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2023-08-19 20:48:04

How to View Zoom Meeting on TV

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One is the HDM I cable from the computer to the TV , for the audio and the video .

And the thing is I do have a separate webcam up here so that you can look at the TV , looking kind of in the eye line of the people that you're watching , you're not looking off to the side .

So if you are watching this after the COVID crisis is over and webcams are back in stock .

This is my favorite webcam .

This is the Logitech C 920 .

Very similar to the C 922 .

You get those over .

There'll be a link down below for those two , but it's nice to just be able to have this in the middle of your screen instead of having to look off screen a laptop computer or whatnot that has a webcam built in .

Now , if you don't already have a webcam , it's really hard to get one during COVID-19 , they're just not out there available anymore .

So really , we're going to talk mostly about getting the video and the audio over to the TV .

How you make this connection is really going to depend on your laptop computer .

I've got a Macbook Pro here and it has USBC connections , there's some other types of connections .

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So really you'll have to look at your computer and what connections you have to determine what adapter you need .

I'll have some information in the description .

Now with some suggestions there , mine with the USB C connections , it comes down to this adapter here and you can see that I've got the webcam plugged into the side because it's a USB and then down in the bottom , I've got this connected to just a straight HDMI cable .

So your computer may have a port that looks like this .

So I'll have an adapter down below for that .

You can use that and that takes it over .

Or your computer may have an HDMI port so you can plug the cable directly in and the HDMI cable just works its way over to the back of the TV .

And you can see it plugs into one of the HDMI ports on the TV .

And then I can take my TV and just switch it to the channel or the input for the HDMI that I plug into .

So you can see this is actually a pretty simple set up where you can see a lot of people in the room from a distance .

A lot of fun if you're doing it with your family .

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And also great for when you're in the office .

So you'll be find the links down below to anything that I talked about in this video .

And also I've got a video up here about uh doing this with an iphone .

So if you want to hook hook up your iphone to your TV , I've got a video for that and also down here , I've got a video where I talk more about um how to use Zoom on the way back to the office after COVID .

So where you've got people who are in the office and people who are still on Zoom , how to combine those together , best uh best practices and technology .


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