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2023-08-19 21:21:50

Buffie the Body - How I Gained Weight Fast

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This video is for those of you who are trying to gain weight , you need extra mass , you need a little more fat if you're not trying to gain weight .

This video is not for you because this entire video is on weight gain .

So if you're not trying to gain weight , find something else to do because this video will be a waste of time for you .

Now , those of you who are trying to gain weight , I know you think I've been neglecting you , but there's just not a lot of information that I could give that on weight gain .

Like I've made a couple of videos on it , but it's just , it comes down to eating and weight training .

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That's just , that's basically it unless there's a med medical issue going on and then that's not even a video for me to do you .

You would need to speak with the doctor .

So I did a little research the other day because I know it was do for another weight gain video .

So I did some research the other day because I did a video and I basically like a year or two ago basically telling women how I gained weight , how , cause I used to be really skinny myself , like I was not always this thick .

So I've had a problem with eating when I was younger and sometimes I still do now .

So , um , I decided to do some research and try to figure out what type of medications that I've taken over .

And this has been so long ago , like what I'm saying , so long ago , this has been at least 15 to 20 years ago when I was skinny and I was trying to gain weight .

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So you have to forgive me if I don't remember every single detail .

But I did some research and I figured out some of the medications I took when I was smaller .

Now , um , these medications are medications that you have to get from a doctor .

You cannot walk in the store and get these medications , you have to get them prescribed and it's up to the doctor , whether the doctor will give them to you or not because , um , some of you are underweight .

I agree .

Some of you are , but some of you are not .

If you're thinking that just as , um , it's basically , it's up to the doctor .

There's no use to me going in all into detail because it's really up to the doctor .

Um , and they'll probably go by the BM I , um , chart .

Most doctors do and they'll determine whether you're underweight .

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I was diagnosed as being underweight .

So I know it wouldn't have been a problem back then for me to get medications .

Now , these medications , it was three medications that I took .

Um , no , all of them didn't work .

I only really spoke on one because that was the one that worked for me .

Now , I'm not saying the other two do not work because I guess they wouldn't have them if they wasn't working , they , they're working for someone , everyone is different .

So , just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it may not work for you .

Now , the three medications are , and I think I'm pronouncing them correctly .

So forgive me if I'm not , um , pronouncing them correctly .

But one of them was called mega and that's meg A ce mega .

It was like a liquid .

I , it wasn't , it didn't , it didn't come in peels .

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It was like a , um , it was like a , a liquid , a liquid in a bottle that the doctor prescribed .

The next one was me , um , Marinol .

Um , and I'll put the name of these medicines .

So you would , you , you can do your own research and you would know what to take to the doctor .

But the next one was Marinol and it was , I think a derivative or something from or like a manmade marijuana or something .

And you know how they always say marijuana makes people hungry .

So that was the next medicine .

Now that was , it was pills .

It was , it was pills .

And I remember it being really , really expensive .

Now , the reason I didn't have to pay for it at the time , like I said , I was really underweight .

So my , at the time , my , um , health care , my , um , insurance paid for it .

But I think if I'm not mistaken , it was like $200 per prescription .

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So it was really , really expensive .

The mega , I don't remember how I remember the Marinol being crazy expensive , I think like $200 .

But the mega , like I said , with liquid and I don't know whether that was as expensive or not , but I know my um health care insurance paid for it .

Now , the last one was the , the one that I spoke on that .

I just could never remember the name of it was Perry Acting .

That's the brand name , the generic name was and I don't know whether I'm pronouncing this correctly .

It was Cypro Hedy and um that's the generic name of it .

Now , those were little white tablets .

Those are the one that's actually worked for me .

Those are the ones that had me eating like crazy had me eating like crazy .

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So those are the three that I've tried over the like back when I was skinny and that , that was forever back in caveman days .

But those are the ones that um , I've taken and like I said , two of them didn't , I don't remember really working for me , but that last one , the Perin that is the one that gave me the appetite .

Now , let me tell you a little something about this weight gain thing .

Um , the pill itself , the medication that the doctor gave me , they actually , they do not make you gain weight .

It's the , it's what they do to your body that makes you gain weight .

They make you hungry .

So , don't think you'll take one of these pills or drink the liquid and you're gonna , all of a sudden gain weight because it doesn't work like that .

What it does is these medications gives you an appetite .

It makes you hungry .

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So therefore you go out and eat and the food is what gives you the calories and the weight gain .

So remember , you can't just sit around and take these pills and think you're gonna gain weight or the liquid because it doesn't work like that .

Now , the second thing is this is the funny part just because you're gaining weight doesn't mean it's going to go in the right areas of your body .

Everyone gains weight differently .

I was just thankful that I gained most of my weight in my lower body and some in my stomach , some in my arm .

But most of the weight went in my lower body .

It doesn't work like that for everybody .

So be very cautious on when you started when you start gaining weight because it could easily go all to your stomach .

It could easily go to your back , your shoulders , your neck .

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You know , you don't wanna walk around looking like a football players with nine of the 30 inch back and a uh a 40 inch neck because that's where the weight could go .

So you need to monitor where this weight is going when you start eating and when you start gaining weight .

Now , the next thing you can control when you're , when you're exercising , that's why I say make sure you exercise because when you're doing resistance training and working out and gaining muscle , you can basically control where that goes .

But you can't control where fat goes , fat goes where it wanted to , where it wanna go , you can't tell fat where to go .

But with muscle , at least you can pick what areas you want to get bigger .

So if you want your butt to get bigger , you go and you work on your butt , you want your arms to get bigger with exercise , you go and work on your arms .

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So remember that don't start getting upset when you're gaining weight and it does not look right because everyone doesn't look right with all this extra weight .

So just keep that in mind .

Um , another thing when you're gaining this weight , I would say if the doctor decide to give you this prescription for these medications , I would say prepare yourself for it .

Um , go out and do your grocery shopping and only put the healthy things in your kitchen .

Because if this medication works for you .

You're going to be extremely hungry a lot .

And so you don't want to make the wrong food choices .

So make sure you go grocery shopping and put the right things in your refrigerator and your pantry .

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Then you don't have to worry about eating all the bull crap because you don't want a lot of empty calories , which is the calories that don't provide no type of nutrients for the body .

So you don't want to go from being underweight , which is , I agree is a problem to being your correct weight .

But now you having to deal with heart disease or high blood pressure or high cholesterol or , you know , diabetes because you ate all the wrong food .

So now you cleared up one problem , you cleared one problem of being underweight .

Now you're the right weight , but now you're dealing with life threatening diseases .

So be really mindful because it'd be extremely excessively stupid to go and eat all of this crazy stuff .

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And now you're dealing well , you may be the right size now , but now you're having to take medications and you having to go back and forth to the doctor and you're sick all the time because you ate the wrong things .

I'm not saying that a bag of chips or a candy bar or ice cream is horrible for you all the time .

It's ok , but most of us don't know how to put that stuff in moderation and how it , how to make it work within our lives .

Cause I still eat ice cream .

I eat pork , I eat bacon .

I eat um potato chips .

I eat that stuff but I know how to eat it .

That works for me .

So I'm not telling you to stop eating every single thing .

I'm telling you to know what your thresholds are when it comes to your own body .

Because just because someone else can eat something doesn't mean you can eat the same thing and you're going to be ok , you got to learn what works for you .

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So those are the things I wanted to talk about with this weight gain thing .

Just make sure you're eating the right foods , make sure you're monitor monitoring where your weight gain is going .

You definitely don't want it around your midsection because that's when it starts causing health problems .

If anything , you want it to go in your lower body .

And um I can feel those of you who need to gain weight because I was in the same boat and I was miserable .

So , um you know , being overweight can be a doozy just like being underweight can be a doozy .

So one is no worse than the other .

So do what works for you .

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But this is the video I wanted to make to help those of you who are suffering from , from being underweight because I definitely can relate to it because I went through it several times .

So , um , I think that's all I needed to talk about in this video .

Um , make sure you're working out , continue to work out .

You want to not only eat because in order to get the type of body you want , you have to eat , eat the right things and you have to work out and you , you need to do resistance training , which is the lifting weights and things like that .

I , I wouldn't say skip cardio altogether because we all need cardio .

But , um , you may need to limit some of the cardio you're doing for a while if you're trying to gain weight , um , any questions hit me up .

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But , um , good luck to those of you who's trying to gain weight .

And like I said , these medicines are prescription medicines .

So you will have to speak with your doctor , whether your doctor give them to you or not would be completely up to the doctor .

Um , they may give them to you and they may not , but do your own research .

Get on the internet , do your research on the medications and any questions you have about these medications , you need to speak with your doctor .

Now , something about weight gain , you could talk to me about but anything about these medications , how to take them when to take them , um , the side effects , anything you need to speak with your doctor , that's the best way .

Don't talk to .

No one else .

Speak with your doctor because the doctor has the last say so .

Ok , that's it .

Have a great day .

Talk to you later .


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