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2023-08-22 21:57:20


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Hi , everyone and welcome to my channel .

In this video .

I will be showing you how to make masa , which is also known as we with that for the right to let's get started for this recipe .

I'll be using three cups of Jasmine rice in Nigeria .

We use the two washing rice to make a and to me for this recipe , the closest one to that is the Jasmine rice , two tablespoons of powder milk , two tablespoons of sugar and quarter of a teaspoon of salt .

You can adjust the sugar and salt to your taste .

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One sachet of yeast olive oil , you can use any vegetable oil of your choice and you will need a pancake pan .

I'll be dropping a link of where I got this from in the description box .

And if you don't have this , you can use a small fry pan as well .

I will start by taking out a little bit of the rice which I'm going to be boiling in this video .

And I'll go ahead to transfer the rest of the rice into a bigger bowl and I'll be adding water and this is room temperature water .

I was there .

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I will cover and leave it to soak overnight .

You can do it for six hours .

That is fine .

And this is the next morning and the rice is soaked is very soft now and it's going to be very easy for the blender to blend .

And I'll go ahead to wash the rice and I'll be right back and the rice is washed and this is the other rice I took out earlier on .

I have washed it already .

I'll add some water and put it on the stove top to cook for about 15 or 20 minutes or until the rice is soft .

And here is the rice .

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The rice is cooked already .

I will transfer the sock rice into my blender .

Add a little bit of water , not too much water .

And our bloody tea , it is very smooth .

So the rice is smooth and this is what it looks like .

So now I'm going to be adding the cooked rice and I'll blend it just a little bit , not too smooth again .

And you can also use the cooked rice without blending it , just add it like that .

Some people do that .

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But I like to blend my a little bit because my kids are going to be eating it so that they can enjoy it .

And that is done .

Next .

I will go ahead to prove the yeast and I'll be adding a teaspoon of sugar to do that and warm water .

And I'll go ahead whisk it together and I will leave that to pro for about 8 to 10 minutes .

So here is the blended rice .

You can see and you can still notice a little bit of the cooked rice in it .

And this is the consistency that we are going for .

I'll add in the sugar , salt , powder milk and the pro and I'll go ahead and whisk it very well .

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If it's too thick , you can adjust , add a little bit of water at this stage .

But this is the perfect consistency for masa and I will cover it and leave it to rice for about 35 to 40 minutes and this is 40 minutes later and the rice has doubled in size .

I will go ahead to with some air into that and it's time to start making masa .

So here I have the pan on the stove top already and I'll be adding a just drop of olive oil into each of the holes .

You can also use a brush to do this as well .

Add in the blended rice .

And I wanna say a big thank you to all my subscribers .

Thank you all so much .

And if you are not subscribed already , please subscribe and put on the notification bell .

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So you get notified each time I upload video and once it's cooked on each side , I will go ahead and flip it with my skewer .

So when it's cooked , you will notice it's brown .

If it's not brown , you leave it to cook some more and once they are ready , I will take them out of the pan and I will repeat the process till I am done .

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Mhm And they are ready and I will take out the nest batch as well .

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And here is the masa winner is ready and masa is usually enjoyed with or with spices and I like to have my spices and this is what it looks like inside and it was super delicious .

I wanna thank you all so much for watching .

Don't forget to subscribe if you are not already remain blessed and I will see you in my next video .

Bye one .


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