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2023-08-21 20:34:08

How To Make Trini Macaroni Pie _ Foodie Nation x Chef Jeremy Lovell

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So I just throw that half .

So we have to put some on top .

My friends and lovers of food .

This is how to food nation in the kitchen .

Today is my friend , Chef Jeremy and he'll be teaching us all about a good or macaroni pie featuring lemon liquid .

So let's get big cake .

Guys in the kitchen is a special , special friend of mine that I needed to come teach me a classic dish chef .

Hi .

Hi , something and dear to my heart because it was actually the first thing my mom you showed me or to me in the kitchen , but I needed you to break it down for me properly in your .

So how are we starting ?

All right .

So first we will start by adding a little butter .

My dream , right ?

Everyone has their own .

Very should make macaroni pies .

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But I like , I like some like the ingredients and I mix it up for me .

I like to go a little further by adding all my ingredients better bring out some of the flavors and then uh then make my cheese sauce and then add in my macaroni dish .

Put cheese , plenty cheese , cheese and then any of us .

OK .

So this is a kind of step by step by step thing that we have going on here but is certainly made to your preference .

Everyone happy when they taste it .

So you , so this is kind of the flavor based after the crease and exactly .

Yeah .

So you wanna kind of caramel ?

I just a little bit same .

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This is a fancy kind of pie we have in real things .

I mean some people pie is just macaroni cheese , butter , milk egg done .

Not done .

No , no guys .

This elevate it .

Oh , of course .

That's the coming .

I feel real quick .

The carrots I like that .

I'm calling this spice .

Yeah .

Yeah .

It's a colorful bite .

It's a colorful , I mean , people live with their eyes so can I see the nice colors ?

And I like the heart of it is it has to be , it has to be satisfying with the eye piece .

So we just leave these kind of let's let's talk about a minute or two .

Ok .

Ah , ok .

Ok .

Cool , cool , cool .

All right .

Then we have to um , after we are all evaporated .

No .

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Mhm .

You , you could afford this anymore .

You put a little bit all , all the , I mean you pour nothing because I , I am not making a mess today here .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

You go right ahead .

Good , good job because I would have spent that like .

Mm .

And so that was what I evaporated .

Ok .

Got you .

Sure .

Well , you have a lot more so you feel free .

Let me help you out now .

II I don't want you to .

It's a true any of your , your good dishes .

All right .

So we are in , am we want to make for you to bubble a little bit before we add our cheese ?

OK .

So we're gonna leave this for a couple and then come back and then come back .

Got it .

Oh , so I see we have some bubble action happening here .

Right .

Right .

So you ready now to add the cheese ?

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This , this is my part .

This is my time to try .

So I just try .

So we have to put some on top .

Ok ?

No problem .

Now I can .

Thanks .

I was gonna ask your assistance .

You're so kind .

So we have to save a half of this .

Goodness it up , put it before .

So I mean , of course you have to tasty product .

You have to make sure that it's quality cheese , quality control .

You're welcome .

Right .

So it's when after any cheese you wanna switch off the stove .

Uh Reason for that is sometimes what is happening when they have the heat too high on cheeses , especially what is New Zealand Cheese ?

It is 10 to quietly don't separate an oily , oily .

Exactly .

So as you turn and obviously the he realize that sauce taken up a little bit .

So now we can add our elbow , we can go ahead .

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Now this is a what kind of pasta you put in your pie ?

Um that , that does based on preference .

Yeah , everybody , some people like the macaroni break up very fine .

Some people like the macaroni whole .

Some people , some people put spaghetti in their pie .

I'm not judging .

I am a elbows girl .

My mommy is a elbows girl .

So this is what I learned but you put whatever you feel like it's fine .

We are dry ingredients .

So flavor in mhm black pepper .

This was cayenne or something .

So we get up nice , nice , nice and then we have our onion powder and gary .

Ah OK .

Ok .

Ok .

So we season basically every step of the every step here .

Good sauce , fresh and already dried makes sense .

What do you need there ?

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So mustard now when I mustard is pretty color , that is mostly what it is for it .

35 .

OK .

Got it , you know , just making sure she had her .

Right .

Right .

Right .

And one of the things that people don't usually are in pies is mayonnaise .

That's something kind of unorthodox pi I like May is a pie .

Yeah .

II I saw the meal and I wasn't sure I've never put me in my pie not knocking it .

I trust you .

You wanna have good but why meal ?

I think mayo acts similar to like the egg , but it also adds a nice flavor and moisture to the pie .

So again some kind of creamy action going on .

I get you .

I trust you .

I trust you with my belly .

I trust you with my belly .

I would like the hopes .

Ok .

Mhm .

Stay and smell .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

Come on .

Since the beginning .

This is a action backed by it and then , ok , got it .

Some people don't like the eggs but , you know , and they don't have to , it's more of a preference as well .

Yeah .

You don't have to , you know , but I like to have the eggs .

Can pull everybody together .

It back up for the cheese .

What's left over after he , what's what's left after or something ?

All right .

I know you wanna add to the dish .

Uh-huh the dish .

Thank you .

Thank you .

Thank you .

Let's play space to assemble our masterpiece .

All these wires .

I have to wash you .

Thanks so much , friend .

Thanks so much .

You need some assistance .

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So this is thank you .

Oh boy .

Colors in this pie , guys .

Colors in this pie .

So I wanna make sure I get four in there .

Mhm .

Mhm .

All that and I'll let you put your cheese on top .

Really ?

I feel like you've given me the best job in this entire thing .

Cheese .

I am the woman cheese and I like it .

Yeah , I mean come on , I like my crust on the cheese with the cheese .

Sorry to be proper .

You know those corner bits .

That's why I need my cheese .

Mhm .

I don't like I need a , everybody likes the , the , the , the , for some strange reason I preferred him in .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But you could have , you could have this whole section and even that could be for you to , man , if I put too much shoes in it , more cheesy .

But guys , this is a happy day .

If you don't want all this cheese , it's fine .

But we want all this cheese .

I think we got to go to , I think we got to go a little something .

All right , proper .

Now it's time for the time for the oven .

So how long are we making this for ?

We will make it for approximately 30 to 40 minutes until it's up good .

And hm let's do it in the oven guys .

Now I know I say this often but this is a beautiful piece of it .

This bite .

Pretty good job , my friend , good job , good job , good job .

Can I taste ?

Yep .

Ok .

I want to come in for the corner .

You know , I'm a girl .

Mm mm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mhm .

Mhm .

Look I say action guys studded with all that goodness .

Mhm .

Mhm .

I , I took a piece to be .

Mhm .

You know you come on .

Mhm .

Mhm .

This is good by itself .

This stuff is good by itself .

First thing is that nice onion taste and that Pimento the character and again the cream from the meal .

If your reason for the cream .

No .

Yeah , guys take chef's advice .

Definitely try some meal in your pie .

This is a different level of texture and I'm loving it .

Thank you , my friend .

Thank you for all the hard Rick .

I mean , so I see you only this one piece of pie .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You put the OK .

I was so sorry that you left something in the sink .

All .

I mean after I cook is when you fear that you wash .

No , no , you , you not gonna wash your own with us .

And those are dirty guys always have to labor .

You have to labor in this kitchen .

And of course , I've got to use my Axon lemon liquid to get off all this grease and cheese because I want to put all the cheese on there .

So it's cool .

I I'll get it done .

I'll get it done .

My friend .

Thank you guys .

We have two master pieces today .

The pie was one but this dish is the second one .

OK ?

All the grease and everything that are left in here for me .

All the bun bun and cheese is gone .

OK ?

So you're welcome .

I think I would try .

I'll take a piece of pie .

I put away in a foil to OK .

Thank you so much my friend for coming and joining us .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we have to have you back to teach me something else and hopefully not ruin any more dishes .

Yeah , hopefully guys be sure to check out Jeremy .

Of course at jail underscore restaurant consultant on Instagram and he's on Facebook and like , comment , subscribe , share with your friends .

Tell us when you try this lovely pie and you're adding that meal too .

Until next time guys .

Bye bye .


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