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2023-08-22 21:47:45

The Only Homemade Spaghetti Recipe You'll Ever Need

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Hey , check it out folks .

Hey , look , I ain't got all that hype .

Listen , you didn't already read the thumbnail .

You didn't seen it .

You know what I mean ?

I'm gonna show you today how to make , listen , everybody be talking to me about the spaghetti sauce and all that .

I make it all kind of ways .

But now I'm gonna tell you and show you what I put out when I'm ready to just like take it like extremely over the top .

And I'm gonna be honest with you , once you make it like this and once you make it one time , this is probably gonna be your go to OK ?

So look , I want you guys to see like some of these ingredients right here , right ?

And as always , listen , everything that I do like ingredients , the amounts and everything will be done in the description box below .

But I want to get hung up right here .

You see this right here .

These are branch and vine products , right ?

Listen , if you guys can get these , I highly suggest that you get them because these will be level up .

These are infused olive oils , right ?

So if I turn this right here .

Look , this is scallion and then right here , look , this is probably like my favorite .

Hey , I ain't gonna lie to you scallion garlic either way .

Got a little bit of a different profile .

You guys know the difference of what they are .

But I , you know , mostly cook and use these .

So you look when I get them , I usually get four bottles at a time .

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You know what I mean ?

So look , this is the started these right here are the level up , right ?

So look , you can see I got , I've already died things down .

Listen , I'm trying to like refine my videos where you guys aint gotta watch me do no knife work or nothing like that .

Not that I know what I'm doing anyway , but look , don't forget down in the description box below .

So now I'm gonna say let's cook .

OK ?

So look now we're getting ready to get into the to the meat and potatoes , right ?

So look , I'm gonna go ahead , I'm gonna start with my garlic right this right here .

Look when you use the right ingredients , folks , this is what levels up your food .

This right here will be more like high end , you know , restaurant , but it's still real affordable though , you know what I mean ?

So put a little oil in here , a little bit of this garlic infused .

I already set this up .

I'm checking my heat .

I'm using like a , a medium flame right now , right ?

So now I'm gonna bring some joy to myself .

I'm gonna go ahead and get my press , you know , I'm just loading it up .

That's all I'm doing as my oil is uh coming up to temp .

OK .

So listen , I can smell it and I can tell you we got some nice heat underneath the bottom , right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So now this is two bell peppers .

I listen , I like bell pepper you guys can take to make it the way you like to do it .

But for me , this is the way I get down .

Listen , it's a whole lot of flavor and that's what we doing folks .

OK .

So look , we're not gonna take these all the way down , right ?

We just give these for me .

If you guys are using like a medium low , I reduce my heat down to a medium low , started out with medium .

But you know what I did that because now I'm getting ready to introduce my garlic , right .

So now I'm gonna put a smile on my face with this right here .

Hey , take a look at that right there .

Just tell me , hey , listen , the sound the whole shebang and OK , so I got all my cans open .

Now we just go ahead and start adding it , you know , our tomatoes , right ?

I want you guys to pay attention .

I'll show you in just one second , just the cans I use and I'll put it down in the description box below .

If you wanna have it to be over the top , I was told they great these right here , right ?

So I'll just hold it up , show it to you guys like that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

These are the best ones you wanna do .

If you're making spaghetti sauce , you know , from the very beginning , right ?

All right .

So look , take a look .

Hold tomatoes .

This is what we're gonna do .

We're gonna cook these down .

I usually cook these down for about three hours , right ?

So , and then I want you , I left it like this before I stir it up .

You see that right there .

That's the olive oil .

Look at the color right there .

That's the garlic , the fresh garlic we added to it , right ?

So we started with garlic infused olive oil .

Then we added some fresh to send it up over the top , right ?

Not that it wasn't over the top already , but look at the color right there .

Was it green ?

What was that ?

That was that bell pepper ?

So listen , I just want to keep it separated like that .

So you guys can see that .

Just think about all of that goodness inside of this , right ?

So we got the rest to add our red chili flakes basil and then right here we go with a little oregano and then last you see this , just a tomato paste .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I like what this does as far as color and the flavor that it adds now we just go ahead and start mixing this up .

Now I'm gonna look at my fire , right .

This is a big pot .

We don't wanna burn nothing , right ?

But we want to get everything incorporated .

Oh Man .

Can you see how it's going ?

Now , look the longevity because we gonna cook these down when it gets soft and then what we want to use to do is just to dissolve .

So it takes about three hours , right ?

OK .

So look , it's been two hours , right ?

I'm gonna go ahead and take this top off .

Oh Yeah , that's what we wanna see right there .

That right there is real nice .

Let's just smooth this .

I like to hit the bottom .

Look , there's nothing on the bottom .

Nothing sticking .

Listen , as long as you're not using that high heat , it's good .

You can look it right there .

But I want you to take a look at the tomatoes .

Look , they're starting to just like break down .

Now I tell you , I'd like to do these for like at least three hours , the longer the better , but three hours to get you in the game .

Now , I'm gonna lift this up .

Let me just do it like this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So you can just see how soft that is right there .

You know what I mean ?

Hey , look at that right there .

We see that bell pepper and all of that on there .

This is what you want and you can see , look how delicate .

It is one more hour and this should be right .

So I'm gonna go ahead and put my top back on .

We're gonna go for one more hour and then we're gonna start getting our , you know , our meat together .

OK , folks .

So look , now I brought this back over here .

Look , we've been going three hours .

So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show it to you right .

Let me just go ahead and I'm gonna use this right now just to show you after three hours .

You know , I , I like to run the square edge wooden spoon right under the bottom like this , right ?

Just to be sure nothing , you know , stick now .

We'll just start adding this here .

Look at this right here and that's up to you guys .

I like a meaty sauce .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This step right here could have been completely , you know , skipped if you didn't wanna have no meat .

OK ?

So look just cool down a little bit .

Notice I got myself a towel , you know what I mean ?

And I'm gonna put this , you know , like this so that I don't burn my hand right .

So look , get yourself a ladle .

You know what I mean ?

Don't fill it up like I was about to do .

Just set it here .

It might get a little messy .

It depends on how your porn skills are .

You know what I mean ?

As you can see , mine ain't the best but look , I just put it in here just like you see , OK , so if we put it down , like right here it is hot now , I just take my top , which got the little dimple right there .

And while it's on here , I just stick it on here like this and while it stays hot , you just put this on here .

I know I'm preaching to the choir .

I know you guys know it .

But this is for all my new people to just , you know , some people , some of us don't know .

And look right now it's like this as I let this sit , it's gonna suck this in and suck it all the way down and then it's gonna form a nice tight seal .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now I'm gonna go ahead and fill up a few more of these jars .

You know what I mean ?

And I'm gonna leave enough for deposit that I have made and then we're gonna get down , we're gonna cook that , you know , with the pasta just for about another 30 minutes .

OK ?

So now for the best part , listen , we're trying to introduce , you know , our noodles , right ?

Noodles , pasta , whatever you guys wanna call it streams .

But just that angel here folks , this is what you want for me .

You know what I mean ?

I got it .

Some people don't like to do the angel here .

I didn't hurt at all .

You know what I mean ?

Uh It doesn't make a difference , man .

You can use any type of pasta noodles , swirls shells .

It doesn't make a difference .

But this is right here .

Keep you a little bit more authentic , you know ?

OK .

So look , now is the moment of truth .

Listen , I didn't cook this down for about 45 minutes .

Just let it sit in there .

Listen , spaghetti to me is always better the next day .

Right ?

So listen , if you make this like on a Saturday morning or something like that , it depends on when you make it , you know what you can let it sit up , the longer it sits up , the longer that pasta noodle that spaghetti absorbs the sauce .

Right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hi , everyone .

Welcome and welcome back to my channel in today's recipe .

I'll be showing you guys how to make this quick and easy .

Cajun Salmon , Alfredo pasta , if you would like to see it , keep on watching and let's get started .

Here's a quick look of all the ingredients .

I will have the measurement below for you guys in the description box to season the salmon .

We have Cajun seasoning , paprika garlic powder and also we have some salt and pepper for our creamy sauce .

We have mince garlic onion powder , butter , dry parsley , and some creole seasoning .

And also we have the Parmesan cheese with the heavy cream and as well as some cream cheese to make it nice and creamy .

And here we have the salmon .

Of course , one filet .

You can use two or three if you like .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But listen , we did a lot of work to get a lot of flavor .

Hey , you guys just gotta trust the process and then look , then you can see these man , you do this a couple of times .

Actually , I make my spaghetti sauce before I even make the spaghetti because I like to do this work and then put it up and have it ready .

So when I'm ready to make it bam , it's nothing but a heat up and go .

Hey , with that being said , I want you guys to let me know down in the comment section below .

Answer all the questions I asked , but I really wanna know how you guys like yours , whether you like yours pasta and sauce on that then on your plate or would you like yours the same way ?

Like mine , you know , put the pasta inside of your sauce , cook it all together and then let it sit up and then eat it that way .

Hey , so with that being said , let me just take this time to say , hey , thank you for watching this video .

Don't forget to like smash that subscribe button .

And I want you guys to tell everybody out there , listen , there's a channel out here that's simplifying these recipes and taking the mystery out of cooking .

And with that being said , listen , all of the people that I have ran into because I've been running into a lot of people , especially in Vegas .

If you , I've seen you , I just wanna say , hey , much love to all the love that you guys show me and don't forget .

Listen , I got some merch is down underneath this video .

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It'll be linked to the number one .

Comment , get yourself these aprons , folks get out here and let's grill , let's cook in the kitchen and guess what ?

Folks ?

I'm out .

Peace .


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