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2023-08-19 20:52:44

How to Make a Stack of Giant Blueberry Pancakes out of CAKE! With Maple-Infused Buttercream!

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Happy Fat Tuesday .

In honor of today , I'm gonna be taking hot cakes or rather hot cakes .

And I'm very excited .

I'm going to make a buttery golden vanilla cake layered with a wild blueberry jam and maple infused butter cream .

The first step in making my hot cakes is to bake three round layers of cake and remove them from the pan .

Then I use my trusty ruler and a serrated knife to level the cakes evenly and to cut them in half while filling the cakes .

I shower each layer with a simple syrup , which is just one part sugar and one part water .

And this is just a regular part of the process to keep the cakes moist because we don't want our jam to ooze up the sides .

I'm gonna pipe a buttercream ring around the cakes like a barrier so that when we spread the maple butter cream on top , it won't ooze up .

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Once the cake is completely filled , it's important to mask the cake or crumb coat it .

And this just keeps the crumbs glued to the cake with some butter cream so that when we ice it , we don't have a crummy layer .

I'm gonna chill it for about 20 minutes while the cake is chilling .

I'm gonna color some fondant to look like butter because everybody loves a pad of butter on top of their pancakes to color the fondant .

I put a touch of yellow food coloring into the fondant and knead it in with my fingers .

It's better to be safe than sorry .

Especially with a delicate color like butter yellow .

Now that I have my butter colored fondant , I'm gonna roll out and cut little pats of butter to set aside to dry .

It's very tempting for me to overthink this but butter is not perfectly square .

So I use my fingers to soften the edges and give it a real lifelike butter look .

And butter is a lot shinier than fondant .

So I'm gonna use a little bit of vegetable shortening , rub down my pats of butter to make it glisten .

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I've pre colored some fondant to resemble blueberries and now I'm gonna shape them .

I really want my blueberries to look lifelike .

So I'm not just rolling my fondant into balls .

I'm also using piping tips and little scissors to make all the real lifelike indentations that you find in a blueberry to take my blueberries one step further .

That final touch is to roll them in just a little bit of cocoa powder because blueberries aren't really shiny .

They're kind of matte and they kind of look dusty .

The entire theme of this cake has to happen naturally .

And organically , pancakes aren't all exactly the same size pats of butter aren't perfect squares .

Blueberries aren't all identical .

So I have to try really hard not to overthink every step of this cake in order to make this cake look like a stack of pancakes .

I have some pancake colored fondant that I'm going to roll into tubes with my hands and then further flatten with a rolling pin .

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Then I use a pizza wheel to cut bands from the strips that fond in .

And I wanna make sure to use the outer edges of the strips so that the pancakes look more natural and I don't see the cut edge on the outside of the cake .

Now I'm gonna wrap these bands around the cake one at a time and after wrapping each one , I'm actually gonna paint the surface to look like that's the side that hit the griddle , which will take a while .

Be patient .

I need to roll out one big pancake for the top of the cake .

I have to make sure that the one on top looks the best , the juiciest the most realistic .

So I've got to roll that out really carefully making sure not to make it bigger than the rest of the staff .

Once my cake is fully painted , I have a look back .

See if there's any touch ups in the paint .

Now comes the fun part .

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Now I'm gonna place my pats of butter on the top and then I'm gonna mix corn syrup with maple syrup so that I can pour it over the pancakes like a real stack of pancakes .

The reason I do this is because real maple syrup is just a little too thin and I want that syrup to just appear and glisten and to run down the cakes .

So I'll flavor the corn syrup with a bit of maple syrup and then I'll pour it on just like I would real pancakes .

The final touch is to throw the blueberries on .

You can literally throw them .

It would be fun and it would look more natural .

I kinda like to half throw , half place .

It's just the planner in me .

There's always a part of me while making a cake that feels like .

Is this gonna look like pancakes ?

And then I keep going and I keep going and then I get there .

So now you've seen me make a pancake cake if you want to see me cake , other objects .

Put your comments below .

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Let me know what you think if you want this very couture hot kicks , t-shirt , click the link .

I've got to go eat all those pancakes .

Now , don't forget to subscribe to this channel .


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