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2023-08-21 20:36:28

How To Draw Cuddle Team Leader Fortnite Skin + Challenge Time

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Parent .

Friends say we're gonna be drawing the cuddle team leader .

Yeah .

From Fortnite .

Yeah , we hope you're gonna fall along with us .

You got a marker , some paper and something to color with .

OK .

Let's first draw her eyes .

We're gonna draw two circles and we're gonna draw them uh pretty small and we're gonna draw them with some space in between .

So I'm gonna come over here and draw the other one way over here on this side .

Yeah .

Now inside , let's draw our pupils .

We're gonna draw a bigger circle or smaller circle .

Sorry .

And then inside , let's add a little dot For the pupil .

There we go .

Yeah .

And then big dot Big dot Then we can do the same thing over here on this side , little circle and a pupil inside .

Now let's draw her nose and it's a heart shape .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we're gonna draw a little heart in between her two eyes and you can draw , it's like drawing upside down Js that are connected and then we can color in that heart shape .

Now when we fast forward the video or if you need more time because we're going too fast , you can always pause the video , pause the video .

Now let's draw her snout and we're gonna draw an upside down you that starts over here goes over her nose and then back down good .

Now we're gonna connect each side into the bottom of the heart .

So we're gonna start here curve around and then back up , then we're gonna do the same thing over on this side , curve around and then connect into the bottom of the heart .

Yeah .

All right .

Now let's draw our mouth .

We're gonna draw a U shape underneath and then we can draw another U that's bigger on the outside of that one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now we're gonna draw the shape of her head .

And what shape is it ?

A circle ?

A circle ?

We're gonna start above her nose and we're gonna draw a circle .

We're gonna get close to her eye over here , go under her chin , get close to the other eye and then connect back up at the top .

It doesn't have to be a perfect circle .

There you go .

Keep going under her chin .

Oh You did it .

Yeah , close to her eye and then connect at the top .

All right .

Good job .

We got our Yeah , she looks like a mascot , right ?

So let's draw her ears next .

We're gonna draw an upside down you right here and we don't want to draw them too big .

Then we're gonna draw another U inside and we're gonna repeat that same step over here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

For her right ear drop big upside down you and then another one inside .

Now she has two spikes of fur sticking out on the top of her head .

So let's draw two V upside down V shapes right in the middle of her forehead .

All right .

Now , what else does she have on her forehead ?

A scar ?

Yeah , it looks like a scar coming down from the top of her head and then connecting to her left eye and I drew it kind of wavy and then we could draw another one next to it coming down and connecting to the eye also .

All right , Jack , we finished your head .

What should we draw next ?

Her body , her body , let's draw two lines coming down from her chin and towards the bottom , they're gonna tape her towards her waist .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then we can connect those at the bottom , then we're gonna draw her legs and we're gonna flare at the bottom .

So we're going to get further away from each other .

Yeah .

Good job .

Now let's draw her feet .

We can draw another diagonal line that comes out that's shorter .

Then let's draw the bottom of our feet and on each side , we want to make sure that they're the same length .

Yeah .

Now we're gonna connect these 2 ft with an upside down V we're gonna go up and then back down and connect to the other side .

I love your legs , man .

It looks like she's in a power stance .

She's getting ready to run .

Now , let's add more details to her body .

We're gonna draw the bottom of her shoes so we can draw two lines down on the front and the back of each shoe and then connect those lines also .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then let's draw her belt .

I'm gonna draw a line that goes across her waist and we can also draw , she has , uh , it's a bear costume .

So let's draw her belly .

Next , we're gonna draw big oval shape that comes down around and back up .

It crosses over her belt .

Next , let's draw her boots .

We're gonna draw a line about halfway down her legs on each side .

Then let's draw her knee pad .

So I'm gonna draw a little rectangle shape and then let's connect it to the other side of her leg .

Then let's add a strap on the boot down here .

We'll add two lines and then she has a shin guard over her boot .

So right here , right up below her knee pad , we're gonna draw another line that connects to that strap .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Imagine it going behind the strap coming down and then connecting to the outside .

Yeah .

Good job .

Now let's add two straps to her left leg .

I'm gonna draw two lines that are right next to each other .

So it's a little thicker and then we'll add another strap right below that one .

Good .

Now let's add two xes for the shoelaces on her boot on the left boot .

So there's one X and another X .

OK .

What's on her body ?

A heart that's cracked .

Yeah , there's a cracked heart .

So let's first draw that .

It looks like a lightning bolt going right down the middle .

So I'm gonna draw a zigzag line down .

Then I'm gonna draw another zigzag line right next to it like that .

And then on each side , we're going to draw the heart shape .

So over here on the left side , I'm going to draw a curve that comes around and connects down to the bottom and do the same thing on the other side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Another curve comes around connects down to the bottom .

Cool , good job you did it .

Now , let's color in the each heart shape .

So the left side and the right side , what is she missing , dude ?

Her arms , her arms , let's draw a curve on each side coming down from her shoulder and we draw one over here and one on the right side also .

Then we can draw another curve up here , but I'm gonna draw it shorter .

This is the inside of our arm and we can do the same thing over here .

All right .

Next , let's draw her thumbs .

We're gonna draw a sideways U for her thumb on each hand .

Then let's draw her finger down here who draw another U like that .

And then you can connect it into her thumb and let's do the same thing over here on this side sideways , you and then connect it in .

Let's add a few more fingers .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm just gonna draw a little curve sticking out and then back in for one finger and then you can do the same thing for one more finger and I'll do the same thing on this side just to repeat those same steps .

All right .

Now she has gloves .

So let's draw a line on her wrist .

Now , the fingers on her gloves are cut off so you can actually see her fingers , her actual fingers .

So let's put a line across on the thumb and also down here .

Yeah , and repeat that same thing over here on this side .

Let's add one more detail .

I'm gonna draw a curve coming down from her chin and connecting to the outside and this is for her backpack that she could be wearing and then let's color in those shapes .

All right , Jack , we did it .

We finished drawing cuddle team leader .

She looks really cool except she's gonna look even better once we do .

What ?

Yeah , we got a color .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This part , we're gonna fast forward one more time but you guys composite to match the same color at the very end .

Jack .

Good job on coloring .

Cuddle team leaders .

She turned out awesome .

I especially love the shading that we added to the bottom of her head to make her look more 3D .

And I also really like the aqua blue color around the outside she looks like she's glowing .

What time is it , Jack .

Lunch time .

Yeah , we wanna challenge you guys to finish your drawing by adding something .

What should they pick ax ?

Oh Super cool .

Draw your favorite , pick ax on the side or you can even draw it .

So it looks like she's holding on to it and then ask your parents to take a photo of your drawing and post it to Instagram and use two tags uh hashtag a FKH challenge and at Arts Hub .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , at Arts Hub notifies us and lets us know that you've posted something and the hashtag keeps all the art together .

So it's easy to find .

Then on Monday , we're gonna pick some lucky art friends to spotlight in the lesson and we're gonna send them a prize , a $20 Amazon gift card .

Yeah .

To buy more art supplies .

We can't wait to see your awesome drawings and we'll see you later .

Our friends .

Good bye .


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