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2023-08-21 20:40:57

How to Draw Espeon Easy _ Pokemon

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Hi , Jurassic Cutie is waiting here today .

We're gonna draw Espion from Pokemon .

So let's get started to draw this awesome Pokemon .

Let's first start by drawing his eyes .

So I'm gonna come right here and I'm gonna draw curve the slant down right down .

And then I'm gonna come right across .

I say about this much apart and I'm going to draw another curve just like the other one .

And since it's easier for my hand , I'm gonna go up on this side .

So I just wanna draw these two curves from there .

I'm gonna finish off this ice .

So I'm gonna come right here and just connect it to a curve at the bottom just like drawing a leaf right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So right here saying thing , draw the eyes then from there , I'm gonna come inside right here and just draw this little oval area right here and I'll come in there and color these eyes for you a little bit later after I finish the drawing .

Then from there , let's um come to the center and we're going to draw a circle about right here in the center for the jewel .

Then let's come to the top of this eye right here , come out .

Oh right here .

Just give myself a point in here as well .

And I'm going to start to frame and draw the face .

So I'm gonna come down really close to the eye and I'm just gonna draw this curve and it's gonna come down to a sharp , sharper point .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's keep going down to about right here to the center and then round off the tip a little bit and then go right back up there , then from there , like right in this area at the bottom , just going very lightly , just put in a little line right there .

Then let's go up and we're going to start to draw the rest of the head .

So go up and I'm just gonna go ahead and draw this circle and that circle .

I mean , the top of the head .

But if you're using a pencil later on , we're gonna have to erase some lines for where the ears uh pop out .

So right here and then just go round all the way .

So now that we have that , let's come up and draw these amazing ears .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So all right here , I'm gonna go ahead and start , I'm gonna go out nice and long and keep going .

So about right here , I'm gonna dip a little bit and go up , flare it out a little bit .

And I just realized before I finish that , let's come back .

Well , you know what ?

It's OK .

Sorry .

OK .

So let's come right here .

I'm gonna round off the tip and I'll just bring it down to about right here .

Do I give myself a point and bring it all the way back right there ?

Now , let's draw the inside .

So about right here , I'm just gonna go out follow my top curve and then about right here , just bring it in a little bit .

So let's do the same thing on the other side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm just gonna drag a point across since I'm drawing pretty big right there right here .

So let's go ahead and so all right there , go up a little bit , flare it out and we're just gonna bring in this curve right back and once again , same thing , let's go try the inside .

Hello and about right here , just taper it and OK .

So then now there's another part right here .

So in this area right here , I'm going to go ahead and draw a curve that comes down , go back up zig zag and in and one more right here .

Exactly the same .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So come down all about right here .

Just make sure I'm about the same zig zag and k there got those awesome ears in then from there , let's go ahead and draw the body .

So we're gonna center the body about right here right underneath the eyes right here .

I'm gonna go ahead and draw a curve , slight curve that comes out and then in , out and in then let's bring this down a little bit more .

So , sp on here has really long legs .

So I'll say about right here .

I'll start and I'll come out right here .

We're gonna start the legs , those sides right in the center .

We draw this kind of this V right here and then we're going to go straight down .

All right there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And let's bring this curve down , so a little bit thinner as we come down and same thing here .

All right there .

So , all right here , I'm gonna go ahead and pop out her front paws and same thing here .

And I'm just gonna add two little curves right here , some detail and then the back .

So back , let's come about right here where it curves in .

So in this area , I'm gonna go ahead and draw a curve coming out and just tuck it right in the same thing on this side and tuck them right in then for the back feet come right here and we're just gonna pop them out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I am and once again , two little curves and then , um , on here has a tail .

So let's pop it out .

But right here , I'm gonna go around then here just thicken it up .

Imagine it coming through .

So I save it right here , I'll pop it out and there's a split .

So I'm gonna come in and come out again and just bring it in there .

So that is pretty much it for the drawing of Espion .

I'm just gonna come in here real quick and just color in the eye so you can see a little bit better .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So hopefully you're able to see what I did with the colors .

I just used the combination of the blue and the purple to create that uh bluish purple for the eyes .

And the goal was just to make this part lighter right here and for the jewel as well , just a little bit lighter over here .

And um before I forget I needed to um wipe out this part right here .

So if you're using a pencil , definitely do that right here in this area .

I just wanted to draw this whole shape in first because it's a little bit easier .

And if you're using a pencil , definitely , um like I said , and right here as well , just erase this part .

So a little bit right here and here , make this a little bit bigger there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So hopefully , like I said , I have helped you draw um on here , fun and easy and I helped you with the eyes and the jewel here .

And if I did help you and you love how this turned out , please make sure to subscribe and turn on your notification bell .

So you won't miss any new draw .

The cute videos , see you later .


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