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2023-08-21 20:56:58

How To Lose Weight With Cinnamon Tea Ginger Lemon Honey Drink _ Recipes By Chef Ricardo

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When you spend $30 or more with that said , let's get back to our practice .

Grab your mat and let's begin .

Hello , my friends .

Thank you so much for joining me here today for this yoga workout practice .

Let us begin today by coming up towards the front of our mat , standing up over towards mountain pose , bring your feet together , toes together , closing your eyes and just allowing your arms to rest by your side .

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Go ahead and take a deep breath in connecting to your body to your center , calling in presence energy and power as you take your next breath , go ahead and reach both of your arms up to the sky , reaching tall exhale , bend your elbows and squeeze the shoulder blades together and cactus arm inhale , extend your arms once again , exhale , bend your knees .

Now , if you can and just squeeze your shoulder blades together as you bend your elbows and again , exhale , squeeze and bend , inhale , reach up , exhale , bend your elbow , squeeze and then release all the way down to your forward fold with your knees bent once you're ready and then you can begin to start to walk out your knees on one spot , extending one leg at a time , feeling this gentle release through each hamstring .

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Beautiful and then once you're done , take another deep breath and just look up halfway and then exhale , take it all the way down into your standing forward , fold , allowing yourself to feel heavy here , bending your knees and then taking two steps back into our downward facing dog .

Taking a deep breath in here on your exhale , come into bear stances and just tap your knees to the ground and then extend into downward dog .

So come forward , tap the knees and then push back for two downward dog inhale .

Tap your knees , engage in your core , thinking about pulling that belly button into the spine and then extending back into a downward facing dog , tap your knees and extend back into downward facing dog .

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Once you can actually grab on to any part of your leg , start to increase that twisting sensation by looking up towards the sky , taking a deep breath in here and then exhale back to downward dog and switch to the other side .

So now the other hand reaches for the opposite ankle or back of the knee holding breathing , you can close your eyes here if that feels good , just connect to that breath to that gentle twisting sensation to the balance to the strength of your body .

Beautiful , come back to center downward facing dog .

And now round vertebra by vertebra over into high plank position , opening into upward dog and I want you to hold it here , just tuck the back toes underneath once again .

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And what we're gonna do is take our chatter tricep pushups .

So you're gonna bring it down and up for one , bring it down and to keep those elbows close to your body .

So strictly working the tricep area , you can even think of touching that forehead to the floor if you like , but then extend good release the toes .

Now come back into up dog and exhale , release back into downward facing dog .

Go ahead .

Just take a breather again .

Feel that upper body waking up another deep breathing on your exhale , reach your right leg up to the sky , the three legged dog bending the knee , bring that right knee to your chest hold and plank .

Tap the knee to the floor and a step your right foot to the front of your mat .

High lunch , bring your hands down , extend your leg , bring it in .

Tap up .


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