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So let's break in .

Uh I already had a couple other things .

We're gonna be using double stuffed .

Always don't be like my girlfriend and get me not double stuffed Oreos .

Whoops .

Starting off whole wheat flour , one cup , two tablespoons of sugar .

One teaspoon of baking powder , one teaspoon of baking soda , 1/4 teaspoon salt , two tablespoons of melted butter and then with almost a cup of butter milk , slowly add it until you get to the desired consistency .

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Once you have this consistency , then you know , you've added enough buttermilk and if it's a little bit more runny than this , it's OK .

Your pancakes are just gonna be a little bit thinner .

But if they're , uh , if it's thicker than this , add more buttermilk , now we'll go on to separate the cream from the Oreo cookie and there's all the cream that's just gonna go on top of the pancakes later .

This is the Oreo crumb .

This is what's gonna go inside the pancake .

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Now , the best way I found to match something up for , to get , uh , kind of like a crummy feel is to use a zip one bag just like that .

You will have your crumbs .

Perfect for pancakes .

So let's piece back .

We're gonna add a little bit into the mix .

Call it 1/4 cup .

Now , here comes the hardest part .

Now see , the trick here is to make the pancakes about the size of an Oreo cookie .

Not bigger like you want the pancake to be because as the pancake sets , it's gonna get bigger and bigger as the batter just kind of rolls off .

And when you put the Oreo cookie in , it's gonna make them make the pancake even bigger .

So you want to start off very small with the pancake .

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See that first one , I kind of botched the flip .

If you flip it loose like that , it's just gonna slide right off because you got a lot of , a lot of pancake on top , a lot of uncooked business up there .

So you gotta make sure you stick that flip or else that's what you're gonna end up with .

Look nice .

Love this and all that good looking pancakes a little bump in the middle .

That's the way it should be .

Now , see when you're cooking them like this , they're gonna take longer than usual to cook because not only are they thicker , the batter is thinner and it was sitting on top of the Oreo and the Oreo is not gonna transfer the heat as easy as a liquid pancake batter does .

So it's gonna take longer for it to heat up on the other side .

And cook .

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So keep that in mind and now that the pancakes are done , we are going to melt or cookie cream .

We have our melted cream .

Now , now it is video time .


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