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2023-08-22 22:04:07

Drink This Tea Every Day to Lose Weight Naturally - Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

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Did you know that drinking Hibiscus tea can help you lose weight .

Hibiscus tea can really help anyone who wants to lose weight due to the fact that it can enhance the effects of a good diet and regular exercise and get rid of the fat around your hips and waist .

The Hibiscus flour is rich in mucilage , a complex mixture of polysaccharides that transform into a fiber when they come in contact with water .

Hibiscus tea helps reduce fat aids .

Digestion makes bowel movements regular and fights liquid retention which makes it easier to lose weight .

Furthermore , Hibiscus is full of flavonoids and rich in antioxidants which fight free radicals , protecting your heart from diseases and your skin from aging .

Apart from helping you lose weight .

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Hibiscus can help control diabetes , help control high blood pressure , detoxify your kidneys and liver help fight anxiety and depression .

You can buy dried Hibiscus flowers in specialty stores and some grocery stores if you want to lose weight .

The best thing for you to do is add some other ingredients to your Hibiscus tea that will quicken your metabolism .

Take a look at this recipe ingredients , one liter of water , four dried Hibiscus or one tablespoon .

If in a powder , one stick of cinnamon , two cloves , instructions , boil the liter of water once it starts to boil the ingredients and wait three more minutes .

Other important tips .

The best thing to do is start by drinking a cup a day and gradually drink it more often up to three times a day .

Drink this tea between meals , especially whenever you feel like raiding the fridge , it will trick you into believing you aren't hungry anymore .

Try not to sweeten the tea .

Hibiscus tastes nice , kind of like raspberry .

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So it shouldn't be hard to get used to its flavor .

Avoid eating a lot of salt since it causes liquid retention .

Use other spices such as oregano , parsley and rosemary , don't eat lots of refined carbohydrates , white rice bread , pasta desserts made with white flour .

Try and use the whole grain versions that will make you feel full for longer .

Normally , Hibiscus tea doesn't have any side effects .

However , people with hypertension and pregnant or breastfeeding women should talk to their doctors before drinking this tea .

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