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2023-08-19 20:46:56

How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone or iPad

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Hey , everyone in this video , I wanted to show you how to remove your Apple ID from your iphone or your ipad .

If you're trying to sell your phone or if you want to let someone else use it , you should definitely do this option .

Let's go to the settings menu of the phone , the settings app , go ahead and press that and on this page , what you want to do is press your name on top here .

I'm using I OS 12 , but the process is pretty much the same in I OS 10 11 .

Go ahead and press your name here .

It will take you to this page where you should see itunes and App store in the second column .

Go ahead and press that and then it will be bring you to this page where you should have your apple ID here .

Your apple ID is the very first thing on top .

Press the text apple ID , press that text , it will give you this pop up and sign out is not the option you want here .

Signing out does not remove it .

It just signs out .

So what you want to do is press view apple ID .

And then that will bring you to this page here .

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And again , you want to press the very first row here that says apple ID , press that row .

It will open Safari for you and it will take you to the Apple ID website where you have to log into your Apple ID .

This is the process of removing it .

Again , signing out does not remove it .

So let me go ahead and log into Apple ID here .

If you have two step authentication activated , it's gonna send you a code .

So I'm going to type in that code , then it's going to take me to this page and I should see devices as an option .

So if I press devices here in the middle of the page , it's gonna show me all the devices here .

I have logged into that apple ID and my iphone X actually has Apple pay linked to it too .

So I definitely want to remove that .

So all I have to do is press that device .

So in this case , I'll press iphone X , it will bring me to this page and I could simply press remove from accounts .

And then it says after you remove this iphone , you will no longer be able to approve new devices or use icloud Apple .

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Pay a lot of things are connected to this so you could just simply press remove and it will simply remove it to establish connection .

All you have to do is sign back in .

So let me press remove here .

And as you can see now , I used to have four devices here , but now I have three .

So if I want to sign back in , I could always sign back in here .

But this is how you remove your apple ID from your ipad iphone or your Mac .

I hope you found this video useful .

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I post easy to follow , take videos every single day of the week with over 500 videos on this channel .

And I hope to catch you next time .

Thanks for watching .


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