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2023-08-21 20:36:11

How to Draw Bluey the Puppy _ Disney

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Hi .

So Cutie's we here today .

We're gonna drop Louie from Disney .

So let's get started to draw this cute puppy .

Let's first start by drawing her eyes .

So I'm gonna come right here and draw a really big oval .

Now that we have this big oval in .

Let's come to about the center area and we're going to draw out the nose .

So let's come out and draw a straight line , but we're not gonna go too far out yet .

I wanna come back in here close to this other oval and draw another oval for the other eye .

And so by doing this first , we can kind of um better gauge how long , how big to make the other to make the nose .

I mean , so I'm gonna try my best to be approximately the same size about that much .

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So now I got nowhere to put the nose .

So I'm gonna bring this out a little bit more and about right here , I'm gonna bring it down .

So let's bring this nose down more .

We're just gonna curve it down coming in a little bit more .

And before I finish this , I'm gonna come back under this eye kind of right underneath it , but right here and I'm just gonna draw a curve .

So this is where we're gonna aim to , um , go with this curve right here for the nose .

So let's bring this down , um , about right here and then we're gonna go up and right into the center of this curve we made .

So just by giving you those points first , it just makes it a little bit easier to gauge where to put everything .

OK ?

So then now let's , I almost forgot , let's come back in here and we're gonna draw another oval bar right here .

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Nice and big towards this edge more and you know what , I'm gonna give my eye hair a little highlight and then shade everything else in the original is solid black .

So it's all up to you if you want to put a highlight or not .

And then we're gonna come right here as well towards this edge and draw the other oval .

So we just wanna kind of make sure it's about the same height as the other oval .

OK ?

So then um the highlight right here and shade everything else in there .

Then let's come back in here .

We're gonna draw a really big nose for bluey .

So right on this edge , we're just gonna come around towards the edge right here and towards the center kind of like a little bit above the eye where it would be .

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I'm just gonna give myself a point just to make it easier .

And I am drawing pretty big .

I'm gonna come to that point round off the tip and connect it there and um you know what , let's shade this in .

I'm gonna come up up right here and give a little highlight .

So I'm just gonna draw like an oval and I'll shade this all in black just so you can see it a little bit better .

OK .

There .

Now let's um come around the eye area , we're gonna start to draw the head .

So the center of this eye , it's come out a little bit say about right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And on this side , we're gonna come out a tiny bit , not too much about right here and I forgot to finish this eye .

OK ?

So I'm gonna bring down this curve , whatever space you have left , just kind of want to make sure it's about the same as the other side .

I just pretend you're kind of finishing your oval and draw a curve .

OK ?

There .

Now I'm done .

Now let's go up .

So I'm gonna use this as my guy and I'm going to slightly slant up an angle and then start to round it off because I want a curve right over the eye , gonna start to go all right across right over the eye and I'm gonna aim for that area .

So same thing , you get to the corner round it off slightly and bring it down there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the body of blue is basically kind of like a rectangle , right , like a rounded off rectangle .

So that's what I'm aiming to draw right now .

So I start to bring it down and I am giving it a little bit of a curve , so it's not so stiff .

So let's just keep bringing this down to draw the body .

And then as I come to right here , I'll just kind of pop it out a little bit and then round it off toy , still want it nice and round and soft .

OK .

So by right there , I'm gonna go ahead and connect it there .

That's the basic shape .

And let's come back up here and we're drawing the ears so nicely in the center .

I'm just gonna give myself two points .

So I know where I'm going .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And so come up right here , tapering up nice big pointy ears about right there and I'll bring it right back down to my point .

So same thing over here , go up and come back down and taper it off and then we have to draw her brow .

So right about here , I'm just gonna go really close to the head , top of the head , draw this kind of like a kidney shape , kidney bean and same thing over here .

So I'm gonna buy a slant , a nice big brow there and then some for some details .

So you can come in here and draw the inside of the ear .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So just follow the outside and same thing here from there .

Let's come and draw the arms .

So I'm gonna come about right here and I'm gonna angle a line out and I'm gonna come right underneath the body in this area and pop out its thumb first .

And then I'm going to draw three fingers that's one , two and three to connect back .

It's the same thing over here .

So I'm just gonna drag a point across and come down and we're doing the same thing .

So that right here , the thumb and then the three fingers , two and three .

And so then now we can draw the legs .

So we're going to center the legs .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm just gonna come say about right here and here and I'm just giving myself points so that I know where I'm going and I'm gonna bring this straight down and then let's draw the feet .

So I'm gonna pop this out and connect and then you can come in here with two curves or some details and same thing here .

Yeah , there and then the tail .

So I'm going to draw this tail .

Let's see .

Let's come out where the hands are sore right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I'm just gonna draw curve come about right here and draw this curve that's coming out and I'll connect it right here with another .

OK .

So now that we're done with the main parts of this drawing , let's come in here and add some details .

So the first one , I'm gonna draw here is let's come about right here because she does have around her eye , a different color .

So we're just gonna bring this right here .

If you don't want these harsh lines right here , you can always just do it um color it in the different colors without drawing the line .

And then right here in the tummy area , it's gonna come up and draw this curve and bring it down and then the spots right here .

So about where the hand is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

One and then a bigger one and one on this side and different colors on the hand .

So right here on the arms , I mean , and here the legs as well and one more on the tail .

Um Let's see here , just break up the different colors and that is pretty much it for uh bluey right here .

The blue Healer puppy from Disney and you know what I need to add a heart here for bluey , right ?

Because that wouldn't be right if I did it .

Um Let's put it right here .

So they're all done .

I really hope you had fun and I made this easy for you to follow along with me to draw this cute little puppy .

Thanks so much for watching and if you loved it and I helped you out , please make sure to subscribe and turn on your notification bell .

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So you won't miss any new draw .

So cute videos .

See you later .


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