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2023-08-22 22:07:31

If you're skinny, this is how to quickly gain muscle

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If you're skinny , this is how to quickly gain muscle , want to gain more muscle mass while losing weight is the number one fitness goal of most people .

Some are struggling with being skinny .

Let me tell you the best way to put an end to your skinny days is to put on muscle .

Whether you have a certain goal like getting into body building or you simply just want to fill out a T shirt , you'll eventually have to begin somewhere .

Muscle building is only scratching the surface which we will be tackling in a while as there are other things you can do to quickly gain muscle .

So stay tuned because we will be going over the ways to pack on as many pounds of Mussels as possible each week .

Number one eat muscle fuel foods .

Needless to say eating is the most crucial step in gaining muscle .

For starters , you need to consume tons of protein which are building blocks for muscles .

Another thing is that your body needs carbohydrates to provide energy for your body .

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Insufficient carbs will cause your body to start using muscle and proteins as sources of energy , muscle fuel foods include rice oats , nuts , chicken , turkey , eggs , fish , pasta and steak .

Number two , maximize muscle building .

Did you know that the more protein stored in your body , the more your muscles develop ?

Still your body is regularly using up its protein reserves for other functions such as producing hormones .

As such , your body is left with less protein for muscle building .

So to solve this , you have to develop and store new proteins faster than your body can break down old proteins .

Number three , eat more and often when gaining muscle weight , it's important for your body to get all the nutrients it needs .

Eating three meals a day isn't enough .

For instance , it's best to eat a heavy breakfast , then have a snack two hours later , eating something every three hours should be enough to aid your body in building muscles .

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Number four , focus on compound exercises .

Do away with those fancy machines and elaborate abs exercises .

Frankly speaking , they aren't that effective .

Particularly at the start of training .

When you have to pack muscle all over your body , you have to perform highly engaging exercises like squats , bench presses , dead lifts , dips , pull ups , bends over rows and military presses to challenge most of your body's muscles do 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps with around one minute rest between sets .

Number five , have a drink first , a shake that's rich in essential amino acids and carbohydrates is best for gaining muscles .

Since exercise boosts blood flow to your working tissues .

Having a carbohydrate protein mixture before your workout may result in greater uptake of the amino acids in your muscles .

Protein drinks are usually taken before a workout .

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Since they are absorbed faster , around 10 to 20 g of protein should be enough for your shake .

Number six lift every other day .

After performing a full body workout , make sure to follow it up with a day of rest .

According to studies , challenging weight exercise boosts protein synthesis for as long as 48 hours right after your workout session .

Also , your muscles grow when your body is at rest .

Not when it's worked out .

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