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2023-08-21 21:05:34

Nutrition 101 - How to Eat Peanut Butter to Gain Weight

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If you're looking to gain weight in a healthy way , you may have been looking at different food products to help you add good calories to your diet .

And for instance , looking at peanut butter is an easy fix .

I'm Charlotte , a registered and licensed dietician here in Tampa Bay , Florida and nut products are an easy and excellent source of added calories to healthful , healthfully gain weight .

Now , nut products , peanut butter , for instance , is a good source of protein , but first and foremost , it is a source of fat .

And when we look at what provides us calories in our diet , we have protein and carbohydrates that both have four calories per gram .

We have alcohol which does provide seven calories per gram .

And then we have fat which tops out at nine calories per gram .

So since it provides so much energy and actually a small portion , adding some healthy fats are an excellent , easy way to have a small volume , high calorie food and all nut products really do help us in this manner .

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Now , two tablespoons of peanut butter provides almost 195 calories .

It's a very , very small amount enough to fit into the small palm of your hand .

But since it's a good fat , it doesn't actually increase our risk for certain health benefits .

Now , keep in mind if you're not trying to gain weight extra and excess nut products might actually end up in excess calories and therefore increase your weight to a bad level .

But like I mentioned , if you're looking to gain weight in a healthy manner , this is an excellent choice .

Also .

Feel free to branch out , add nuts to your salads .

Try different nut butters like almond butter or something .

There's a lot of great nut products out there and they both provide the same health qualities , those good omega three fatty acids that actually help with some of the fats in our blood panel as well , helping to reduce bad cholesterols and triglycerides as well as increasing our HDL levels or our good cholesterol .

So eat in moderation , try different nut products .

And also keep in mind a simple extra meal per day might be enough to help you healthfully gain that weight .

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I'm Charlotte and eat happy .


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