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2023-08-21 21:04:33

gain healthy weight get bigger backside and smell good down there using okro

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Hey guys .

What's up guys ?

How are you guys doing today ?

All right guys .

So you're welcome back again to my channel and you're welcome back to today's video .

So you guys in today's video , I'm gonna be showing you an amazing , you know , awkward remedy that would help you to smell good , you know , down there .

And of course , um it will help you to also gain weight at the right places , you know , keep your feet , keep you healthy .

And um the good part of it is that it's not gonna like spread the weights in everywhere and all of that , it it is really , really healthy and it is actually very , very natural .

Alright ?

You guys .

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So let me take you right into the video so you can see all of the , you know , carefully , you know , selected in them that I put together to make sure that this is very , very 100% effective for you guys , ok ?

So before you go , make sure you thumbs up this video and then let us go , the way I'm gonna be showing you is actually the way you're gonna be doing it for those things to work .

OK .

So what I do now that I'm gonna be washing it and then we're going to be cutting it in pieces just like this .

So for you to be able to cut it out with ease , you would have to use a fresh and a soft , OK ?

For this .

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Now , this is actually not only going to make your backside huge is equally going to make you sweet and me that place very slippery .

ok ?

Enough for the two person to enjoy , ok ?

So now we're gonna be cutting it .

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So after cutting it , you have to still cot this way so that the stamina would come out , I I cut it some smaller pieces like this , give me more water .

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So after doing that , now we're going to be packing it into , of course , ok ?

So you're not gonna be using just the normal water for this .

You're gonna be using warm water .

So here I have my warm water , you're gonna be putting warm water into this .

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Oh and then after I put , you're gonna stir it really well , you can see already when water is becoming slimy .

So after doing that , the water at the bin at the down side is gonna begin to change , ok ?

Gonna begin to change .

So this is how it looks like right now , ok ?

So I'm gonna be keeping that aside and show you another ingredient .

Alright guys still on it for a bigger backside .

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You you're still gonna be needing banana .

Ok , so I have here a very ripe banana .

You have to use a very ripe banana .

My banana is actually very ripe and that's why it has a lot of black stains .

Ok .

So what we do is the banana is actually a great sauce for fat .

OK .

So what , what we do is that we're gonna be peeling our banana .

I'm gonna be cutting that and then we're going to be putting it into a blender .

And then also we're going to be needing some granu , some peanuts .

Now you have to use fresh granite , fresh peanuts .

This is called peanuts and this is called granu .

OK ?

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You have to use a fresh fdu not use to the fried one because to some people they react to fried grano or fried peanuts .

So the fresh one is actually better using it for this .

So tool is that we're gonna be washing it , but I'll remove the dirt and then we're going to grab our blender , put it inside of the banana .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna pour in some good water , clean water to blend this with and then we'll find a blend .

All right guys .

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So I've had it for about 20 seconds , is ready and I'm gonna be turning it into a po and it is ready .

OK .

This is it OK .

So this is actually going to help you to gain a whole lot of weight at your backside and this also is gonna help you two actually be slippery , be slimy just like the okra is in your woman place , you know .

So you should understand because I'm not gonna be spelling everything out loud .

Ok ?

So this is the two and you should go try this .

You need this two for those ingredients .

They are actually very , very , very good .

OK ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You can't do without any of them .

You have to take them .

Now this is how you're gonna be taking it for this particular one .

You can take it every morning and every evening because it's actually very good if you want to gain weight .

Now , for this one , you can take it right before you want to , you know , do that is when you have to take it and it's also great , you know , in making those ingredients work really , really well .

So go try the two of them and I'm sure you're gonna be loving it .

In here is just two ingredients and in here is just one ingredient , ok ?

This is amazing and I love the two of three .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So that is it you guys that is very , very effective and you know , just , you know , take it as I've instructed in the video and you would see that you're going to begin to , you know , gain weight and of course you're going to begin to , you know , see yourself looking really beautiful confidence again .

You know , this video are for those people who wants to gain weight and this is literally gonna help you a whole freaking lot .

Ok ?

You guys , so I'll see you again in my very next video and do not forget to give me a huge thumbs up .

Subscribe to my channel and share this video and I'll see ya .

Bye .


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