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2023-08-19 21:24:19

5 Exercises That Will Help You Quickly Gain Weight and Muscle

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Five exercises that will help you quickly gain weight and muscle .

The rule is easy really to gain weight .

You have to eat more calories than your body burns .

You may argue that you already eat a lot , but that doesn't matter if your average calorie intake is smaller than your calorie expenditure .

But diet and nutrition aside , exercise is also another effective way of gaining weight and packing more muscles .

Heavy compound exercises like squat are typically the best in gaining muscle weight , which we will be tackling more later .

So stay tuned , going back these exercises , engage your body and muscles , thus boosting your body's ability to develop muscles .

Number one squats , four sets of eight reps , squats help build the muscles in your legs and butt .

Specifically your quad muscles to do it .

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Start with standing straight and keeping your feet hip with apart , place your hands on your hips and flex your abs , then lower yourself down using your legs only until you're in a sitting position and your thighs are parallel to the ground while you're in this position .

Maintain a still upper body .

After this , you can raise yourself back up to your initial position .

Number two pull ups , three sets of 10 ramps use a pull up bar or any sturdy cylindrical item to perform this exercise to start grip the bar with both hands , your palms should face away from you and your arms shoulder with apart .

Pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar .

Then gently lower yourself back until your arms are straight .

Again .

Number three , bench press , three sets of eight reps For a bench press , you need a flat bench and a weighted bar .

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Bench presses help build your muscles in the shoulder , tricep and chest area which are great for bulking up .

Lie on your back on the bench .

If there's a rack , grab the bar with both hands , you can spread your fingers more .

Take the bar out of the rack by extending your arms next , slowly , lower your arms to bring it towards your chest .

Then gently straighten your arms and lift the bar back to the rack .

Number four , overhead press three sets of eight reps with overhead presses .

You will also need a weighted bar .

This exercise focuses on bulking up the muscles in your abs , shoulders , arms back and legs to start grip the bar with your hands approximately shoulder width apart .

Raise the bar just above the front of your chest .

Next slowly , raise the bar until your arms are straight .

Your elbows should stay locked while your shoulders are in a shrugging position .

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Lastly , slowly lower the bar back to shoulder height .

Number five , lunges , four sets of eight wraps , lunges don't require any equipment as it can be done anywhere .

It's great for toning and bulking up your leg and butt muscles to do it .

Stand straight and flex your abdominal muscles .

Step one leg forward and lean like you're kneeling until your knees are at 90 degrees angle .

Lift yourself to your initial position by pushing back on your heel .

Do you think you're capable of performing those exercises ?

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