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2023-08-22 21:56:58

Easy Cinnamon Apple Pancakes Recipe

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If you love apples , this is gonna become your new favorite breakfast for fall .

Check this out .

Yeah .

Hey , everybody .

It's Natasha of Natasha's kitchen dot com .

Today , I'm gonna show you how to make apple pancakes .

This is the easiest breakfast .

My whole family loves this , including the seven year old .

Actually , I think she loves these the most .

Anyway , they're so easy .

It has become a family favorite for us and I hope it will for you too and I'm hungry .

So let's get started .

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Uh Just let me know in the comments where you see him and let's get cooking .

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We'll start with the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl , combine all purpose flour , sugar , baking powder , baking , soda , salt and some ground cinnamon .

Now just whisk that together until it's well combined and set it aside .

Next , we'll combine the wet ingredients in a medium mixing bowl , add your low fat butter milk and this can be right out of the fridge along with two large eggs .

You'll love that .

You can use cold ingredients here because you don't have to prep ahead .

Next , add vanilla extract and we're using our two ingredient , homemade vanilla extract .

And I will link to that recipe in the notes whisk that together until it's well blended .

Now , add those wet ingredients into your flour mixture .

Now , you want to whisk everything together until it's just moistened .

Be careful not to over mix at this point .

It'll definitely still look lumpy while whisking .

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Add your melted butter and stir just until incorporated .

Again , the mixture should still look lumpy and do not overmix , set your pancake batter aside and we're gonna work on peeling and grating the apples .

You'll need two large apples or about a pound of apples .

I'm using Granny Smith apples because I love the combination of sweet and tangy in the pancakes .

But just about any kind of apple will work in this apple pancake recipe .

Use a pairing knife to peel the apples , then grate them on the large holes of a box grater .

You should end up with about two cups of grated apple .

Now we're gonna use that handy bench scraper .

This is literally one of my favorite kitchen tools and I will link to it in the recipe notes , transfer the grated apples into your batter .

Now use a spatula to gently fold the grated apple into your pancake batter again .

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Make sure you don't over mix and stop mixing it just as soon as the apples are incorporated .

Now , here's my secret to getting pancakes perfectly portioned .

I'm gonna use a two ounce trigger release ice cream scoop .

You'll also need a large nonstick skillet .

Use a heavy bottomed nonstick pan or a seasoned cast iron pan will work .

And if you have a griddle , you can use that to cook a lot of pancakes at once .

Set your pan over medium low heat on a griddle .

It's between 3 25 and 350 °F , then add two tablespoons of oil .

Once the oil is hot , add the pancake batter , scoop the batter into the pan , leaving a little space between each pancake to give the batter room to expand .

Saute those for about 2 to 3 minutes per side .

You'll know it's time to flip the pancakes .

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When you see bubbles form on top and start to pop , they'll also be golden brown at the edges , flip the pancakes and let them continue to saute for about another two minutes .

Once the pancakes are cooked through , transfer them to a serving platter , you do want to keep a well oiled skillet .

So add more oil to the pan as needed .

The oil definitely helps to form those irresistibly crisp edges on the pancakes , cook the remaining pancakes in batches .

And again , you want to flip those pancakes once you see the bubbles on the top form and start to pop also for these to form and cook through properly .

Make sure to keep them over medium low heat .

If you see their browning too quickly , reduce the heat .

Oh , pancake , who's excited for apple pancakes ?

These were so easy and I love to serve them while they're fresh and fluffy and warm .

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But if you want to keep them warm while you're finishing off your batches because it makes a lot of pancakes .

You can't put them on a baking sheet in a 200 degree oven and just keep them warm in there up to like 30 45 minutes .

That way , they're hot and fresh when you're ready to serve all of them .

All right , let's do this because I'm totally craving these pancakes and it smells like apple pie in my kitchen .

It's so good .

All right , let's load up our plate and of course , we're gonna make a nice tall stick and the little ones are so cute and fun .

And I know it does make a big batch , but not to worry because these reheat really well for a couple of days afterwards .

So you will love having leftovers one more .

Oh , my , that's a big stack .

And the apple topping is amazing .

And just a perfect match with apple pancakes takes about 12 , 15 minutes to make this .

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It's so quick , so easy and literally your kitchen will be smelling like apple pie and this tastes like the filling for apple pie .

It's such a treat .

All right .

So we're just gonna pile this on nice and high and you can use , you know , traditional pancake toppings here if you don't want to make this topping , although you can make this ahead of time and it keeps really well in the fridge for a few days .

Ok .

Here we go .

Loading up .

Oh , yeah .

Look at that lovely mountain of apples and because there's never enough cinnamon .

I do like to give a little bit of dusting over the top .

Adds a nice little something .

Something for Fall .

I love cinnamon .

Where are my cinnamon fans ?

OK .

And uh oh here it is some maple syrup just to add a little bit of extra something , a little bit of extra sauciness to these pancakes .

So we're just gonna drizzle this right over and be as generous as you like because the pancakes themselves , they're not overly sweet .

Look at that .

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Look at that .

So pretty , almost too pretty to eat almost .

Ok .

Here we go .

I'd love to just cut right through this , letting that maple syrup drip down through the layers and these are so tender and soft and very moist from all the apple that's in there .

OK .

Here we go .

Look at that .

Look at those fluffy fluffy layers and you might recognize this recipe because it is very similar to our buttermilk pancakes .

We added cinnamon .

We added apples and bam .

We've got apple pancakes .

These are wonderful and I think I like them even better .

All right , here we go .

Diving into this because , oh , I love that .

This is looking back at me .

Ok .

Here we go .

Oh , that's big .

Hm .

Oh .

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Whoa .

This is so satisfying .

And if you keep a well oiled skillet , I love how it forms those crispy edges so that it just gives it such great texture because otherwise pancakes are just soft .

So it's nice when there's a little bit of crispness in every bite .

This is just such a delight .

I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of this .

We hope this becomes a new favorite recipe for you .

Let me know as always in the comments below , if you have any recipe suggestions and we'll see you on the next episode of Natasha's Kitchen also .

Did you guys spot Sharky ?

Let me know where you saw him and bye .


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