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2023-08-21 20:56:29

What I Ate In a Day to Lose Weight - 30kgs

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Hey , guys , how are you going ?

I hope you're all doing well .

And welcome back to another video in today's video .

I'm gonna be taking you through kind of what I ate in a day to lose weight .

So as most of you will know , several years ago , I lost a significant amount of weight and in terms of nutrition , I didn't really know what I was doing .

So what I focused on was reducing portion sizes , not actually changing what I was eating , but just eating less of it .

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And then I reduced some of the snacks that I was eating and also switched out a few things for healthy alternatives or slightly lower calorie alternatives .

So in this video , I'm gonna take you through a typical breakfast , lunch , dinner and then my snacks as well , show you some of my favourite meals and also discuss some of the changes that I made .

And the first one is coffee .

So when I would wake up in the morning and go to work , usually I would go out and buy myself a takeaway coffee , and that would be a large , full fat milk latte with three sugars .

Believe it or not , And so I completely cut that out .

I started having coffee home , and I'd had either have an instant coffee or one from the machine , but it would usually be an Americano or a black coffee of some sort .

Sometimes I would add milk , and I started to reduce the sugar so I didn't go from 3 to 0 straight away .

But I went from 3 to 2 and then 2 to 1 .

And now I don't have any sugar in my coffee because I find it's actually too sweet .

So that was the first change that I made .

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If I did go and buy a takeaway coffee , I just again opted for a black coffee or maybe just a white Americano .

So it was mostly just water , not milk .

And I did allow myself every now and again to have a milky coffee as a snack or a bit of a treat , something that I look forward to rather than something that I did as a regular habit and also saved me a lot of money as well , which was really , really handy .

So before we get into the meals , I just wanted to quickly chat about fat loss and also about nutrition and all of that sort of stuff .

I have made several videos on this as well , which I will try and link somewhere around here , or at least down in the description box .

But in terms of fat loss , it's really important to be in a calorie deficit now .

Like I said at the time when I was losing weight , I didn't really know what I was doing .

And so what I ended up doing was just reducing portions , reducing snacks and therefore reducing calories .

Previously , I had been eating very , very large portions , and I was having snacks which I thought were healthy things like music bars or bottles of orange juice .

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But now , obviously I know that there's a lot more calories in those things that than I realised .

So for me , just reducing those things , cutting out some of my snacks and reducing my portions worked perfectly at first .

And I'm very much an advocate of doing that now and just making it as easy as possible .

You don't have to cut any food groups out .

You don't have to cut carbs or chocolate out .

It's just about managing how much you're eating and prior to reducing my portions and all that stuff .

I was just eating ridiculous size portions because that had become normal to me , and I didn't even realise I was doing it .

So in terms of nutrition , calorie deficits are important .

But it doesn't always have to be calorie counting and strict diets and cutting food groups out .

There is a million and one ways to create a calorie deficit .

And this is just the way that I found worked for me .

And so I'm just sharing that with you and some of my favourite recipes .

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So I hope this video helps in terms of understanding a little bit better about how you can make some easy changes and giving you some ideas for recipes as well .

All right , Without further ado , let's head into breakfast , OK , time for my favourite meal of the day , which is breakfast now for breakfast , I would usually have some form of oats , and today I'm going to make carrot cake oats Now .

I didn't weigh my oats out , so I just take a couple of tablespoons until I feel like I've got enough .

I'm adding some grated carrot and of course , Sultana is my favourite .

I'm going to add some ground cinnamon .

I pretty much add cinnamon to anything I eat .

That's sweet because I love it so much .

And I'm adding some cheer seeds because I usually just had them hanging around in my cupboard and it just thickened up the porridge a little bit .

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I'm putting mine with water .

Sometimes I would use a little bit of almond milk or some coconut milk , and maybe sometimes I'd add some protein powder really for flavour .

But today I'm just sticking with plain old water .

Give it a good stir around and into the microwave .

It goes , Voila !

We have some breakfast oats .

In this case , I'm going to add some toppings .

I'm going to add some coconut yoghurt , a little bit more cinnamon , of course , and some extra chia seeds .

But really , I would just end up throwing whatever I had in the cupboard , so that might be some fruits and extra banana or some peanut butter .

Whatever really is lying around .

And that's what I love about oats so much so some of my other favourite flavours are stewed apple and cinnamon .

Or , like I said , banana with peanut butter .

Really , Anything goes so it's pretty versatile , and it's also a super cheap meal on Quick .

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All right , let's move on to my second favourite meal of the day , which is lunch , and we are going to have a classic Lucy meal , which is avocado and sometimes eggs on toast .

Now I am a huge fan of sourdough , and I'm also a huge fan of bagels .

But today we're having rye bread because it's what I had in my cupboard .

So just two slices of rye bread .

I've toasted them .

I've also cut up half an avocado , and now I'm cutting up some cherry tomatoes and some red onion as well .

So usually I'd add some kind of plant butter or just butter if I had it in the fridge .

But I actually run out today , so I'm just going straight on with the avocado , and I'm gonna mash that up with a fork straight onto the bread , nice and easy .

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So before my typical lunch would probably have looked like a half foot long baguette full of chicken and mayonnaise with crisps and with a fizzy drink or something like that , or maybe with an orange juice .

But definitely a lot more volume than what I'm eating here .

Although I find that once I started eating this , this was quite filling and I really , really loved it .

And if I was looking for something to fill me up a little bit more , I would just add some more veggies , some rockets , some spinach and definitely some eggs , which I would have most days as well .

Something that I really got in .

The habit of doing is seasoning everything with pretty much salt , pepper and chilli flakes as an absolute minimum .

I am pretty much obsessed with doing this still so loads of chilli flakes go on garlic , salt , some pepper , and now I'm just adding whatever veggies I have .

So in this case , it was the red onion and the tomatoes .

Again , I'm not really measuring anything out or counting calories or anything like that .

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I'm just adding what I want , but this is a heck of a lot smaller meal than the lunch that I had previously described , so I knew that I was eating less .

Plus there was no sides like crisps or anything like that , so definitely less calories than I was eating before and delicious as well .

Oh , and I'm just adding some sesame seeds as well .

Because again , I just had them lying in my cupboard and I thought I might as well use them .

Yes , moving on to snack time .

Now , this is one of my favourites still is .

I still have this sometimes after dinner when I'm about to go to bed .

But this is going to be banana with peanut butter .

So really , really quick and easy .

I'm grabbing a banana .

I'm chopping it into quarters and I'm just going to grab some crunchy peanut butter because crunchy is the way to go .

I'm going to slather that on again .

I don't measure .

I don't take too much , but I take a reasonable amount .

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I always season my banana with a tiny bit of salt and of course you guessed it , Cinnamon .

I'm having this with a black coffee and we are good to go a super quick and tasty snack .

All right , for all you dinner lovers out there , this is one of my favourite recipes .

And it reminded me just how tasty it was when I remade it for this video .

So we're making Penang chicken for this one , you're gonna need 800 grammes of chicken .

You're gonna need a tablespoon of red Thai curry paste , tablespoon of peanut butter again a tablespoon of brown sugar , two tablespoons of fish sauce and a 400 millilitre tin of light coconut cream .

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Once you've fried that off a little bit , it doesn't have to be cooked fully through .

You're gonna add the coconut cream and just mix it through and just let it simmer for a couple of minutes .

OK , so while that's simmering away , we're gonna start preparing the stuff we're gonna have with our panang chicken .

Now I'm going to choose to have some steamed greens and some rice with mine , so I'm gonna go half half .

So this is my makeshift steamer .

It's just a pan of boiling water and a colander with a lid on top .

I'm adding some chopped broccoli and some March 2 , and I'm gonna leave that in there to steam for a little while back to our chicken .

We're gonna add the brown sugar .

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We're gonna add the fish sauce and also the peanut butter , and we're gonna stir it all in and continue to let that simmer away .

OK , so the steamed greens are looking good and I've popped in a packet of microwavable rice into the microwave , and that is nearly done .

So we are good to plate up .

So I'm going to grab myself a plate , and I'm going to serve up some veggies and a couple of tablespoons of the rice .

This was something that I did quite often when I was cooking , so whether it was spaghetti , bolognaise or meatballs or whatever it was that I would have if I'm cooking for my boyfriend and for me , I would then give him more rice or more carbohydrates .

And I would just sub out some of that for some vegetables for myself .

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Not only did it actually taste better , but I just found obviously it reduced the calories a little bit , and I could still have just as much volume .

So nice little tip there for you .

So rice going onto the plate , and I'm just going to serve up some of the Penang chicken .

Oh my gosh , it's so good , guys .

It tastes amazing , making sure I get plenty of sauce because , let's face it , that's the best bit .

Did you know it was coming I'm season it with chilli .

A bit of pepper .

It doesn't really need any salt , but if you wanted to add salt , you can and dinner is served perfect for a winter's night .

It's so warming and anything that's left over you can refrigerate and it refrigerates really well .

OK , we all need an after dinner snack or something before bed .

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And I used to go to town like I'd have a family size bar of chocolate and some fizzy drink or something like that .

So this is a big habit change for me .

I got into the habit of always having a herbal tea after my dinner so I'd have a peppermint tea or a chamomile tea .

And if I felt like I needed a sweet treat , I would have either something like this , a chocolate pot which was plant based , or I would have two blocks of dark chocolate , and I found that that really filled me up .

But it also satisfied that craving that I had OK guys , I hope you've enjoyed this video .

If you want to see a second video , which is similar with some extra recipes , let me know and I would be more than happy to make it Otherwise .

I hope this has helped and have an amazing day .

I'll see you in the next video .


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