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2023-08-22 22:03:46

The 5 Reasons You Can't Lose Weight as a Woman Over 40

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Hey there , my friend , this is Dr Anthony Baldus founder here at the Fit Mother Project .

And I want to welcome you to today's video in today's video .

What we're going to do is cover the five most common reasons why you're not losing weight .

And my team and I created this video specifically for busy women in their forties , fifties , sixties and beyond who want to lose some weight , who want to tone up but feel like they're struggling to see results .

This video is also for ladies who have been on a weight loss journey for some time but feel like they've stalled out , they've hit a plateau and need to really invigorate things and chances are if you fall into either of these categories , at least one , but probably several of these five common reasons are at play in your life .

Here's my , I promise to you .

When you stick with me on this video , we're going to cover everything you need to know to avoid these pitfalls .

We're going to talk about mindset , we're going to talk about the right kinds of foods to eat those to avoid .

We're going to talk about the best types of exercise and when you see yourself in this landscape and you see where you might be being tripped up , it's going to give you so much more power this year to move forward and see consistent results .

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Without further ado , let's get into today's video and cover the five most common reasons why women over 40 are not losing weight .

All right .

So the first reason why you're not losing weight is quite frankly , your mindset is jacked up .

And I don't mean to be rude when I'm saying this , but this is one of the most common pitfalls .

Most people when they're trying to lose weight , they think it's all about the foods and the exercise .

But really , it's the mind that creates the body because it's the mind that ultimately drives your habits and your consistency and consistency drives your results .

So there are three common jacked up mindsets that I see all the time .

The first one is the all or nothing mindset .

And this is the type of mindset where you feel like you either need to be perfectly on the plan .

And if everything doesn't go perfectly to plan , you don't eat the right food , one meal , you miss a workout , you say screw it .

I'm off the plan .

And this kind of binary , extreme thinking leads people to these massive swings on the plan , off the plan .

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And it's simply not true because the fact is , is you could have a half of a burger or a piece of pizza and still have a productive day for weight loss .

You could skip a workout one day and still have a productive week for weight loss .

So we need to get rid of this all or nothing mindset .

So my first question for you is where is this extreme ?

All or nothing mindset showing up in your life ?

Often it comes down to that feeling guilt if you feel like you miss something and the mindset to replace that with is the idea of forward progress over perfection .

The idea of checking the boxes of good hydration , good nutrition , sleep exercise as consistently as you can .

And if you miss it , ok , where can you slot it in and do better on the next meal ?

Because the truth of our experience is we're always in this present moment and just because something happened in the past , we always have the chance to create a new .

So the all or nothing mindset has to get out of your life if you want to be consistent .

The second mindset that jacks people up when it comes to weight loss is thinking that exercise is so important .

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And look , if you want to have a body that's like rippling with lean muscle , you do need to hit the weights , you do need to exercise .

But the fact is exercise is very low on the totem pole when it comes to actually losing weight .

In fact , if you just get your nutrition dialed in .

You sleep a reasonable amount and you drink a lot of water .

You do not need to exercise to lose weight .

We've had clients over £100 without ever touching a dumbbell or getting on a treadmill because they're consistent with the basics .

So , if you felt pressure in your life right now that you just don't feel like you have time to exercise or workouts take too long and then you're like , screw it .

I'm not even going to try because I don't have time for this .

Get rid of that mindset dial in the nutrition first because you cannot exercise a bad diet .

And a lot of people just spend too many , too much time exercising and not getting nutrition dialed in .

And the third mindset that really jacks people up is shiny object syndrome .

It's always looking for that next thing .

So maybe this year it's Keto .

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You want to get on that Keto plan or it's this new vegan vegetarian plan or it's this new diet that you heard from someone else and look , it's good to try new things because it has new energy .

But if you're constantly binging past all these new things and always looking for that magic silver bullet , you're not actually looking in the mirror at what's actually driving your lack of results and that is your lack of ability to form consistent habits in these cares and buckets .

So instead of looking out externally for shiny objects .

I want you to reflect in and ask yourselves these questions , how can I be more consistent with my nutrition ?

How can I be more consistent with exercise ?

I actually enjoy is my sleep on point .

And can I focused on there ?

So this is why mindset is number one , we need to get the mindset , right ?

Because you could do all the external things .

But if the mind is not right , eventually you're going to fall off track .

And if you fall off track and you can't be consistent , then you're going to be in this yo yo diet cycle .

Now , the second reason you're not losing weight is you do not have a set meal timing and nutrition structure .

And quite frankly , you probably snack too much .

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Now , when it comes to nutrition , you can either be proactive or reactive and most people who struggle with their weight are reactive , you don't have a good plan in place .

So maybe you skip a meal and then you get really hungry and then you snack on some crap foods and then you feel guilty , then that all or nothing mindset kicks in and then you say screw it .

I'm just going to eat a bunch of food and then start the diet next week .

Imagine this .

Imagine if you knew exactly when you're eating meals on a structured plan , one that gave you energy , one that actually released the amount of thinking you need to do because you're like , this is my set plan and then you don't have to feel like you're reactive all the time .

So what we do inside of our programs inside our fit father and our Fit Mother programs .

Step one on nutrition before talking about foods is we help you figure out your meal timing schedule set up .

Now , this could be as simple as having breakfast at eight , lunch at noon , a snack at three and dinner at six .

This could be something like intermittent fasting where maybe you shift that first meal back and you have your first meal around 11 , a snack at three dinner at six .

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And now if you have an odd schedule , like a night shift , third shift or some kind of variable thing with your friends , your family , whatever , then you need to have a meal timely schedule set up that's set in stone .

So right now if you do not have a meal time schedule set up , ask yourself when is the most optimum time for me to eat ?

And I think a good question to ask is , are you a breakfast person ?

Do you like that ?

If yes , get a good consistent healthy breakfast installed into your life and make that the consistent ritual you stick with .

If the answer is no , you don't care for breakfast , then drink water , black coffee , green tea and push that first meal back and get that .

The whole point is making nutrition proactive because when it's proactive , you can actually build habit momentum that will keep you going to the future .

So reason number two is not having a meal timing schedule set up in place and then the snack isn't too much .

This is something we used to teach like 10 , 15 years ago .

The idea you should six small meals per day .

It turns out that's kind of terrible advice .

What that actually does is make sure that your blood sugar is always kind of needing to respond and going all over the place , which means your body produces more insulin .

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And we also found that the more frequently you eat , it actually trains the hunger hormone in your brain called Grein to actually secrete more frequently making you more hungry .

And also that's six times per day if you were doing a whole bunch of snacking that you have the opportunity to eat more calories than you should .

So I'm a huge fan of having like , let's just say 2 to 3 big meals per day and it could even go down to one .

Some people do really great with one meal per day .

The point is to find something that works for you that you can stick to and get structure in place .

Because once you have structure in place , we can talk about slotting in the right kinds of foods that fit with your schedule .

If you're super busy for breakfast , maybe you start making a high protein smoothie .

Maybe you make some overnight oatmeal , maybe you make an egg and turkey bacon omelet recipe , but you can be consistent once you have the structure in place .

That's reason .

Number two , reason , number three is you're not prioritizing nutrient dense foods that keep you full .

And here's one of the greatest secrets when it comes to nutrition .

Not all foods have the same effect on your satiety .

In fact , protein , healthy fats and fiber have the greatest benefit to keeping you full .

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And I want to give you a very specific and concrete example .

Let's say you have a meal of chicken and brown rice .

OK ?

That's a meal that many people would conventionally think of as healthy .

That meal is high in protein from that lean chicken breast .

And it has some of these carbs and brown rice and maybe let's just say it has a cup of carbs around 40 50 g of carbs .

That meal will not keep you nearly as full as a meal of that same chicken breast .

That same brown rice with broccoli with a cup of broccoli and some avocado by adding the fiber from the and the healthy fats in the avocado .

It slows down the release of that food into your system .

It slows the gastric emptying and it actually makes it so that that meal is going to keep you substantially more full .

And so when I think about fullness , what I want to do is build all my meals throughout the day with a main protein source .

So in the , in the breakfast , it could be eggs .

It could be that protein smoothie for lunch .

It could be some protein on some greens or a healthy kind of sandwich recipe for dinner .

Even if you're doing like a vegan vegetation , an option , you can mix up some like beans and chili kind of thing .

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That's a rich protein source or you could grill up some steak or you know , some wild salmon or something like that base your thinking around your meals around protein first because that has a very high satiety factor and then add in the greens because the greens have that fiber that's so beneficial .

And then if you can Sprinkle on some healthy fats , things that I love nuts and seeds , avocado , extra virgin olive oil .

Or if you're getting a fattier cut of meat or fattier fish , wild salmon or certain kinds of steak that has built in fat that will keep you full longer .

And it's amazing because if you can stay full , then you're going to be more consistent with the nutrition .

The worst thing you can do is eat these foods that are very high in calories with a very low in satiety .

I don't know if you've experienced this personally , but you can eat a whole bag of potato chips and your stomach will hurt because you're like , holy crap .

I just ate a whole bag of potato chips , but you can still be hungry because certain certain types of foods do not have a less satiety factor .

So focus on high satiety foods .

Now , here in our channels , there is a particular kind of framework we talk about called building a perfect plate .

And this is what a perfect plate looks like .

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If half of your plate is filled with some kind of fibrous veggie , you love a quarter of some kind of protein you love and the other quarter filled with healthy carbs or healthy fats , that is a meal that will keep you full .

And most perfect plates have around 500 to let's just say 1000 calories at max .

So imagine if you're having those 2 to 3 big meals per day and they're perfect plates you're getting around , let's just say 1500 to 2000 calories , which is a really good starting point for many people to start losing weight at a good moment rate while still staying full .

So that's reason number three , you're not prioritizing nutrient dense foods to keep you full .

Reason number four is you're actually doing the wrong type of exercise , just like all foods are not created equal .

When it comes to weight loss , all exercises are not created equal when it comes to weight loss .

And the old style of thinking around this .

And you've probably heard this kind of fact is that we go into the gym to burn off calories and we look at the little cardio machine and how many calories do we burn in an hour ?

It says we burn 300 400 calories .

That's great .

Well , that's an old way of thinking about it .

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What we actually want to think about is when it comes to exercise , we're making a metabolic investment .

We're doing exercise at high enough of an intensity that actually changes our metabolic machinery increases our metabolism , not just during the session , but far afterwards .

And my direct suggestion for you is to do less of the long and low intensity steady state cardio , although it is beneficial from heart health in perspective and do more of what we call metabolic resistance .

This training , MRT , and this is basically taking a combination of some of the best strength training exercises , squats , shoulder presses , rows , push ups , kettlebell , dumbbell swings and doing them in a circuit .

So you're getting the cardio effect , but you're also getting strength training and working your muscles .

And here's one of the greatest benefits when you do your kind of weight loss exercise involving weights , it actually changes the metabolism inside the muscles , the muscles become sponges for calories .

And you get this really effect called nutrient partitioning .

Where when you eat food , that food actually gets preferentially shuttled into these metabolically active tissues .

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They help you refuel repair and , and basically you're going to have more of those calories go into the good places you want it , not necessarily stored in fat cells , it gets really into the muscle tissue and that's really wonderful .

Plus as you begin to strength train while losing weight , you're building some muscle in the process and muscle burns calories .

So the more muscle you carry , the easier it is for you to maintain the weight , long term .

So my suggestion is this instead of doing like long low intensity cardio sessions do these MRT workouts .

We have so many in the channel .

In fact , if you scroll below in the description of this video or even look in the comments , we're going to pin some stuff where you can actually get our free workouts .

We have free MRT workouts .

We'll send them straight to your email .

But you do these MRT workouts , they take around 30 minutes , you do them 2 to 3 times per week .

You're getting a metabolic boost constantly throughout the week and it's just such a more effective and efficient way to train .

Now , the other mindset around the exercise component is many people think .

Oh , exercise takes too long .

I'm too busy .

I'm just going to do nothing .

And I'll tell you this when it comes to getting healthier and losing weight , something is a million times better than nothing .

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Even if you only had 10 minutes to exercise and you went and took a brisk walk around your neighborhood or you did some air squats and push ups in between a meeting , or if you're taking a meeting on the phone or you're talking to a and family where you just walk around the block , all of that is accumulated movement that totally benefits you .

And particularly , I just say , like walk more like as much walking as you can do on top of your exercise is going to benefit you so much from a metabolic perspective .

But also from a stress relief perspective , if you can get outside and you can walk , you can breathe some fresh air .

It is so good in vitalizing for the system .

And the reason many of us trip up and crappy foods is quite frankly because we use it as a pressure release valve .

We use it as stress relief .

So if you can get things like walking and natural movement into your routine , something that actually makes you feel good , releases those endorphins and Phalens and elevates your mood .

You're going to be less likely to turn to any other habits like drinking and eating crap that's really not serving you in your goals .

So walk more , do more MRT workouts that's going to help you tremendously this year .

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Now , the final reason why you're not losing weight is you're probably creating your own plan .

You're probably designing your own approach , you're probably creating your own meal plan , you're probably getting your own workouts , you're taking pieces of stuff from here and there and kind of putting it together into a plan and the truth is that can work , ok , in the short term until you hit a pitfall , until you hit a weight loss stall , until you get a little unmotivated for whatever reason , until life gets busy and you fall off track .

It's like no surprise when all the greatest athletes on the planet have coaches because the coach gives you direction and then you can sit in the seat of the athlete and actually execute .

And that's the really good thing when you get a plan that you can stick to , that's outside of yourself .

It's really key .

And especially if you get extra guidance from people like me and my team or other great people you might find on youtube , then you can actually get help in troubleshooting the friction points that will inevitably come .

Because if you're the one who has to both manage and direct the getting over those friction points and doing the execution , you're just in such a vulnerable state and eventually you'll fall off track .

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And then what happens when you fall off track again , you get inside your head and you're like , damn , I just can't do this .

I always fall off track and now you're creating more mental baggage that you need to deal with down the line .

So my suggestion is this , if you're actually really committed to seeing serious results , get somebody's program , many of us have figured it out .

We already have a laid out path and then just follow that commit to the process , follow it , get a coach , get guidance and then be able to , you'll be able to sit with a lot more confidence that all I need to do is execute and this will help me succeed .

So those are five common reasons and there's many , many more .

And right now , if you're at a weight loss plateau or you just want to see greater results , and I highly recommend you take some of this stuff to heart .

You start to drink more water , you start to do MRT workouts , you prioritize those nutrient dense foods , you start to shop a little better and you look at your mindset .

Where are you falling prey to some of these common mindset traps ?

That's really key for you and listen , if you want more help with this stuff , if you want this video up until this point , you're vibing with what I'm saying .

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You like how this kind of approach looks like of being like holistic of mind and body together to see consistent results .

Then check out the description of this video .

We have free meal presents and free workouts for men and women over 40 .

This is exactly what my fit father and fit mother team tonight , we do every day .

We help tens of thousands of people who want to live healthier for themselves and their families .

We have some free outs below and you can also see links to our paid programs .

We have programs for muscle building and programs for weight loss , it's all completely laid out for you step by step and we give you basically everything to do , then you can just follow it and see great results and then learn the process .

So thank you , my friend .

I wish you such great success this year with your weight loss goals .

And I hope that you take some of the stuff to heart , apply it to your life and see phenomenal results .

And if you haven't subscribed , make sure you hit the subscription button over 500 videos across our channels , stuff like exercise tutorials , philosophical videos like this , some other things where you're a other health experts and guest experts .

So check that out .

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And if you actually like this , hit the thumbs up button , it helps this video spread across the internet and reach more people who have similar goals to you who want to lose weight and live healthy .

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And so thank you for your vote of confidence .

Hit that thumbs up .

I'll see you on our channel , my friend and I'll talk to you very soon .


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