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2023-08-19 20:55:03

How To Make Yummy Nigerian Pancakes _ Nigerian Diet Pancake

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I'm super excited to share with you how soon make the Nigerian pancake also known as diet .

So if you want to know how I came up with this yummy recipe , continue watching as I share with you guys .

So guys , here are the ingredients I'll be using here .

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I have half teaspoon grated nutmeg , one teaspoon baking powder , three tablespoons , powdered milk , half teaspoon salt , three tablespoons of granulated sugar .

Yeah , guys , I'll be using vegetable for this pancake here .

I have green pepper , red pepper carrots and onions .

I'll be chopping them guys .

This was heavenly .

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Here is Chief said , so make sure you see your floor vegetable oil X lukewarm water .

So diet here are basically the ingredient to be using to prepare this super delicious Durian pancake .

So um this is two cups of flour .

I've added the baking powder , powdered milk , salt sugar , not smg grated , not snake radder .

Then I'm mixing everything together after which I'll be setting that aside here .

Um is the vegetables um I I've already chopped them as you guys can see .

So make sure you scrap the back of your carrot .

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The next step is to break in an egg and whisk pouring the vegetables into a bowl .

I've added the eggs and I'll be mixing .

I'm adding water .

Like guys , I use about 475 mils of water for this pancake .

Alright .

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You can use 475 meals to 500 meals .

It will give you a pancake consistency .

So add the floor a little at a time next till you exhaust your floor .

Added it to water .

What's that again ?

So um this consistency is ok .

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I hope you guys have certain consistency .

So this is the perfect pancake consistency .

So guys , and the next is to start fry uh pancakes .

So breatheze your pan then pour in the pancake mix .

So once it has set on the top , you flip over to the second side .

If you guys have seen it once it has set on the top , flip over to the second side on the other side , then cook .

So if you are not still satisfied with the top , you can still flip over until you well done .

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I hope you guys are seeing this .

So this is ok .

Like this repeat the same process till you exhaust your pancake mix guys , you're going to love this pancake recipe .

So , so delicious .

Like oh God please .

I'm begging you just try this out and leave me a comment in the comments section .

I would like to hear from you in the comments section .

The vegetables took it to another level of taste and flavor guys .

You need to try it out .

You need to try this recipe out guys .

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Oh lashes .

Oh guys .

This is good .

It was super like super delicious guys .

Super delicious .

Yes , this is a Nigerian authentic Nigerian pancake or diet .

All right guys .

This is good .

Hope you loved and enjoyed this video .

Thanks for watching .

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See you in my next time .

Have a lovely day .

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