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2023-08-21 20:32:43

Try My Baked Spaghetti (Million Dollar Spaghetti) _ How To Make Spaghetti Bake _ So Easy!!

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Hey y'all .

Welcome back to the simple way in today's video .

I will show you how I make my easy , simple and delicious baked spaghetti .

A K , a million dollar spaghetti .

I'm gonna start by dicing a quarter of a white onion , a quarter of a bell pepper and one green onion and four garlic cloves .

Next , I'll cook £1 of ground beef on high heat .

I'm gonna chop this up really good just like this .

I didn't want my meat sauce to have big chunky meat pieces in it .

So I'll just keep breaking this down to get it nice and crumbly .

I'm also going to strain this fat that you see here .

So now I'm gonna reduce the heat down to medium and I'm gonna add £1 of mild Italian sausage and I'm going to cook it until it's mostly done .

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Then I'll add the chopped onions and bell peppers .

OK ?

And I'll let this continue to cook until those onions are translucent .

OK ?

So now I'm gonna add the mince garlic and I'm gonna let this continue to cook for an additional minute .

I'm going to season this to taste and I'm only gonna use two seasonings .

I'm just gonna use salt and pepper for this .

That's it .

Like just salt and pepper .

The pasta sauce that I'm using for this recipe was so , so , so , so , so , so , so good , so good .

And if you have a really good pasta sauce , you don't have to do a lot to it to spruce it up .

Not only that , but , um , using that mild Italian sausage also brought a lot of flavor and that fresh garlic and the onions .

So I'm gonna use about 36 ounces of this pasta sauce .

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And you know , if you don't have this particular brand accessible to , you , don't worry about it .

Just use a really , really good high quality garlic and herb pasta sauce , OK ?

Then you'll be good .

OK ?

So you wanna make sure that you taste your sauce and add sugar as needed to balance out the acidity in the tomato sauce in the pasta sauce .

OK ?

So now we're gonna let this simmer on low for about 30 to 45 minutes .

Make sure that you stir it occasionally .

So now while that simmers , let's work on our spaghetti , you're gonna add a good amount of salt to a pot of boiling water .

Make sure that you taste your water .

It should taste salted .

If it doesn't , then you want to add a little more salt , OK ?

And this is a 16 ounce pack of spaghetti and I'll cook this al Dente , OK ?

Which means basically firm when bitten but not hard or crunchy .

Ok .

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And this could take anywhere from about 8 to 10 minutes to cook .

Now , we are going to make our cheese sauce and it's going to be really , really simple yet delicious .

Ok .

So we're gonna add together eight ounces of sour cream , five ounces of cottage cheese and four ounces of room temperature cream cheese .

Our chopped green onions , I believe that was like 1 to 2 chopped green onions .

We're gonna add just salt and pepper as our seasonings .

That's it .

And you want to add this to taste .

Now , trust me on this y'all .

I know y'all like your salt and pepper .

Yes , your salt and pepper .

This is a really simple , easy recipe , but it's gonna be so , so delicious once it all comes together .

Ok ?

So now I want you guys to go ahead and preheat your oven to 3 75 .

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I'm using a nine by 13 inch casserole dish and I'm adding some of the meat sauce to spread it evenly over the bottom of the dish just like this .

Then I'm sprinkling some grated Parmesan cheese onto the meat sauce .

Ok ?

So when you do , when you do yours , you do as much as you want .

Ok .

So I'm going to add all of the spaghetti in here and I'm only gonna do this in one layer .

So again , I'm adding all of that spaghetti and I'm gonna spread it out evenly just like .

So I will add all of the cheese sauce just like this and I'm gonna gently spread it across the spaghetti as evenly as possible .

Now I'm gonna add all of the remaining meat sauce on top of the cheese sauce .

Ok ?

And I'm just gonna just spread it out gently to , you know , gently cover that cheese sauce and I'm gonna cover this with 16 ounces of grated mozzarella cheese .

Ok ?

And I'm gonna cover this real good .

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Now , I'm adding parsley here .

I know you guys totally cannot really see it , but I'm adding dried parsley .

When you do yours , you can go a little bit heavier if you prefer .

OK , we're gonna bake this for about 30 to 45 minutes or you can , you know , take it out once your cheese is , you know , melted and nice and golden brown .

Ok ?

Ok .

So this is optional .

I uh at the last minute just use my chi my kitchen sheers and cut up these green onions .

This is , you know , like the last of my green onions just cut these up and I'm gonna add this on top of the baked spaghetti .

Ok .

So I just added this during the last 15 minutes of baking .

You know , if you prefer not to do this , another good option would be to add some fresh parsley , you know .

Yeah , you could do that too .

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This is what the baked spaghetti A K a million dollar spaghetti looked like after it was done , this took about , I would say about 45 minutes to bake .

I did turn this up to broil like at the last like three minutes .

Ok .

I turned this up to broil and yeah , I did not let this rest .

Obviously .

Like , as you can see , it's nice .

It's cheesy .

You know , it's uh , oh my gosh .

It was so flavorful .

It was so , so good when you make yours , if you want to let it rest for about 10 , 15 minutes , it's totally up to you .

But as for me and my house , we eat our food hot .

So yeah , I hope you guys will try this recipe .

Comment below and let me know how yours turned out and I hope to catch y'all in my next video .

Thanks for watching .

Bye .


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