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2023-08-19 21:18:30


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Hello guys .

Welcome back to my channel as the screen .

Thank you for clicking on this video .

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So the first thing you'll be needing is cooked oat , oat helps increase the size of your boat and the size of your heaps .

You will also be needing milk and also condensed milk .

Milk in general helps increase your size down there .

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You also be needing honey , honey is very good to increase your butt and also you need egg boiled egg and also avocado , which is an energy and more .

But when it comes to the glutes and lastly your bananas .

This is liquor white boots , precooking oat .

This is the meat I use .

It's a nice 500 g .

It's full grain la white .

This video is not small , so not just for you to see or um use it .

So guys to start off , I'm going to prep my fruits .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So now I'll be peeling the banana and when I'm done peeling it , I will slice it into little chunks , including the avocado and the egg because I cannot eat all the avocado .

I will just slice it into three and use one half for my meal .

So this is what the fruits and the egg look like .

I slice them into little chunks and this is so beautiful and healthy at the same time .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So now I'm bringing my cooked oat and I'll be adding honey to it .

So guys , I'll just be taking one tablespoon of honey and adding to the oats .

So guys , the next thing I'll go ahead to add is my milk .

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So guys , for finishing touches , I'm going to add my banana .

I'm going to add the avocado pear and also my egg .

So guys , my bow is filled with a lot of goodies and this is a healthy breakfast to grow your both sides .

So I will also be including the milk drink and this is a healthy breakfast indeed to increase your body size to increase your hips and also burn belly fat .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So guys , this video is in respect to the last video I did on how to increase your body size and your hips .

I blended everything together .

But in this one , I'm showing you how you can also have it without blending because obviously I couldn't stand or I can't stand blending egg into an avocado banana and oat .

So I try to try this other way it works both ways .

You can choose to do it , the blending process and take it as a smoothie or you can decide to take it as um a whole meal like this , it's all going to work .

The target is just to increase your body size and your hips without belly fat or extra fat on your body .

And this is what this meal is going to give you a quick disclaimer .

Please exercise patients while you're doing this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You should see results in 14 days .

Don't come to my comments section and say is the lie is not working .

This is medically proven that this works and improves the both sides .

So you have to give it to patients and also include other things to help build your bot like walking out and other things that you know , that can build your bot .

But this is definitely going to give you a big boat so you have to apply patients .

So please , if you like this video and you enjoyed it , please give me a thumbs up and feel free to comment .

Subscribe to my channel if you haven't and I'll see you in the next one .

Bye guys .


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