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2023-08-21 20:45:24

Nigerian pancake recipe (BEST NIGERIAN PANCAKE)

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Hello and a warm welcome to you .

Today's recipe is a classic Nigerian pancake or Nigerian Creep and I'm sure you enjoy it .

So now let's get down to it .

The first step is to mix the eggs , the melted butter , mandarine or vegetable oil .

We also add the sugar and mix until well combined .

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Then we go ahead and add the mince onion , the pepper nuts m salt and of course , the milk , you can also add cinnamon or vanilla essence in place of the nut make or even use the tree .

Believe me , your home will smell so nice that your neighbors will come running when you're done cooking .

Now it's time for the flour .

Add it gradually as you stir the butter and mix onto smooth .

If the butter is too lumpy .

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After mixing , you can use a hand blender or you let it sit for 10 minutes so that the flour can absorb the liquid and soften up .

You can also add more liquid if the butter is too thick or more flour .

If it's too light for your preference , enter the final step , simply heat up a non-stick pan , add a teaspoon of oil butter or margarine and spread it out with a brush .

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Now you'll scoop up some of the pancake butter and pour it onto the center of the pan , tilting it gently to cut the whole sauce of the pan .

We let the pancake cook on medium to low heat .

Then we flip over and cook the other side .

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Now you repeat the process for the remaining pancake butter .

Then you serve and enjoy .

Thank you so much for watching and please give this video a like if you enjoy this recipe and also subscribe and hit on the bell sign to join this family .

It's absolutely free .

See you in the next video .

God bless .

Bye bye .


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