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In today's video , 10 foods to help you gain weight .

Let's go .

What's good youtube ?

Welcome back to the channel , Jacob and Channel .

My name is Jacob .

This channel is all about fitness , health , lifestyle and self development .

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So for today's video food to help me gain weight specific order , you know , at the same time separating idea of bulking .

So we it's really a lot of calories in .

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Alright .

So I honestly advise you guys let's say food , it's really overall calorie intake .

So these are calorie dense foods .

This will help you consume more calories , nutrient dense food .

For example , chicken calories type of food eating this with fewer calories for food item .

Number one basic is rice , rice is such a staple and one cup of rice .

Approximately 150 g , roughly around 200 calories and some cup of rice .

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So personally two cups of rice per milk , solid energy source .

Primary source of I always rely on rice food item number two .

No specific order is your peanut butter sugar .

You can go with the more natural ones .

No peanut butter , one tablespoon is around 90 to 95 calories and peanut butter .

Personally favorite peanut butter .

End of the day , I get a tablespoon of peanut butter .

Easy way to hit your calories .

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Food item number three is bread , usually is around 90 to 100 calories per slice .

And again with bread , you can add some jam , you can add some peanut butter sandwich , pre workout , snap 25 g .

It's around seven 20 calories per piece .

25 g 14 g of carbs go to food .

Item number four .

Also one of my favorites pasta .

So pasta is high calories and for 100 g , around 160 calories , carbs and calories , extra calories .

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I highly recommend pasta food item number five , protein source chicken thighs , chicken thigh versus breast .

Now on chicken thigh calories , overall chicken breast , it can be so dry .

So when you are trying to gain weight is to consume a lot of calories .

So juicy and tender compared to chicken breast food item number 61 of my favorite protein sources ground beef .

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So you 80% ground beef , it's easy to cook spices , salt pepper , burger or sandwich , 80% ground beef very easily accessible and highly recommend them food .

Item .

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Number 71 of my favorites as well or beef strips versus for example , in the long run food item .

Number eight eggs .

Number one and number two , it's good protein source as well .

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So personally , I have like 23 eggs .

The rest this is a very affordable option with eggs , burger patty and normal meal .

So for example , chicken rice , extra protein source food item number nine , but is more of a drink .

No milk , milk , guys , carbs and fats also depend as a type of milk food item .

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Number 10 is your olive oil some easy calories in a tablespoon of olive oil is around 122 140 calories .

Now this is purely fat , for example , oil also with my other food like for example , I hope personally one of my favorites .

It makes your food taste good added .

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So includes a list we're only doing 10 right now in the future , I will do another 10 or maybe more incorporates bulking diet foods rotation that makes my bulk a lot easier at the end of the day guys to help with your or at least a little bit above calorie maintenance .

No , you also have to understand the you try as much as possible to eat for performance .

So guys , please hit that subscribe button .

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