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2023-08-21 21:03:43

5 MUST DO for HARDGAINERS (Skinny Guys)

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What's up guys ?

If your goal is to put some muscle mass and get bigger .

This video is for you because today we're talking about five must do for heart gainers .

And even before we start with our list of five , you should understand that above it all , you need to have calorie surplus , meaning that you need to eat more than you burn , how to figure out the exact amount of calories that you need .

I will give you an instruction at the end of this video .

And right now let's get started with our list of five .

Number one .

Health carbs in every meal .

Carbs is the main source of energy for our body and muscles , especially when you're trying to get big .

So having carbs in every meal will help you to get your daily calorie goal and also will fill you up with energy for every workout .

Main source of carbs is oatmeal rice , buck wheat , pasta , white and sweet potato .

Choose which one you like the most .

And from now on , make sure to have carbs in every three or four meals per day .

Number two .

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And this is the big one , something that I figure out myself , eat as early as possible .

This trick always works with me and my clients to hit your daily calorie goal .

You need to have around four meals per day .

If you start your first meal at 10 , the next at two , next at six and then you go to sleep , not hitting your daily calories .

But if you start your first meal at seven , then you hungry by 11 , next meal by three and then by 7 p.m. you finishing your calories like a boss , eat your first meal as early as possible .

Try it , man .

It works like magic .

Number three , do not eat a lot of fats .

Fats are heavy to digest , especially when you combine them with carbs .

It will be so hard for you to eat the next meal in four hours if the previous meal had a lot of fats in it .

So try to have just around 0.5 g per kilogram of fats per day and put your focus on carbs instead .

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Thank you for support .

Number four , do strength workouts .

When you eat in the surplus , man , you'd rather be working hard in the gym so the body can use this surplus to build muscles and not just store fat .

Especially focus on direct hypertrophy program that will help you to build muscles .

You can download my next workout app using the link in the description , they will find programs for hypertrophy at home with dumbbells and also in the gym .

So definitely check it out in this version link in the description and it doesn't matter where you work out home or gym , just make sure that you work out and do it consistently .

Number five rest and sleep well , when your body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep to recover and grow .

So make sure that you will support your effort in the gym and the kitchen by sleeping well , because man , you training naturally and the only way for you to grow is to recover like your boss .

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So make sure man , 7 to 8 hours of sleep and also see your rest days as the growth days because only when you rest , sleep and eat , you will recover and grow bigger .

And now guys last but not least you need to understand how much calorie you need to eat .

So I put the link in the description for the calorie calculator .

You will go there , you will put your height and weight and then it will give you exact amount of calories that you need to gain .

Wait , start from there .

And then if in one week , you don't see any changes on the scale , then add 200 calories and go for the next week , full hypertrophy programs for the gym com and you can find in my app definitely check it out link in the description and don't forget that consistency is the key .

So start today and never give up .

Thank you so much for watching .

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Let's go .


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