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2023-08-19 20:39:12

How to make Pasta from scratch in 5 minutes

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The starch within the pasta water will actually help the sauce stick to the pasta , so it doesn't matter if you bring along a little bit with it , and you can also drain this through a sieve .

It is completely up to you with the pasta now in .

Add in the curly parsley or flat leaf parsley if you're using it , and you can save a little bit as a garnish for later on , and then just fold everything together and cook this for one final minute , which will help the pasta finish off cooking and allow that sauce to thicken up and coat that pasta Really well , then remove it from the stove top .

Serve it up , however you like in bowls , plates or , if you can't wait , just eat it straight out of the pan .

It's completely up to you .

Just make sure you stack it nice and high , and this recipe serves about 2 to 3 people .

Like I said , I left aside a few of those strands of that lemon zest to use as a garnish , and I'm also going to garnish it with any leftover flat leaf parsley or curly parsley and make sure you grate over some fresh Parmesan cheese on this .

It tastes absolutely incredible , and it goes really well with a pasta like this .

It also helps balance out the acidity from the lemon .

Be sure to hit it up with some cracked black pepper .

Use however much you want .

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Hang it out to now just like that .

That's the past the dough already .

OK ?

It didn't take long .

Hey , OK .

So what I'm gonna turn this into the biggest aisle .

Ours here .

OK .

I'm sure they don't stick .

Now , if you want to try it , you can start a path first .

You can actually start the path .

OK ?

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But with all of that done , we are then left with this beautiful , creamy garlic lemon pasta that is the absolute perfect treat for any time of the year .

All that's left to do is obviously make this all worthwhile , and that is we can then dig in the flavour in that is absolutely beautiful .

It's fresh , it's cheap .

It's easy and absolutely delicious .

This is a video that I did mess up a couple of weeks back .

I made it with too much lemon .

It was over the top , but this right here is the perfect balance , and I can't wait for you to try it .

Thanks for watching , and I'll see you in the next one

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Three or give me one more .

So the reason why it twice is you want to make the pasta silky so you can tell the difference it's getting smooth .

It's number five .

Yeah , when always keep in mind is you need to keep a consistent speed .

Six I get in there .

I know .

Bye right now .

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Alright .

Look at that some flowers on it and one more time .

Ok .

So now we're going to last stage number seven .

Yeah see I'm gonna actually make homemade pasta for less than five minutes .

No problem .

So look at that long piece it .

Ok .

All right .

OK .

Now another trick that I like to do is you put you know decent amount of flowers before you cover them , ok ?

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Like that a little bit more here you can tell actually a huge difference when you spread it out , ok ?

Like that swallow nice and silky .

So you're doing the same thing this side .

This is a little trick that I like to use because it saved me a lot of time to separate them the end , ok ?

For this .

Ok .

So I cut them in half or whatever .

So now this is just a mix .

Spaghetti , fettuccini take a but you know I like it , cut it just the way you want it , ok ?

Yeah .

Now watch this thank you .

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If you then put the flowers on it , you'll get them , make it really sticky and it'll take you forever to just hold them sack with them , which is a pain in the butt .

See , there you go .

Now I have to do is just make a boiling hot , boiling water with salt and cook them about a minute to two maximum and then make sure you get the sauce ready before you put it in .

So that is how simple it is to make the pasta .

So there's another 1 1 800 g of flowers and of course you need one of those machine .

OK ?


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