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2023-08-19 20:35:49

Easy 2x2 Rubik's cube Tutorial

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Struggling to solve the three by three , start with a two by two .

Super easy .

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5.719 --> 77.3

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Um I mean , it , it looks , it certainly looks simple .

Um There is a trick to it .

Um You know , being the fact there's no center um makes things a little bit trickier .

Um But yeah , but I'll go ahead and walk you through how to do this .

Um And you'll feel like a pro and again , you could master this thing and have it done within 30 seconds uh with enough practice even below 30 seconds .

So let's go ahead and get into it .

So what you're gonna wanna do first is scramble it .

Of course , you know , I find that just kind of go at it and do some funky scrambles and in no time you'll have a confusing looking cube that makes no sense like like that .

OK .

So I'm gonna go ahead and go ahead and , and solve my white layer first .

It looks like this has two right here , but it's not the same color .

So you're gonna want to get that out .

Uh In this case , you know , I'll note that I'm looking for matching the edge and the top .

So in this case , I see white , white , blue , blue .

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So I'm gonna go ahead and move that in there like so , so now that looks the same and the blue is right there .

Uh in this case , this white belongs right there .

So I'm gonna go ahead and pop that out , bring it up , bring it over and bring it up .

So now I've got that again , you know , when you're solving this thing , you're gonna wanna go ahead and play with it because it's gonna make no sense .

There's no real method of doing it .

It's just kind of knowing how to get layer or you know things where in this case , there's a last cube right there .

I'm gonna go ahead and pop that in , in place .

So now the whole top layer is solved .

Notice that all the top layer is completely matching and we're in good shape .

Once you get the top layer solved , it's down to the bottom layer .

In this case , I have two right here to the right you might have which is one or zero .

Either way you're gonna follow this method .

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In this case , you have two , keep them to the right and you're gonna perform this algorithm up over down , over up over over down and in the description below , I will keep , I will , I'll kind of keep note of that .

So you can see if you , if you like to see , you know , U I and R you know , U up fr you know , if , if you want to see those things , it'll be there as well .

In this case , it left me with one cube , which is what I want .

And I'm gonna keep that and I'm gonna rotate it like that , just rotate the whole cube and keep the yellow in the left bottom corner .

Again , white's intact and you're gonna do it again and again , now you have el up there again , rotate the whole cube like that and do it again .

In this case , all the yellow solved , all the white solved .

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Once you have the top layer and the bottom layer solved , look for any matching pieces of top .

And in this case , there is nothing that that matches .

So you wanna , you're gonna perform this algorithm twice and I'll go ahead and again , keep it in the description right below .

So what you're gonna wanna do is , you know , pick any side you want because again , it doesn't make a difference at this point .

You're gonna go front , right front , back twice , front , front , back , rotate twice , rotate twice , rotate twice .

And now you're gonna be left with something matching .

In this case , it's the orange .

Once you have this piece again , yellow , top solid one side and solid bottom with this full solid side , have it all the way , rotated to the back and do the whole thing over again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Again , you're gonna go front over the front there .

That way I'm gonna go 12 in the back .

Right , right .

Twice , twice , twice .

Solve very , very simple .

Again , I'll keep everything down below so you can see that .

Um For now , this is a soft cube .


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