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2023-08-22 22:02:48

Lose Weight Jumping with this Simple Trampoline Workout 🤸🏾‍♀️

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Hi guys , welcome back to my channel .

It is your girl toy .

She and today I am coming to you guys with a video , a really awesome amazing video .

So today I'm gonna be showing you guys a workout on the trampoline right there , right ?

So I recently just got this trampoline from Amazon .

I absolutely love it doing a few things in my garage on it decided to come outside because it's so nice and hot and I'm gonna show you guys a quick 15 minute workout video that you can do if you're interested in purchasing this trampoline that I have .

I'm gonna put all the link and all that stuff down below so you can go ahead and get it .

All right .

So let's go ahead and jump right on into it .

Alright guys .

So let's go ahead and jump into this trampoline workout as you can see on the screen here , you're gonna have six different moves that you're gonna be doing throughout this entire workout and you're gonna do it for three rounds , right ?

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So you have 32nd jump squats , 32nd , jump rope , 32nd , high knee and you also have 15 2nd knee repeaters on the right side and 15 2nd knee repeaters on the left side .

32nd Jack crossovers and 32nd Jack Shuffles , go ahead and warm your body up before you get started .

I highly recommend if you have bad knees .

This is not the workout for you , honey .

OK .

This is not the work out for you .

Let me know if there's some type of videos that you guys would like to see that do not actually have any type of jumping in .

That is something that I can definitely do upon request .

All right , so go ahead and do me a favor .

Give this video a thumbs up , subscribe to the channel and we're gonna go ahead and jump right on into this thing .

Alrighty , let's get into it .

Alright guys .

So for the first move we're gonna be doing some jump squats baby .

Yes .

So this is a burn like no other like seriously it feels like hell , I'm not gonna even lie .

Like 30 seconds is an extremely long time to be doing this on a freaking trampoline .

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Your legs will feel like straight noodles halfway there but do not worry because we have a 12th break between every move in this workout with a one minute rest between every round , which is gonna be very helpful for you guys .

And here's that 12th break .

All right .

So now we're gonna hit a little jump rope in but only this time guys .

You're gonna be jump roping on a trampoline .

Ok .

Now this trampoline is from Amazon .

Y'all know how much I love Amazon .

It's very sturdy and it's affordable .

Be sure to click the link below to get some more information on this trampoline that I'm using in this video .

It did come with the railing that I didn't use because when it was delivered to me it was damaged which I've never had that happen to me with Amazon , but there is a replacement on the way .

So it is a ok .

Alright .

It's cool .

And then we're gonna have our another 12th break .

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So next move we're gonna do is some high knee clap .

So you're gonna bring that knee all the way up .

Now , I love this because for one now it's a killer move for them .

Abs honey .

And the jumping force has the power to help target every muscle in your body , which is why jumping is definitely one of my most favorite cardio moves to do .

So you're just gonna bring that knee all the way and clap .

All right .

So take your time and go ahead and get that 12th break .

Release it because it's almost over .

It is over right now .

For this move you're gonna do a repeater crunch now this is that belly blaster that will eliminate that fat like no other , the driving force of the trampoline really allows you to hit it all .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So focus on making sure that elbow hits that knee and you're gonna do this on your right and your left hand side for 15 seconds right now .

So we're gonna switch it up with some double shuffles .

All you're doing here is switching your leg forward and backwards as you pulse each leg for two , then you're gonna switch it back and forth .

Just switching it just like that simple and easy .

Ain't gonna do that for 30 seconds .

All right .

And here's that 12th rest time .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But don't worry guys , we have a minute rest coming up before you jump into the next round right now .

So moving into our Jack crossovers , this is a really simple move .

Try not to complicate it at all one .

Make sure that you're really holding that tummy in and always engaging your core when you're doing all of these moves that I'm showing you and we're gonna basically form a criss cross with our legs and we're gonna continue to do this for 30 seconds .

Alright guys .

So now it is that time for you to go ahead and rest .

So we have a minute right now for you to rest .

I want you to catch your breath .

I want you to grab some water , wipe the sweat off your face .

Go ahead and like this video .

Comment down below .

Let me know how you're feeling if you like videos like this because if so I'll definitely continue to make more videos like this .

Um You guys know that , that cardio is something that I love to do , especially when it comes to jumping .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You will never catch me running , but you will always catch me doing some form of cardio and jumping and hit and all that type of stuff .

So , yeah , guys , we have a little more time left on the clock before we go ahead and jump back in for the second round and you're going to do everything that we just did again .

All right .

And then after that , you're gonna also have another one minute rest , right .

So go ahead and jump right back on that trampoline because we're about to jump right back on into it .

Ok ?

Ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Alright guys .

So now we are back into that one minute rest time .

So how are you feeling like seriously ?

Like how do you feel like when I did this ?

I was just dripping with sweat .

I did it in the sun which made it probably even more , made me even more sweaty but guys um definitely take your time to catch your breath and at any time that you're doing this workout , do not feel like you have to do it the complete way through .

You have control over your phone or your device that you're watching this on .

You can always press pause , catch your breath , you have that luxury and that control ability to do that .

All right .

So go ahead and do that if you feel like you're tired , stop this at any time so you can catch your breath and jump right back on into it .

All right .

The only way you're gonna be cheating yourself is if you actually don't do the workout and don't do it all the way through , so you owe that to yourself , to complete it and to finish it .

All right .

So we're gonna go ahead and jump into round three and this is your last round , your last round , your last round .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right .

So 30 seconds again .

So we're doing those same jump squats guys jumping as high as you can for 30 seconds .

You can do this .

You really wanna make sure you try to focus on doing this too because this can be very tricky .

You don't want to fall off the trampoline so do not try to rush it .

It's not a competition , take your time and get them squats in .

All right , perfect .

Now we're going to our 12th rest time , rest it on out .

Breathe in , breathe out because we're back at it .

All right .

So let's go ahead and do those jumping jump ropes , ok ?

And you're gonna go ahead and do this for another 30 seconds after this .

You only have a couple more moves left and then you are done , done for the day , ok ?

And definitely check out this trampoline that I'm using below guys .

I love using it at the park .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I was kind of worried about using it in my garage , but it works out as , as great .

It works out great on grass too .

It's an awesome product .

Definitely give it a try .

You will not regret it .

And I always think it's something good to have like this , especially during times like these where the gym is just not the hot place .


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