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2023-08-21 20:44:04

How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to any TV

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Hi there .

My name's Vince from my mate vince dot com .

And in this video today , I'm gonna show you how you can connect up your Bluetooth headphones to a TV even if your TV doesn't have Bluetooth .

So as long as your TV has a headphone jack , then you will be able to connect up your Bluetooth headphones by just using a Bluetooth Channel transmitter .

So this little Bluetooth transmitter was 18 UK pounds from Amazon , and it's really easy to work .

All you've got to do is you've got to pair this unit up with your Bluetooth headphones , and then you just plug in the 3.5 millimetre Jack into the headphone jack on your TV , and then whatever comes through , the headphone jack will go via the Bluetooth transmitter to your Bluetooth headphones , and it works really well , and it's really easy to do now .

This doesn't just have to work with TV S .

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You can plug this into anything that has a headphone jack , and it will then make the sounds go onto your Bluetooth headphones .

So it's a really useful thing .

Just make sure that you get a Bluetooth transmitter and not a Bluetooth receiver because you are transmitting the sound from the TV outwards to the device , such as your headphones or Bluetooth speakers , or whatever you want to connect up .

So first of all , we have to put it into pairing mode .

This is going to vary depending on the model you get , but on this one , it's really easy .

All we've got to do is hold in the on button and then it will turn itself on .

We keep it held in , and after about five or six seconds , it will then go from blue light to blue , red , blue , red , blue , red , blue , red .

And that means it's impairing mode .

And then on our headphones here we again .

We just turn them on and automatically .

When we turn them on , they're gonna look for the device to connect to .

So once you've done this initial pairing after that , it's really easy .

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Once they're paired up once , you don't have to keep pairing them .

You will just turn this on .

Turn this on and they will just pair it up automatically because it remembers the last device it was connected to .

But at the moment , these are unpaired because I made sure I connected these Bluetooth headphones to a different device to un pair them from this one .

Here .

We're just gonna hold in the on and off button .

So I'm holding it in now .

One and two and three and four and five and six .

There you go .

So around about six seconds and you can see now it went to blue to turn on and now it's gone .

Blue , Red , blue , Red , blue , red !

So that's now looking for a Bluetooth device .

We're now gonna turn on this one here again .

This will go on this particular one .

It will go blue , Red , blue , red , blue , red while it looks for a device , so I'm holding it in now .

Here we go .

And now can you see They're both going blue , Red , blue , red .

So now hopefully they're gonna be talking with each other and they will begin to pair .

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So as you can see now , they're both paired up .

It took quite a while to pair up that time .

But from now on , once they're paired , it should be quicker to do from now on .

So all we have to do now is plug this into the headphone jack off the TV , and then we will hear it coming through the headphones .

So I'm just gonna take the TV off mute .

Now you will see when I plug in the Bluetooth transmitter that it will .

Then the sound will come away from the TV and start coming through the headphones .

So right now the sound is coming through the TV .

Let's bring this camera over behind the TV .

Right , So on this particular TV , I've got the headphone jack just here .

So all we do is get your little Bluetooth transmitter and plug it in there .

And now you can see the sound has gone away from the TV .

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And if you have a listen on here , enjoyed myself too much because they're now coming through here .

And obviously you can control the volume and stuff via the TV and the headphones here .

So that's up full now , every time and if you want it a little bit louder , just put it louder coming out of the TV and now you can hear it coming through here .

You were eight seconds over .

That's why you're in front .

That's it .

And now the only way to get the sound coming back through the TV again is to actually unplug the Bluetooth transmitter .

Even if we were to turn off the headphones like I'm gonna do now , this about metal .

So they're now off .

There's still no sound coming through the TV .

It's only gonna work once we unplug this here .

And there you go .

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You can see the sound comes through there now .

So let's just turn this off .

Veronica Rebecca Farm , That's now off .

Even if we were to leave that plugged in there , it will still cut the sound to the TV , even though this is now off .

Now , you get about seven hours use out of these Bluetooth connectors before the battery dies .

But what you can do is if you're going to be using them a lot , you can just plug it into the USB port on your TV because most of your TV S will have a USB port so you can actually charge it and use it at the same time .

So now you see the red lights on and it's charging up every time the T V's on and you get these leads supplied with the Bluetooth transmitter .

Now the next time we go to connect up , it will work a lot quicker .

So let's say now it's the next night .

And again you wanna use your Bluetooth headphones because let's say your partner's asleep and you don't wanna wake them up while watching TV .

So let's now turn this one on here again .

This time we only have to hold it on for a couple of seconds till the blue light comes on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So that's on there now .

And then again , we hold this one on for a couple of seconds , and now hopefully that should sync up .

Now straight away .

OK , so that looks to me as if it synced up .

So again , let's take it off , mute .

Plug it into the TV just to double check .

It's working , finished her career sadly , but then taken over by Lauren Kiefer .

And there you go .

You can see it's come through to here , that's it .

And then when you're finished , just take it out and it's back on the TV again .

So Mark Todd NZB , right ?

OK , so that's it .

Nice and straightforward .

That's how you connect up your Bluetooth headphones to your TV .

Even if your TV doesn't have Bluetooth right .

Thanks for watching .

Please give it a thumbs up if you liked it and please subscribe for more how to videos .

Take care .

Bye now .


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