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2023-08-21 20:47:05

How To Make Yummy & Tasty Pancakes ( The Kenyan Way!)

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Showing you how to make uh , pancakes .

I have my eggs there .

Three eggs I got in there .

So I'm just going to whisk this eggs together .

I should do because I'm gonna whisk more .

Anyway , when I start , uh , mixing everything else in there , I got 2.5 tablespoons of sugar and a flat tablespoon of salt .

I don't want too much salt .

So I just want us to be able to taste the salt from fire and then be able to taste the sugar as well .

And I'll just mix that together .

You can use plant sugar .

You can use white sugar .

I'm using white .

Then next I have um , milk .

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This is just fresh milk and I got 900 mils of milk in there and I'm just going to add that in there and then I'll whisk that together .

Thank you to it in that .

We're just gonna mix that together .

So the next thing to go in will be the flour and this is just normal plain flour .

I use that type , use whatever plain flour you normally use .

And I've measured using that mug that's about 200 mil mag .

So I've used three mugs of that and I will just add that in there and I'll whisk it together .

I whisk it together slowly .

So I'll keep on adding to get the consistency I'm looking for .

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You can use a mixer if you like , I just using my whisk , just gonna add that .

Keep on adding until it all comes together .

Once you get this bit right , your pancakes will come out the way you want .

So I want a take a list .

Um , I think since I think , um , consistency of this not very thick , I will show you what it looks like and not too watery .

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So I'm just gonna put everything else in there and I'll mix that together .

So this is our flour nicely mixed and that's the consistency we were looking for .

And uh time on the hope now for my plan to start hitting and I'm going to pour this in a splitter jug .

I'll be using the jug just so it makes , it makes it easier for me to pour it in the pan and I will just be transferring it to the jug as I cook there .

We are to avoid making too much mess as well .

So I also got my oil here .

Now , this is just normal vegetable oil .

It's gonna create that nice .

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So I got my vegetable oil here and I normally use a brush because it just makes me use the right amount of oil I want on the pancakes , I'm just gonna cut my pan with some oil so they don't stick only the first time I caught and that's all I need to do .

And then I'll just wait for that to hit and then we can start making our pancakes .

Our pan is now hot and as you can see , it's coated nicely with oil .

Just gonna pour that according to the size of pancake I want .

And then I will use my wooden steak just to spread that .

I just make sure you spread that nicely .

Don't worry , I don't worry about the shape myself .

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It's up to you if you really want nice round pancakes as long as they are nicely cooked and the taste is good .

That's all that matters .

So we're gonna wait before we turn this over , we're gonna wait for all these bubbles to go and just to have all the flour looking cream like that .

And that just tells us the other side should be ready for us to turn the pancake .

So that's our pancake .

It's ready to be turned over and we're just gonna turn that over when the other side is cooking , we will just put oil on this side and I'll just use the brush to apply oil .

Uh , I use the brush because it makes me put just little oil on the pancakes just to make them a little healthier .

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And then we'll be turning it over in a few minutes in a minute when the other side is already , they're coming nicely .

So I'm just gonna turn this over .

I'll have a quick to see if it's ready .

I'll just turn that over there and then that side cooks and , uh , I will put oil on this side while the other side is cooking .

So this is ready .

Now , we're just gonna turn that over and you can see that it's nicely cooked .

It's getting crispy and we just gotta wait for the other side to cook and then that's our first pancake done .

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So , but this is ready .

Just gonna forward it over right now .

Orders and then it goes on the tray .

I light my tray with a paper towel just so that all the excess oil is absorbed by the paper towel and that's our pancake number one .

Perfect .

So go to pancake number two .

Just go .

We don't need that to coat our pan with the oil because it's already got oil on it .

So just gonna spread that nicely .

I'm just gonna wait to go through that as we've done with the first one and then we are getting there .

So there we are .

It's gonna wait for that side to get ready and then we can turn it over .

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Yeah , I'm just going to turn it over and then I'm just going to put a boil on that one while the other side gets ready .

It's gonna turn back over you using four .

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Gotta turn back side of that , that's cooked and that's our pancake number two , nearly done and that's ready to be done .

So that's ready to come out and it just goes to there .

Ok ?

I must click number two down and they will make a , it's gonna reduce the heat .

Now , the time is getting hot .

So just make sure you keep an eye on your head .

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So you don't burn your pancake 20 minutes later .

So our pancakes are now done .

As you can see , I made loads .

So with the amount of flour and everything we measured , you could go half if you are making for a smaller family .

But for me , I just wanted loads for my family and there we are .

So I go try that recipe .

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