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2023-08-22 22:11:39

Gain Mass Diet - What To Eat To Gain Weight Fast

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Hey guys , this is Jeff Masterson .

And if you're a skinny guy , you might be asking the question , what do I need to eat to gain weight ?

Well , instead of just telling you , I'm gonna show you and I'm gonna take you through my kitchen and we're gonna check out some of the things that I've got here .

So let me open up the fridge and we're gonna check out what we got in here and you're gonna get some good ideas of what to eat to start gaining muscle and uh packing on some serious size .

So , first thing you see here is water , of course , lots of water is important .

Um , just bottled water .

I usually just take one out in the morning and I refill it throughout the day .

Toss it at the end of the day .

So of course you got your protein .

We got steak , we got chicken breasts .

We've got uh leftover steak and we've got cottage cheese .

This is a good source of protein too .

It's got uh what , 14 g of protein for half a cup .

So that's good to mix with fruit .

You know , you got frozen fruit or fresh fruit .

You can mix it in .

It tastes good .

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Um , eggs , another good source of protein .

Lots of eggs , eat that every day .

Um , also we got , oh , yeah , we got , we got some , uh , bell peppers , mushrooms and onions , all chopped up here .

Ready to make an omelet .

So I eat eggs every day .

So I just , you know , I just preop these , package them and , uh , take them out and I'm ready to make an omelet .

So uh what else we got here ?

We got spinach .

So it's good .

You know , you gotta get some fiber in there .

You know , you don't wanna just be eating carbs and protein with no fiber .

It's , it's not gonna turn out too good .

So we got , we got some asparagus as well just to mix in some .

And uh here we go , flax seed oil .

This is a great source of fat .

It's probably one of the best sources of fat that you can uh put in your diet .

It's got the good fat .

It's got polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat .

So that's what you wanna look for .

So let's move up to the freezer .

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Not much in here .

Really ?

I don't really eat a lot out of the freezer .

Just mostly we got frozen fruit .

We got frozen veggies and we got backup flax seed oil .

Uh it stays good when you freeze it .

So moving up here , we got potatoes , potatoes , great uh carb sauce and all the 00 now these are great .

These are peanuts but they're not just any peanuts .

They are crab house nuts by Blue Crab Bay Company .

You could see , you could just see how spicy those things are .

So , if you like spicy stuff , you wanna check those out .

Those are delicious .

Uh We got green apples for carbs , uh bananas .

I eat bananas every day .

It's usually my breakfast , a couple of bananas and a protein shake , Uh mixed with some flax seed oil .

It's a good breakfast .

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Um Lots of condiments , man , you got all kinds of stuff that you put , you put on chicken potatoes , um fish , all this stuff just will spice up your food .

Um Magic bullet , this thing is awesome .

If you don't have one of these , you might want to pick these up .

You plan on drinking protein shakes because uh you can mix in , you know , that's what I got the frozen fruit for .

You got , you mix in some frozen fruit , mix in your protein powder , some water , some ice cubes , mix it up and uh makes a really good shake .

So move up to the cannes up here .

See what we got up here here is the brown rice .

Can't go without brown rice .

If you wanna gain weight , then you could , but I don't recommend it .

Uh What else we got ?

We got oatmeal .

This stuff's good .

I just , I actually prepackage it .

I mean it's quick enough just to make it but I take it to work and I'll uh , I'll portion everything out and add a little bit of cinnamon in it .

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So I can just grab and go and I'll do the same thing with the rice .

Usually I'll cook , I'll cook a week's worth of rice ahead of time and just put it in these little uh zip loc containers , throw them in the fridge and I can grab and go .

And up here we got more protein .

We got tuna , we got canned tuna .

I don't eat a lot of that .

Maybe once a week , maybe twice a week at most , I'll eat some throw some can tune in there .

Uh Let's move over here .

See what we got .

Not much in this one .

We just got some backup oats and when you get oats get , don't get the packaged oats .

There's so much sugar and all kinds of crap in there .

Get the uh old fashioned oats , just oats .

That's , that's the stuff that's gonna help you gain weight without adding too much sugar and stuff .

So in this one , we got , we got beans , we got black beans , kidney beans , pinto beans , all kinds of beans , chicken broth .

That's good for uh that's good for cooking your brown rice in uh add some flavor to it , natural peanut butter .

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This stuff's good .

Um We got something fell scared me .

Uh we got olive oil for cooking uh for and for uh marin your chicken in and also red wine vinegar is good for marin your chicken in just some cooking spray .

And I think that's about it down in the house right now .

Um , oh , we got some protein powder , get the big old tub of protein powder .

So that will make getting your uh protein for the day much uh easier if you can just uh down some protein shakes .

And last , this is the little white board I have on my wall .

As soon as I run out of things , I just , you know , I just chalk it up on the board there and once it gets full , I know it's time to go food shopping .

Now , I want to show you the seven biggest mistakes that are keeping you skinny and actually preventing you from making explosive muscle gains .

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Go to www dot weight gain method dot com right now to grab the free report that reveals everything .

So go to www dot weight gain method dot com and I'll see you there .


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