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2023-08-19 20:53:23

I Tried To Make These Fluffy Japanese Pancakes • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

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Ok .

So here we are eating your feed the show where people like me get challenged to try and recreate viral food recipes .

My friend Adam is challenging me today to make Japanese fluffy pancakes .

Not a lot of steps , but it's going to require some skill .

It's the perfect level for my level of cooking , which is amateur at best .

But I'm optimistic hand mixer on the egg whites getting it to a nice stiff bluff there .

Ok .

So now they're adding the pancake mix into the 3.5 inch mold .

So they put the lid on it rises 10 minutes .

Now the flip is going to be very difficult .

That is pancake perfection right there .

I love pancakes straight up .

So to help me today is our food expert .

R Hi .

Thank you for coming .

How are you making today ?

Fluffy Japanese pancakes ?

Yeah .

Have you eaten Japanese pancake before ?

No .

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So , so it's the most important part of this fluffy pancake .

If you over mix it , it become very crumbly .

It's not that difficult .

I don't wanna scare you or feel like .

Thank you .

Bye bye .

Ok .

And here we have our molds , you imagine I mean , like living in Loony Tune Land where pancakes are this tall and fluffy .

So right now we're going to take two egg yolks , quarter cup of sugar .

The people in other countries get stressed out when they watch us cooking just because they wish we were saying it in the metric system .

It's about time we switch , huh ?

Half cup of milk .

Every last drop , three quarter cup of pancake mix .

It looks like three quarters .

What do you think guys at home it's going in ?

All right , let's get together .

You have that .

Now .

We're going to add our four egg whites .

Here's two .

Ok .

That's three , right ?

For , let's plug in our hand mixer .

Ok .

We're in .

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No , that is a great question , Adam , I've never hand mixed .

Just not gonna overthink it , just gonna go for it .

So that's what that button does .

Ok .

Things are in just needs to be unlocked .

No .

Ok .

We know what that button does and , and hm I just gotta beat it by hand .

I mean that's impossible , right ?

I don't wanna do that at all .

Ok .

New mixer .

Ok .

With the F I I think we just have a bad power source .

Alright , so we have a bad plug .

Let's go the noise .

We're going all the way to six .

By the way , the volume is increasing , I'd say we're triple maybe quadruple the original volume close .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh no , it's staying , it's staying , the peak is staying .

Ok ?

Let's see the tasty video .

Let's see how peaked that , that got .

No .

Yeah , this is it .

Uh , I think I might have overdone it .

We're gonna get in there but just slightly , we want these two mixed together , but we don't wanna lose the , uh , the whip .

I think it's too crumbly .

Maybe not though .

It's not that far off .

Let's go for it .

Let's get our heat going .

We're gonna put this on the lowest heat .

Ok .

It is one , right .

Both are in , we've greased up our molds go three quarters of the way in .

Ok .

Let's cover it .

Ok .

Pulling it off trying to separate Jesus disaster .

Sorry , folks .

Yeah .

Ok .

Well , this is a failure .

It's a miserable failure .

My God , what is happening here , Patrick ?

I don't think the flame was high enough , although it rose .

So , what the hell does that mean ?

I don't know .

It smells fantastic though .

So first attempt didn't work .

What did we learn ?

Flame will be a little bit higher and , uh , maybe try them one at a time .

I don't know .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Second attempt we're going to use what was left in the batter .

Put the lid on .

I was using a fish spatula last time because that's what they use in the video .

But now I'm going to use this one because I can probably hook it in a lot better .

Bubbling up at the top .

Looking very similar to what we you were doing before making all types of cracking noises .

Stop doing that .

If , if I was someone else , if I was , you'd be doing what you need to do .

But for me , two minutes we're getting high .

Look how high that is .

I've never cooked a pancake on one side for 10 minutes , right ?

Delicious .

Mother fuck .

No , no .

Oh , man .

Well , we burnt the bottom of that one .

We knew that .

So we needed just the heat .

Can figure out a better way to flip it though .

These tongues aren't it ?

These , these can't do it .

I greased up the inside .

Do I need to grease it one more ?

Oh Yeah .

That pancakey clog your windpipe .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is fluffy .

They weren't lying .

Is everything you want on the inside .

Definitely more eggy but try it .

It's pretty good .

Yeah .

Not bad with syrup butter the whole thing .

Uh uh How is it going ?

What is the best way to flip it ?

I think this is not a good one .

Let me get the good one .

Dad tongues .

These aren't tasty tons .

That was the problem .

You know , I'm ready to sell out so hard , but no one will give me a shot at selling .

I would sell out for a surprisingly low amount in 2019 .

I'm gonna be a micro influencer .

What did I miss what I was talking about ?

I wanna sell out .

OK ?

Because I was saying how these aren't any good and I would love to do an advertisement .

For a really good brand like tasty only at Walmart .

You see how good she is at that .

I wanna do that .

Oh my God .

That was so easy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , you can feel the silicon .

It sounds like an info .

Oh my God .

All right .

Well , that answers that I'm gonna mix them up .

Yeah , that's stuff .

Go .

Ok .

That looks decent .

Let's grease the molds .

Ok .

That looks about three quarters .

Cover it up .

10 minutes .

Eight minutes .

We're seeing some bubbling on top .

How do you normally ?

A little powdered sugar is fantastic .

Five minutes .

Oh my spatula .

Oh boy .

Hitting it up .

All right off .

Oh , it guys .

All right .

Everyone relax .

Ok .

Get it low .

Get it low .

God , I hate the way this is shaking .

I hate the weather .

It was drinking .

That looks good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That brown was right about the temperature .

It overflowed like crazy .

My goodness .

All right .

Put this back on .

You can't get ahead of yourself with cooking fat .

I mean , how many times do we have to talk about it ?

Well , the tongs worked .

So that's good .

One minute .

Oh my God .

Remember when square plates were the thing ?

It'd be embarrassing to have that in your home now .

Yeah .

Oh my God .

What do we think ?

I mean , it's brown .

It's not light brown but it's brown .

Oh .

Oh , all right .

So the presentation of this plate ?

Not great .

So now that I've gotten this far , I'm going to try and make two at the same time and see if I can stack them up and then I'll have some friends over to try it out .

So last time we're gonna try and make two and instead of using vegetable oil to grease up the molds , we're going to use spray canola oil .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hopefully they'll make it slide out a little bit better .

Ok .

Two .

Got it better here .

Ok .

Just a little bit more .

10 minutes .

Four minutes .

Yeah , it's rising .

Two minutes .

Matter of seconds .

Oh man .

Look how much they've risen .

2 49 flipping .

Come on , man , you could do it .

You could do it , bro .

Hell yeah , bro .

Hell yeah , bro .

Hell yeah .

Why not ?

Me ?

12 23 .

Here we go .

Oh my God .

A laptop just fell .

Everything's crazy right now .

We're flipping anyways , baby .

Oh I ruined it .

Oh God .

Why God , no .

All right .

Screw it .

This is the last one .

All right .

Here we go .

Mother .

Who cares ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Honestly , who cares ?

Whatever .

Put it back on .

I'll cut around it .

This sucks .

This really sucks .

Cooking is fun .

Right , guys .

Yeah .

That first one that you messed up has already risen back a little .

So I think you might be good stuff .

Adam is trying to cheer me up behind the camera .

Maybe these are salvageable .

Who knows ?

We'll see how my mood is in four minutes .

So let's check back in then .

All right , let's take them out , they look way better .

You know , my kids are getting these and they're liking them .

That's how this goes in my house .

You wanna cry about it ?

Well , guess who's not eating fluffy Japanese pancakes ?

I'm gonna try and cut these out using a method that Adam came up with , by pushing down .

Hopefully that eliminates everything there and then I can just flick it up .

00 , my God .

Adam .

You little whiz kid .

You freaking figured it out .

Oh OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There's one who oh and all the sins are forgiven of that terrible flip too .

Oh Right .

Oh my God , guys .

Breakfast is served .

Wow .

Comment below what you think because to me , not bad .

Let's cut the uh butter now .

That's just the bun .

Oh no , we flip it over .

Yeah , we'll flip it over .

Hell yeah , dude , we'll flip it over here .

It is guys .

Wow , that's , that's , I'm not gonna slap you .

Slap it .

Oh Wow .

How many times did you try ?

This is the fourth time .

Oh Yeah .

Oh Yeah .

Right there .

Wow .

You look like a kink who just jumping in , get in there , get in there .

Get in there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Has anyone had a restaurant version of this before ?

How does this compare ?

I think ?

Yeah .

You know that you look at you , you gonna whip this out on like the weekends now ?

I know .

Yeah , I'm into it .

I say the flip was the most challenging part .

I'm sure there's like an algorithm to figuring out the right speed versus velocity of rotation , et cetera , et cetera .

Give me 10,000 hours , check back in .

We'll see where I'm at .

Well , I'm proud of myself .

This has been another episode of eating your feed .

I'm proud of you too .

Hey , thanks .

Thanks .

Oh , yes .


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