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What's going on ?

Teens Tanner Wiman of the Barbarian body dot com in today's video , I'm gonna be showing you guys how you can get jacked faster than ever before .

Look , if you're tired of the slow gains , I'm gonna be sharing every step and process that you need to be applying as of now so that you can fast track your results gain that muscle quickly and without further ado , let's just get the hell into it .

This shit is you , where are you all right now that we've gotten the shirtless portion of the video out of the way .

Let's get into this .

The very first thing that you need to do is you need to actually set a goal for your physique .

Do you want to look like a body builder or do you want to look like a power lifter ?

Do you want to look like a gymnast ?

Do you want to look like a swimmer once you've determined this ?

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And typically you want to think of , you know , maybe there's an influencer or an athlete that you want to get a similar body type to , you want to try and find exactly what they are and what they do , the type of training to get that physique because if you want the big powerful broad physique that a power lifter has , that's gonna be different than , let's say if you were to try and look like a body builder because , you know , they're lean with a lot of muscle mass , but their strength might not be at the highest level .

That type of training is going to be significantly different than that from a power lifter .

And even for the example of , let's say you want to look like , you know , a swimmer's physique or you know , like Zach Ephron and Baywatch .

If you want that type of physique , a certain type of training is going to be required from that , that's going to be significantly different from other types of training .

So it's important that you actually find the physique that you want to look like .

So you can adapt the training style that will get you that result because there's just too many guys that say , oh , I want to look like a body builder , but I'm going to be doing five by five training training all the time .

You're not gonna get that type of physique by doing a five by five training all the time and only five by five training .

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So find a goal physique , reverse engineer that style of training and apply it to you .

So you can actually get those results .

Now , number two realize that the body that you want is likely not the body that you're willing to pay for .

A lot of guys right now are looking at athletes like the gym , shark athletes and , you know , you want to look like that .

Well , here's the thing , the way that they're training , they might be training six times per week , two times per day .

I'm talking about two hours , 2.5 hours sometimes in the gym for those six days a week .

Is that something that you're willing to do ?

And not only are they in there for like 2.5 hours , you know , most of them , but also they're training at a level that you might not be able to handle every single day for , you know , six days a week .

In addition to the lifestyle that you're currently living , whether that you're going to school , whether you're going to work , your schedule just won't allow it .

And also your body's gonna be broke , been down so much .

Like if you had a job moving things for people at a moving company and you're trying to work out 2 , 2.5 hours , six times per week , your work is going to suffer significantly , but not only that , there's also the drug portion of this as well .

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So if you're not willing to make the same sacrifices that those guys have made , you have to realize that and make a more realistic goal for yourselves because too many guys will say I want to look like my favorite influencer online , you know , like maybe Tristan Lee's physique or something and then they try and go out and train that way and then they realize , well , this is a man .

Well , I can't actually do this and then they wind up quitting and getting frustrated .

So it's important to set a realistic goal for your physique .

Number three , you actually want to think about this .

like you're leveling up in a video game .

Most people when they say they want to get jacked , the first thing that they do , they'll go online .

Look at the bodybuilders workouts , look at their frequency and their intensity of their workouts .

Now , kudos to you for looking for the reverse engineering strategy , but instantly what guys try and do is I'm gonna go ahead and do Ronnie Coleman's , you know , two hour arm workout that he did doing like 50 sets for your biceps and triceps combined .

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So that the next day when you go and try and actually work out or even just get out of bed like your arms , they can't move a lot of guys , young guys , especially in high school because they want to get results really quickly .

They're really at like maybe level two or level three out of a possible 10 level scale that we're gonna use here as an example .

And initially they're gonna just jump in and try and start training at level like eight and nine and see if they can stick with it because they want the results fast .

Now , you might be able to do that and train at a level eight or a level nine for , you know , maybe 11 or two weeks .

If that's like , let's be honest , most of you would probably only last like one or two days if you were following the exact workouts that , you know , your favorite influencers or favorite bodybuilder were following .

But what actually happens after that is really what's the most important .

And after you've done this process , you're gonna be so burned out mentally , physically primarily , but mentally as well , you're not gonna look forward to actually going to go in and work out .

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You're not gonna look forward to eating the same plain foods every day and eating these huge caloric surpluses or if you're trying to lose weight , then getting into significant calorie deficits in order to get these results .

And what's gonna happen is , well , for the next 2345678 weeks , you're not gonna train because you're not gonna want to get back on that horse and your physique is going to start to backpedal .

You're going to get back to that physique that you started with initially .

And again , you're going to be disappointed in the way you look and want to try again and this vicious cycle that guys get into where they'll try and pick up where they left off go and start training at a level eight and nine again again , they'll be able to do it for , you know , a few workouts .

Maybe a week , maybe two weeks .

Depends on , you know , how disciplined and how hard you actually go and keep yourself committed .

And then after that , they're back at it again , they stop because they can't maintain it .

So if you're at a level two , two or a level three , you need to master that level first and don't jump to a level 78 or nine .

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Rather you need to jump to a level four , get comfortable with that level of training , whether it's training for an extra five or 10 minutes , whether it's adding in a full workout extra in the week , let's say if you're only training three times per week , now you've got 1/4 workout to do during the week .

That's your next small step up .

That's gonna be manageable for you to do so that you can commit to this long term .

And honestly , you need to have been able to train , train at that level for at least 345 weeks , preferably like I , I would say 4 to 5 weeks if you've done that for 4 to 5 weeks , consistently haven't deviated from that .

That's when you can start to go .

Ok .

What's the next thing that I can do to start to add to my training or add to my diet ?

That's gonna be more disciplined or require more work ethic so that you can progress up and start to level up so you can get closer to that level 10 .

Now , do all of you need to get to that level 10 as well ?

No , absolutely not .

For the most part , for the physique that you want , you might only have to actually get up to like , let's say a level five or a level six , the seven eights and nines and tens .

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That's like pro bodybuilders , pro athletes .

So just make sure that you're leveling up in a progressive way , that's not going to demand way too much out of you so that you wind up burning up , quitting , starting again and getting in this vicious cycle of no results actually , but just pure disappointment and just frustration , you'll end up being one of those guys in my comments section or another youtubers comment section that's gonna be like , you know , I've tried everything .

I've tried all these different workouts , this strategy , that strategy , it just doesn't seem to work level up progressively .

Number four , train properly .

Now , what I mean here is when you're performing your exercises in your workout program that you create for yourself or you find it online .

If you're looking for workout programs , link in my description , try Barba and body all access free for seven days .

You got nine different programs .

But when you're performing these exercises , you want to minimize as much things like momentum , half repetitions that I if you know your exercise routine is requiring you to do full repetition , sheet repetitions , avoiding low time under tension .

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If you are training for hypertrophy and looking to build muscle mass , you want to avoid these things .

This is so important because guys will start doing , you know , I'm gonna do dead lifts and bench presses and squats and training like , you know , those gym shark athletes and lifting really , really heavy , but your form is so bad .

So there's two , there's two caveats with your form being bad when you're working out .

Number one , obviously , you can probably get injured a lot quicker .

So it's just dumb in that sense because you're not going to be able to train for a while or your training will never be the same if you wind up with a really bad injury .

But number two , while you're performing each one of those exercises because the form is so terrible and you're not , you're not really using your muscles to lift the weights , rather , you're utilizing momentum , you're utilizing other muscle groups that aren't supposed to be incorporated in that exercise , to cheat the repetition and to cheat the weight actually up .

And it's kind of like , it's kind of like every time you're doing a repetition you're getting like half or even sometimes for a really god awful form .

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One third of the amount of micro muscle tears that you get from a certain exercise that your body is then responsible for repairing and growing into a bigger and stronger muscle tissue the next day compared to if you were to do each one of these exercise with proper form .

So if you want to maximize your results , maximize and improve your form on every exercise that you possibly can be very aware of that and go out of your way to learn the proper execution of these exercises .

I've got tons of demonstrations on my channel where I'll show you guys exactly what you need to do in order to properly execute the exercise for maximum muscle recruitment .

And this goes hand in hand warming up , obviously , yes , this is to prevent injury during your workouts .

But more importantly , if you properly warm up before workouts , you're gonna get your mentality engaged so much , significantly more , you're gonna be able to push a lot harder during your workouts .

And because there's blood flow already in these muscle groups , you're gonna just have a much easier time to develop that mind muscle connection , which will actually be able to help you to recruit more muscle fibers on every repetition during all of your exercises .

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Number five , you need to create a workout schedule .

You need to lay out the exact days you're gonna be training in the exact time .

So you're gonna want to do whether you're doing a push , pull legs workout , whether you're doing an upper , lower split , whether you're doing full body , I don't give a I don't care , whatever it is , have the exact days and the exact times because if you don't have this information laid out for yourself , you're gonna have a tough time sticking to these workouts .

Next is actually structuring your diet .

You need to determine the exact amount of calories that your body is gonna need on a daily basis .

If you want to build muscle mass , you're gonna need to be in a calorie surplus .

You're gonna have to determine how big that calorie surplus is for you every single day .

And in addition , the exact protein requirements for your body on a daily basis .

I always like to recommend a great starting place is to get 1 g of protein per pound of body weight .

It's really easy to remember all of the time and uh it's easy to actually stick to as well .

Some people say you can even go up to 1.5 g per pound of body weight .

I think that's a bit excessive .

Some people say a little bit lower than 1 g .

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II , I like , I like 1 g .

It's just a number that's really easy for me to always remember and always to , to remind you guys to follow as well .

Plain and simple .

It's just really easy to stick to long term and this is the most important you guys are teens .

So for you gaining weight is going to be really hard .

You need to eat more and I don't care .

I'm having that entire time eating .

It's really hard for me .

I don't care .

You can either make excuses or you can make gains .

It's your decision .

If you leave your house , you must have food with you .

If you don't have food , you must have a protein shake .

Because if you don't , and you go to school and you don't have enough food and you don't have enough protein , you're not going to be able to make those gains or if you have to go to work and you don't have the proper nutri , like you're going to make this stuff so incredibly difficult for yourself because you don't have the resources to build the muscle mass .

Your diet is one of them is absolutely the most important fun mental principle that is required for you guys to build up muscle mass and to increase strength in conjunction with the proper training program .

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And if you're looking for supplements guys , protein powder probably is gonna be the main one that you are gonna want .

This right here is pre workout from EHP head through the link in my description .

You can try out EHPS range of protein powders .

I've got some really good ones are new oxy way peanut butter puffs , I think is my favorite , you know , for teenagers protein powder primarily for you guys .

I know a lot of guys say they want to get on creat tea and all this protein powders .

A beer staple .

So link in the description code Barba , that'll get you a discount and honestly , this is pretty much it you need to do and follow all these things , but most importantly , you need to consistently do them because as I was saying earlier , you can do it for a week or two , see some small results , but burn yourself out because you take on way too much initially and uh you wind up not training , not following your diet and then sticking with , you know , no training and no diet for a few weeks .

And you wind up getting out of shape , getting frustrated and trying again , it's a vicious cycle .

So stay committed with this stuff .

Don't take on too much right from the get go .

So there you guys go .

That concludes today's video .

Hey , if you made it this far , be sure to comment down below .

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Spooky tree down in the comment section .

So I can see who made it this far .

And also we can confuse everybody in the comment section when they ask , why is everybody commenting spooky tree in the comment section ?

If you enjoyed the video , smash that like button down below and also be sure to subscribe and hit that bell notification icon .

Thanks so much for joining me .

I'll see you in the next video .


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