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2023-08-21 20:41:14

How to Create Or Change Apple ID on iphone_ipad - Clash of Clash Strategy

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Yes , my friend , our web browser on your PC can help you out , open a web page and now open icloud dot com or apple ID dot apple dot com .

And if you have saved your apple ID login details in your web browser , then it will prompt to autofill it just in case it didn't work out .

Then the next method which is with the help of mailbox will help you out to find your apple ID in your mail inbox .

Search for an email that you have received from the apple , try with different keywords like no reply at the apple dot com , apple dot com , apple support or your apple ID .

Now check emails from apple and you can find your apple ID for security reasons .

It may not show your full email address and it may be possible that you have not keep your email address as your apple ID .

In that case , you can retry your apple id from the apple's official website .

I forgot dot apple dot com .

Now enter your first and last name and email address on which you have received emails from apple .

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Hit continue and it will show your apple ID .

Thank God you found your apple ID .

Now let's learn how you can reset the password for the apple ID .

The very first way is with your iphone or ipad .

Navigate to settings , select your profile , tap on password and security on this screen .

Select change password , enter your iphone password , add your new Apple ID , password and verify it .

And from your mac open system preferences , select Apple ID , click on password and security , select change password , enter your Mac password and add your new Apple ID , password and verify it .

It was so simple .

Right .

But what if I mean , again , if you don't have an iphone ipad or mac , is there any way around to change the password of your Apple ID ?

And the answer is yes .

And right over here you need a help from your friend .

Install Apple support app on friend device from the app .

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Select the topic , password and security , select reset apple id , password .

Tap on get started .

Now pick an option of different apple , id , tap on continue .

Now enter your apple id , tap next , enter your recovery contact number from this screen , select option cannot access your Apple devices and it will send a code to your recovery contact number .

Enter the code and it will prompt you to enter a pass code or a password of your Apple device .

Enter that and it will show a screen to add a new apple ID password , do that and verify the same with this easy way .

We finally recovered the password of your apple ID .

But over here , I would like to ask you one question .

Should I make a video on how you can unlock the iphone if you forgot the pass code .

Do let me know in the comment section down below and I'll make a video for you .

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I hope I helped you out to recall your Apple ID or reset that password and prevented you to forgo your apple id and password , right ?

Do let me know in the comment section down below and along with that like this video , share this video and subscribe to my I Gigs blog channel .

Also download our all new I Gigs blog app to enjoy exclusive content about everything Apple .

Now allow me to say goodbye .

I'm Nikki signing off .

Thanks for watching .

Stay safe , stay connected .

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So I'm gonna make one for myself once you have your password in , just select next , now you have to set three security questions .

I don't know why they have this but just do it anyway .

So I'm just gonna put this thing once you have your three security question in select next .

This is optional .

But if you want to uh confirm your identity or reset a forgotten password , you can put uh it's like a safety email of some sort , but for me , I don't need that .

So I just select next .

I'm just gonna turn this off .

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If you need it , you can turn it on , agree with the term and condition and click , agree again .

What happened here is Apple is trying to create a new Apple ID for you .

This process is going to take a while depending on how fast your internet speed is .

Ok ?

So the moment you see this screen appearing at your ipad or your iphone , which means that Apple has already created an apple ID for you , but you can't use this ID yet .

You need to verify it .

So what you need to do is to exceed the setting .

Go to your email if it is a Gmail .

So you need to connect to Gmail for me .

If it is Yahoo , you connect to Yahoo or if it's Hotmail , you go to Hotmail , uh whichever that you can access to your email .

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So from here , I'm gonna log into my email once I log into my Gmail account , I'm going to check my inbox and you should be receiving and verify your Apple ID email from Apple .

And what you need to do is to just select verify now as you can see here .

So the next thing is they're gonna ask you to sign in to verify your email address .

So what you're gonna do here is to key in your Apple ID and the password that you created in the first step just now .

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So for me , it's going to be your email address here and the password that you created for that Apple ID and verify your address .

Once your email address is verified , you can exceed your safari and go back to your settings .

So in your setting , you're going to sign into icloud by key in your password .

That's it guys .

Now you created a new Apple ID and now it is linked to your icloud .

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You can start to edit it and start to use most of the functions like itunes , your app store and so on .

So at any time , if you have any questions or there's something that you need me to help you with your Apple ID .

Kindly leave your comments below .

Share this video with any of your friends who need or want to learn how to create a new Apple ID .

So that's it .

I'll see you again next time .


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