how it turned out .

Don't forget to like comment and share this video with family and friends .

Thank you for watching and until next time , take care .

Bye bye .


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