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2023-08-19 20:53:47

ONLY 50 Calories FLUFFY PANCAKES ! _AMAZING_ Low Calorie Pancakes RecipešŸ„ž

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Today , we're making these amazing fluffy 50 calorie pancakes .

I posted these on my Instagram stories last Sunday .

And you wanted the recipe .

These are not oatmeal pancakes .

These are not banana pancakes .

These are not omelets .

You know , I'm gonna give you a proper delicious , amazing low calorie pancake recipe to make these low calorie pancakes .

You'll need one egg along some vanilla .

I'm using the baked stuff because we're back in lockdown .

People .

I know Italy is in lockdown again .

This is all I had .

Add one tablespoon of sugar and whip these up .

I do think adding vanilla is important .

Remember this recipe has no butter , no milk , no oil .

It really needs something special .

Now , let's talk about these pancakes .

This recipe makes four pancakes enough for one person .

When I decided to film this , I wasn't sure if to double or triple this recipe because chances are , if you're cutting calories or just trying eat healthier , your family probably isn't .

And if they are , you can just adjust the recipe .

But I really wanted to share with you the exact recipe I make just for myself every Sunday .

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You're gonna whip this well , and I mean , well , until the mixture dribbles in volume and becomes really pale , you're then gonna quickly mix in some yogurt .

Careful to not deflate the zac mixture .

This shouldn't take more than five seconds .

And yes , you do need that yogurt .

It substitutes the butter and milk .

And along with that beaten egg , it's going to give the pancakes that beautiful fluff .

Add the flour sift did sifted .

I'm gonna say it louder for the people in the bag .

Ok ?

If you don't sift it don't come crawling back .

Saying your mixture has deflated , fold it in gently .

I do like to give it a quick mix of real .

Be gentle .

I feel like making this so complicated .

It's really not .

But if you do want the full instructions , you know , just head to my wet suits .

You'll need a good nonstick pan .

It's a great investment .

Highly recommend you get one .

But if you don't have one , it's ok .

You will need to grease that pan though .

Otherwise they will stick .

Your flame .

Should be a medium low and these cook pretty quickly do not overcook pancakes .

These are not waffles .

Once you flip these , cook these for another 15 seconds and they're done .

If you're new to my channel , by the way .

Hello there .

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Welcome .

Make sure to subscribe and click that bell .

I post new videos every week .

You're gonna plate these up and the best way to have these is with you got to have these pancakes with syrup .

You can do a zero calorie syrup or , you know , maple syrup .

If you don't mind fresh fruits , yogurt , it's up to you what I love about these pancakes besides being absolutely delicious .

Each pancake is only 50 calories , meaning you could have these with something else on the side .

Ok .

It's gonna be a great billing breakfast .

I personally don't mind a little bit of flour or a tablespoon of sugar if it's gonna make these taste like pancakes .

I know there's a lot of healthier recipes out there using oats or banana or apple sauce .

But personally tell me those do not taste like pancakes .

If you're looking for a low calorie , delicious amazing pancake recipe , you gotta try these .


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