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2023-08-21 20:37:25

How to Draw a Heart Donut _ Valentines Donut

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That's how we draw and color the grinch .

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So I'm just going to um bring this curve down nice and round once again .

And as I come to the bottom , it's not gonna be at a um harsh point , it's gonna be rounded off .

So just remember that it's gonna look nice and round .

OK .

So same thing on the other side .

So we're just gonna go right above .

I'm gonna drag this point across .

So it's approximately the same height on the other side and let's start to draw our heart on the other side .

So once again , it's nice and plump .

So I'm just gonna drag that point across .

So it kind of helps me figure out where the furthest part is because this is kind of a little bit bigger .

And now we're gonna start to come down to that point right there .

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So nice around once again .

And obviously , if you're using a pencil , definitely um go back if you need to change the shape a little bit to match the other side .

So from here , I'm gonna round this off the bottom and connect .

I'm just taking the little steps to make this heart , OK .

So there we have our nice little heart in here and then from there now to draw the center of that um to make it look like a doughnut , I'm gonna come once again to the center and use this as my point come straight down .

Uh say about right here .

I'm just gonna use that as my point and right here .

So even it out a little bit .

So I'm gonna say about right here .

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So I'm giving myself two points kind of in the center , maybe a little bit higher at the top right here , but pretty much in the center .

And from there , I'm going to start to draw my hole .

So I'm gonna round this off , come out and all the way back to my center point at the bottom .

And once again , soften the point and same thing over here .

So the key is to make this part round .

So then I'm just gonna drag this point across and about right there and connected .

OK .

So now we have the center in now .

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Um there's going to be um some glaze and some sprinkles , but I'm gonna save the glaze of line for the glaze a while when I'm coloring it because I don't want a harsh dark line , but I can go ahead and draw the hearts now .

So um I'm just gonna randomly draw some hearts .

So , but before I do that , let's come , I'm sorry , let's draw a little curve up here .

So this is gonna be a soft indication of um part of the donut that's showing that doesn't have any glaze .

Mhm OK .

So we're just gonna lightly draw two curves like that .

Then I'll finish it up when I'm coloring it , but we just wanna make sure our um sprinkles um don't get into this area right here .

So from there , let's go ahead and draw all the hearts you want .

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So I'm just gonna randomly towards the center of this doughnut draw um hearts that go in different directions .

So I'm making my heart sprinkles here and there and just remember in different directions , but I'm leaving some space up here .

I'm not gonna touch this area because there's gonna be a highlight .

So let's come over here .

Maybe I should have drawn the hearts after I put in the glaze .

Right .

It's too lazy .

But um , yeah , just make sure the hearts are kind of in the center area then you won't get in the way .

So , all right there here and there you can put whatever kinds of sprinkles you want .

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So this was definitely inspired by this beautiful heart do that .

I , I saw when I Googled the heart .

Um Valentine's cute , Valentines .

It was so pretty I wanted to draw for you too .

So the drawing part of this um heart here is pretty much done .

Now , let's bring it to life with some color .

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They're finally all done as you could probably tell .

Um I was struggling with the pink for a while and um I almost gave up on this donut and I was gonna start again , but I decided to go off camera and try to salvage it .

And so I realized my biggest problem was I should have started with a darker pink from the beginning and um that was so much energy um coloring it with that really light pink .

So um that's what I did .

I just went in there and uh color with this darker um pink and then it really popped out much better um with this um doughnut color right here and then the whites would pop out a lot more too .

So then it just really brought more life to this doughnut .

So I'm glad I didn't give up .

And um hopefully now you see that it looks better and you'll give it a try .

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