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2023-08-19 21:13:09

Easy Veg Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast in 10 Days _ Best Vegetarian Diet Plan For Fast Weight Loss

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Today , I have brought for you a very exciting vegan vegetarian diet plan to lose weight fast in only 10 days .

With the help of this diet plan , you're actually going to lose your weight naturally .

See tremendous amount of inch loss .

Keep that glow and shine .

Plus stay healthy and fit research has shown that people who actually follow a vegan and vegetarian diet have lower risk of cancer , cholesterol , diabetes , blood glucose , blood pressure , all these problems , they actually stay miles away from it .

Now , what better than to turn vegan and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it than eat meat based products and all those who have turned vegan .

I'm so proud of you because vegan is the way of life .

So this diet plan contains about 1000 to 1200 calories per day .

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If you think you are into heavy exercise and excessive training , then do take it up higher to about 1400 to 1500 calories a day .

Don't feel shy .

So the most special part about this magical vegan and vegetarian diet plan is that it is going to satiate you .

It's going to get rid of all your hunger pangs and you're gonna get to try all these yummy delicious recipes which I have curated , special for all of you .

You are not going to miss your burgers , pizzas , pastas , kebabs and whatnot .

I have brought some super easy , absolutely stunning recipes for all of you to try .

And they're so easy to make .

You can actually prep ahead and they are also flexible .

You can interchange your breakfast with lunch or dinner .

Let's get rolling .

So I hope you had a good night's sleep because now it's morning time and time for you to have a good two glasses full of lukewarm water with two slices of lemon .

So our breakfast is actually the first meal of the day .

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It's also the most important and I have brought for you three very exciting options for breakfast .

The first one as you can see is the oats pizza and it turns out super yum just have a look at the recipe .

It's so exciting .

You'd want to try it out .

Now , benefits of oats are tremendous because it's actually loaded with fiber .

It contains a lots of complex carbohydrates which are so beneficial for us .

They keep us satiated for longer and also full .

So the next 2 to 3 hours is definitely sorted .

If you are having this for breakfast .

Option two is a finger millet pancake , commonly known as raggy Chila in India .

All you have to take is finger millet in a powdered form , mix some herbs and spices , a few vegetables and make it like a pancake .

It's a very easy recipe .

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Do watch it , understand how to make it and you must try it out .

The third exciting recipe I'm gonna give you for breakfast is a veg omelet .

Now , this is a super hit with all the peeps on Instagram because they have loved it so much .

Even the vegetarians can enjoy the goodness of an omelet with chickpea flour .

It's in a powdered version .

I have added lots of vegetables to it and look what I have created .

It looks fabulous .

It's time for your mid-morning snack just before your lunch .

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Say about 11 a.m. All you have to take is a herbal tea along with 2 to 3 servings of fruit for lunch .

I'm actually giving you a very exciting option .

Now , this is a veg burger , which is completely vegan too .

It has been made with multi grain bread and the pack which I'm using is not fried .

It's only roasted .

In fact , in just about a teaspoon of olive oil .

And for the patty base , I have used soya with a lot of vegetables .

So it's quite healthy and nutritious .

Now , what more would you ask for if you're a vegan or a vegetarian than this burger ?

The next option I'm giving you for lunch is again , very exciting .

It's pasta time .

So I am sharing the recipe of my very favorite pasta with you because this is actually whole grain wheat pasta and it is loaded with vegetables .

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I happen to cook the vegetables first on low flame and a little bit of a tomato sauce .

And then I have just tossed in the boiled pasta .

And so yummy .

Now , the serving size is what you have to be careful about .

All you're allowed is about 100 g of this very pasta .

So now it's time for your evening snack , which is the most exciting part of the day , but it's nearing the end of the day and you're almost tired cooking your lunch , your breakfast , what not ?

So I have got for you a very exciting option where you don't have to cook .

It's quick and easy to make and it's here to tantalize your taste buds and load it with nutrients .

So this company called Kava with the masala super grain mix had approached me to review their product .

I have tried it for a week and I find it to be very effective and I love the flavors that taste .

It's all absolutely superlative since I've tried it .

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That is why I'm recommending it to you because I wouldn't recommend it otherwise .

So my review for this is a complete five on five .

Now , I'm going to teach you how to make it .

Each bite of this contains the wellness of four super grains called oats , raggy , ran and green gram , plus three medicinal herbs as well .

Garcia , green coffee and garlic .

So this is actually quite a refreshing healthy option for your evening snack .

All you have to do is cut pork and boil .

The first step is cut so easy .

The second step is to pour it in a bowl and pour water until the dotted line right here .

You don't want to be clumsy here .

Yeah , that's it .

And we're gonna pour in the bowl like this .

Now , we're gonna give it a good mix just like this and we're gonna microwave it for only three minutes .

It's been three minutes and I'm super hungry .

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As you can see , it's super easy to make and it's ready .

So this product contains no trans fat , no additional additives or preservatives .

All it contains is high protein , high fiber and loaded with nutrients .

Mm Super delicious , super healthy and help you on your weight management journey .

So the second option which I'm going to give you for your evening snack is super delicious , healthy potato bites .

All you need for this is a few boiled potatoes and some oat powder .

That's all you need .

It's called oat flour .

You have to base it in the oat flour and you have to just add a few spices to it .

I'm adding oregano , chili flakes very basic .

You just have to roast it until it's crisp .

I'm using only one teaspoon of olive oil enough and I'm gonna garnish it with this lovely topping which I have concocted and it's super delicious .

You must try it out .

It's hunkered and peri peri sauce .

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So if you've tried this , do let me know in the comments section if you loved it just as much as I did .

And the third option which I'm going to give you is a tall glass of green tea and a handful of nuts for nuts .

You're allowed almonds , cashews , you're allowed dates , walnuts and that's it .

So you can have about two dates , two walnuts , five almonds and five cashews .

Don't forget .

So it's already 7 p.m. and it's time for dinner .

Now , I suggest you actually finish your dinner between seven and 8 p.m. So you have ample time about good three hours before you go to bed by 10 pm .

Now , what are the dinner options ?

We have ?

Well , we have veg kebabs , we have salads , we have soups , we have sorted vegetables , plenty of options all there on my Instagram page .

Yes , you will have to visit my Instagram page if you want to have a look at those recipes because this video is actually getting a bit too long , isn't it ?

If you're either a vegan or a vegetarian ?

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Don't worry , there's plenty of options on my Instagram page .

So go follow me on Instagram and have a look at all those fabulous recipes and do let me know in the comment section , how much you enjoyed today's video and I will look forward to your comments after the 10 days when you've lost all the excess weight .

If you've enjoyed watching this video , do let me know in the comment section how it was and which one of these recipes was your favorite ?

And do try the Kava super grain mix and let me know what you think about it .


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