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2023-08-22 21:55:23

How to Make SUPER FLUFFY Japanese Style Bear Pancakes!

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Hi guys , it's Rachel and welcome back to my channel .

And today we are making these super super fluffy pancakes that I promise you are going to be the fluffiest pancakes you've ever had .

And you might be thinking with them being like this thick that they would just be kind of like spongy and doughy .

But these are so so moist and so incredible .

These are inspired by my recent trip to Japan .

There's a really famous cafe in Japan called Cafe Gram .

They serve the fluffiest pancakes .

They are like eating a cloud .

It's incredible .

But besides cafe Grand , there's also a lot of other breakfast places in Japan that serve pancakes just like this .

At first , I was very confused because I was like , how come all the pancakes are like an inch thick ?

I am still not 100% sure what the origin of these super fluffy pancakes is , but I do know that they are incredible .

And before we get started , make sure that you are subscribed to the channel so you don't miss out on any feature videos .

And then I would also love it if you left me a comment down below and let me know if you've ever had pancakes like this before .

I know it's big in Japan .

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But I'm curious if you guys have been anywhere in the States where they serve pancakes this thick and fluffy or if you're international , I would love to hear if you've had these as well .

And without further ado , let's get started to start off .

Of course , you're going to need your little bear pancake mold .

I picked this up on Kabashi street in Japan .

But according to my youtube analytics , you probably don't live in Japan .

So I'm gonna try to find a similar one and link it down below .

And then for our pancake batter , you're gonna start off with just a cup of flour , throw in two teaspoons of baking powder , two tablespoons of sugar and just a little pinch of salt and then just grab yourself a whisk and mix that all through .

Moving over to some wet ingredients .

You're gonna need three quarters cup and two tablespoons of milk .

Go ahead and crack in one egg , pour in two tablespoons of melted butter and finish it off with a teaspoon of vanilla extract and then just describe your whisk again and mix that all through next up .

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Just pour this on into your dry ingredients and with the spatula , just mix that in .

Don't worry if your pancake batter is a little bit lumpy , that's how pancake and waffle batter tends to be and it's totally fine it'll cook out on the griddle before you start cooking off your pancakes .

You wanna get your pan nice and toasty .

Just preheat it on low heat for about eight minutes .

Then lay in your grease .

Cookie cutters , pour in the batter leaving about a centimeter of space at the top .

And then you'll also want to add in just a teaspoon of water that's gonna help the pancakes kind of just steam and it's gonna keep them nice and moist .

I know you guys love when I use that word .

And then with the lid on , we're going to let those steam for about 15 to 20 minutes .

And the other great thing is that since we're cooking these for longer than a traditional pancake , the top of the pancake is gonna be so crispy and it's amazing .

It's like the best of both worlds between a pancake and a waffle and a cake in a pan .

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But anyways , so I'm just giving those a flip now and I know you're not supposed to use a steel or aluminum spatula on a nonstick pan , but it's like the only thin spatula we had .

So I just had to be really careful with it .

And now your pancakes should be all good to go .

So I'm just gonna take them out of the pan using my spatula .

Don't worry if there's any kind of like overflowing bits on the sides , it's really easy to pop those off once you've shimmed them off onto your plate .

Let them cool for about three minutes until you're comfortable touching the cookie cutter a bit and then just gently unmold the pancakes , then cook up as many pancakes as your heart desires or until the batter runs out .

And then if you want to decorate , I recommend grabbing some melted chocolate and then for the bear , I'm just gonna add on a little face .

So I've just got some different color candy malts go on there .

Really not adding on a whole lot just enough to make it nice and cute .

And that's basically it .

You guys , these are so easy .

Like I said , they're perfect for Mother's Day and if you want to make them ahead of time , that's an awesome idea .

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Just cook them up and then when you're ready to serve , toast them up in a toaster oven or a regular oven just until they get golden brown around the edges and the edges will get nice and crispy again .

Then all that's left to do is serve it up with some butter , a little bit of maple syrup and you got yourself some pretty amazing pancakes .

Alright guys , our super fluffy pancakes are finished now and these look so cute .

I've already eaten a pancake too and you guys , these are so incredible and I really hope you can give them a try .

Also , before I go into all of my social media plugging , I really wanted to bring up something that happened in my last video because a handful of you guys were asking about what happened to the baking videos .

And then I totally understand it .

I want you guys to know that I read all of your comments and I really , really take them into consideration so to explain all the diy videos , what basically happened was before I left for Japan , I knew I wanted to pre film and upload a bunch of videos so that you guys wouldn't even know that I'm gone .

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But the only thing is that I had to do Diy videos if I was going to pre film three of them because baking videos take me a really , really long time .

So I knew that if I wanted to pre film , I had to do Diy videos .

And then when I got back from Japan , I filmed the Japan home .

And then I also , I really wanted to do something with the unicorn cappuccino because that came out while I was in Japan and I was super film that I wasn't home to film a video on it .

And I really , really wanted to do a slime video on it because I thought it was perfect for it .

So once I got back , I filmed that video and you guys just saw it go up and I'm so glad that you guys liked it .

But a handful of you guys , like I was saying , were wondering what happened to all the baking videos .

So I just wanted to clarify that the baking videos are not going anywhere guys in the future .

I'm going to be alternating between baking videos and Diy videos and I'm gonna do my best to post videos twice a week and I totally hear your comments and questions and concerns and I just wanted to address that really quick .

But anyways , I hope you guys have enjoyed this video and don't forget to subscribe to the channel .

So you don't miss out on any future videos .

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And then you can also find me on social media at , you can also check out my Etsy sticker shop right over there .

I sell different planner stickers that you can just throw on your agenda to help you stay motivated and organized and I think that's about it .

I'll see you guys all back here very soon .

Bye guys .


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