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2023-08-22 21:56:19

How To Make A German Apple Pancake

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Good morning .

It's Sunday morning and I'm getting ready to make a German apple pancake for breakfast .

I'm gonna start by , by quartering , peeling and slicing a gold apple .

And what we're gonna be doing is we will be taking this over to the um stove , putting it in a cast iron fry pan and cooking the apples up um in preparation for going into the oven .

Ok .

So while I was preparing the apple , I uh over here at the stove in my cast iron fry pan , I had two tablespoons of butter that I was starting to melt down .

And now I'm just pro I'm cutting the apples into that , slicing them .

I'm not being very particular about how large or how small they are .

They've all kind of cook down nicely .

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So , as you can see , I now have those apples in there .

The recipe calls for three tablespoons of sugar to go over the top of that and it says about a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and I just like to lightly Sprinkle some cinnamon over the top just like that and that about does it .

And so at this point , the process is to just cook these down until all of the apple slices are nice and soft .

While these are cooking down .

I'm gonna go back over to the table and start putting together my batter .

OK .

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For the batter , I have a half a cup of flour , a tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt and another quarter tablespoon of or teaspoon of cinnamon .

And I like to use a whisk to get all that put together And then into that you add three large eggs .

These really aren't too large .

They came from um a local person who has chickens and uh so they are fresh chicken eggs .

You can see those rich yolks in there , throw that in there two tablespoons of melted butter and two thirds of a cup of half and half .

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Although in our house , we use skim milk because of all the other richness that's going on in this particular pancake .

And then I just incorporate all of those ingredients together using the whisk .

Look how beautiful those yolks look .

Mm .

So I'm back over at the stove now and you can see that the apples are starting to come together .

I have my oven down here set at 4 50 .

And once all of these apples are sort of cooked down a little bit , I will be pouring the batter over the top of them and placing them in the oven for 15 minutes .

So now the apples have been cooking here for a little bit , we like to have them so that they're not really overly soft .

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They will continue to cook a little bit in the oven , but that they still have a little tooth or a little , if you will a little meat to them .

Al dente is a term that comes to mind .

Um Then I just take this batter and I just place that right over the top .

The whisk is really good for getting all the goodies out of this particular bowl .

Um , drop it in there like that , turn off the burner and you just take this and you place it right in the oven and then I'm gonna set a timer here for 15 minutes .

Ok ?

That's the end of the 15 minutes in the oven .

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I'm uh turning the oven off and pulling the German apple pancake out and we will cut it into the sizes that you would like and uh enjoy one cup of tea .


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